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Sellers "lost" items

I have purchased 5 things from this site...THREE of them, this week, hav...

How do you delete an item if it is in someone's cart?

I sold an item on eBay and tried to delete it from Bonanza but I get a m...

No items in booth showing after transfer from etsy...

I imported some listings from Etsy yesterday. I updated the booth,and st...

I do not understand how to create variations in a listing?

How do I create variation with an item that has for example, different ...

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$$$$ FREE SHIPPING ! $$$$

Free Shipping in my booth. Come check it out

Bonanza User AlfredB100


Massive sale coupon in my booth!

Once in over 10 years is there a coupon like this!

10% Discount Coupon

Come on in and have a look around. I offer quite a variety of items you ...

* * * Words in Word Game Thread 3


* * * Three Word Story

being of the

Letter Swap Game - 4 Letter Words - Thread 14


((( Word Association Game 2)))


New on Bonanza

Bonanza Pets have Perks

Many of us at Bonanza have pets and in the Before Days, we'd often bring them to the office with us. Now, our animal companions are enjoying extra petting, treats , and walks while our team works from home. A perk of working for a marketplac...

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Help Videos on Bonanza's YouTube Channel

At Bonanza, we are always striving to make selling easier. We have some great help pages that cover just about everything, but visual content along with audio can make understanding quicker and easier. What looks complicated with the written...

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12th Anniversary Recap

Wow, what a week! We just wrapped up 7 days of celebrating Bonanza's 12th Anniversary yesterday and we wanted to thank everyone who participated and took the time to send well-wishes. We truly do appreciate our amazing, loyal sellers, and we...

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