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I AM A MOTHER OF 3 working from our home so I can stay home with MY 3 childern

i have been doing this for a long time. We offer you the best that we have and will be here for email support should you need us. We live by...

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KyleM500 July 13, 2016


Roseshyo May 26, 2016

Ann is a patient and caring person. She has helped me more than once, even in personal matters. I am grateful for that. She is hectic sometimes, but she tries to answer all the questions I ask and her prices for her help are affordable and not beyond reach.

ibuyispend February 10, 2016

Mom25705 is very kind. She answers all my questions, and if there is a question she forgets to answer, I write the question again, and she answers. She is compassionate and genuine. It is amazing the things she can customize!

bicchumaster January 09, 2016

Have not seen a kinder person in the meta world. She genuinely wants to help people

aguard July 30, 2015

Ann is AMIZING and very caring person. She is always ready to help and really takes time to answer all the questions. She truly cares about and gives lots of support to each of her customer!!! She is such an amazing, kind and beautiful person!

BrooklynMermaid October 01, 2014

MOM25705’s talents have certainly made some improvement with the relationship with my exhusband. We both are passionately in love with one another but are ambivalent about trust one another again; so much hurt and deception. But I will continue to use MOM25705’S talent to bring us together in pure love, peace and trust. Thank you!

sespericueta August 20, 2014

She was great! I will definitely continue asking her for help! If you have any questions, she answers right away!

Indjagurl May 18, 2014

What I first noticed from Ann was kindness & understanding. She is amazing!!

zaki4friends March 05, 2014

I have personal great experience with Mom25705.
She has power nobody else has here. carefully read my experience. Some of my enemies sent evil spirits on me and my family. I sent email to everyone(sellers) here on bonanza and etsy and even their personal websites but everyone scares to help me because they are not real. I haven’t got reply from any of sellers here and on etsy except MOM25705. She was the one who promised me to bind all evil spirits from me and my family and she did it very well. Here so many people don’t know about spirit because they haven’t see any spirit in real or nobody has spirit in their body but we have it so we know better then anyone else. MOM25705 is far away from me and still she removed spirits very easily. I stil can’t believe it. I am very lucky that I find MOM25705. I pray to Allah that He will give her 100 years of age. I search it all sellers including 100% positive rating sellers but Noone is

lifelovesyou December 29, 2013

Happy Holidays and Happy, 2014.desde Spain, affectionately.+++++++++++++++

haliehsavid September 12, 2013

Ann is amazing. I’ve been a happy client of hers since 2008! Since then my life has changed a lot, I went from being a housewife to a local celebrity (I have several of her spirits which may have something to do with that).

I’m going to leave a rave review about her love spells.

My ex and I had been going rounds since 1999. He’d leave and come back. I’d hire Ann to perform return love spells and he would come back (as would other exes, too). After about three years of this, I finally asked Ann to cast a spell to bring me the man I was meant to be with. I believe this was August of 2011.

Within a week, both my ex husband and my high school sweetheart became incredibly weird and left. A man that I knew from political and educational events asked me out. We quickly became close friends but nothing more. This person and I have so much in common and for over two years, we’ve learned that we have almost everything in common (same politics, same hobbies, same backgrounds, our astrology even meshes). Last winter we realized that we loved each other but we both had a lot of fear due to previous bad relationships.

The tension was driving us crazy and we were both acting out of character, so I asked Ann to cast the 30X love spell to remove the blocks to our relationship so that we can move to the point we are meant to go. Since that day, my friend and I have been in near constant contact. The best part of this is that, now, he has told me that he’s ready to face his fears and move forward. I’ve realized that I have found someone that I cannot live without and want to keep him in my life, too.

For what it is worth, Ann is a miracle worker. I’d hire her first before trusting my personal details with another caster.

Thanks Ann!!

Grimble July 18, 2013

She is awesome.. I have purchased from her atleast 5 to 9 times and every time she has treated me GREAT!!! I highly recomend this seller to anyonr that finds themselves at her site.. You cant do any better than Ann and her great deals.. Thanks Ann Grimmble

pizeus41 June 26, 2013

Mom sold me my first spirit that was active on eBay. I purchased spirits from other sellers with no response. My purchase made me a believer that she is 100% authentic! She is absolutely the best!!

JusticeThatIdeserve May 05, 2013

A-M-A-Z-i-N-G !! VERY LOViNG and CARiNG !!
SHE LOVEs TO HELP OTHER’s that’s why she’s very blessed.
I CAN’T even PUT into words HOW i LOVE this amazing MOM25705 aka ANN.
SHE’s on my TOP #1 BEST SPELL CASTER i know..

NicodemusW April 21, 2013

Thanks very much MOM, your spirits are great and they are only the best. The last 2 master queens are very extremely power. Thanks Mom

Santoryu April 10, 2013

Ann is amazing, she always delivers what promises in the ads. All spirits that I have I acquired bond with her, and still intend to buy many more. His magic is 100% real, and spirits are actually very powerful and helpful. She is very friendly, is always willing to help, patient and honest seller. I love her work and recommend it to everyone!

lordlight March 09, 2013

Ann / Mom is amazing. I always in search of the paranormal, but had never met until I met Mom and her very helpful, told me everything was wondering, I ended up purchasing links spirits with her, and it was amazing, I have several calls coming her and believe I’ll have more soon, thank you ann for changing my life, I am very grateful to you

Kalanreed February 10, 2013

I started exploring spirit keeping with Ann, and she has always gone out of the way to help me, even when I ask a million questions or email her twice a day. She is always SO kind and helpful. She goes the extra mile and understands that bringing spirits into your life is life changing and apt to bring questions for many newbies like myself.
Spirit keeping is more than a companionship, you are literally changing your life and being led to something greater. I was very naive starting out, and Ann never turned me away or limited her assistance. She is an incredible woman and has done SO much for me. She will always offer a helping hand, never feel like something is too minute, she will truly be there for you! Her spirits are of pure light and wonderful to work with, very active and truly of good. Ann is incredibly experienced and I trust her fully as a seller. It’s going on my second year and I can’t begin to relay my own growth in spirit and power. It truly changes your life for the better.

bonzbuyer_tkynn January 29, 2013

Yes. I knew her for the past one month. But, she is amazing. She is wonderful in showing concern over our requests, no matter how many times, we ask, she is so compassionate to answer to clear any doubt. I have changed my orders twice, but she has never bothered about changing of my decision,and extended a full support. No doubt, she is the best among, the Spell Casters, I know.

hollyhouse111 August 24, 2012

Ann IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I have been buying spirits and spells from her for several years. I started with an Ilmu Khodam, not even knowing what that was, and now I have roughly 40 spirits from her. She is the most honest and genuine person I know. I developed a relationship with her thru buying from her on ebay, and she will be a HUGE asset here at Bonanza or anywhere she sells. Her spirits are friendly, active, intuitive, outgoing and easy to bond with. She can literally conjure anything, so if there is a spirit you want that you dont see listed, just ask her. If she cant do something, she will tell you. She is totally authentic and honest 100% of the time. I have photographed ORBS like crazy from her spirits. I got a fairy portal from her that lit up the yard like christmas. I was taking pictures of all the orbs and it was so exciting. I have just recently begun to be able to hear them, and it is so exciting. Before I was able to hear, sometimes it felt like I was talking to a ring but I knew the spirit was there because I trusted Ann, and because I could kind of sense them and of course the orb photos. Now it is just like second nature. And the more you talk to them the easier it gets. You get what you put into your spirit family. Ask them to help you to hear them. 99.9% of the time they actually chose you, even though you think you chose them. So they want to be with you and they are there to help. Just ask and believe. And you can definitely bid with confidence from this trusted seller. Her feedback on ebay is full of thousands of people just like myself that absolutely love her. She has totally and completely changed my life and I don’t know what I would do without her or her spirits. And feel free to message me about Ann if you want because I cannot say enough wonderful things about this seller! I know you will love her and these spirits, too!

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