Spring Wonderland


Deck the halls! It’s been a jolly first quarter for Bonanza sellers, with average GMV per seller matching the recently ended holiday season. The focus of our business now becomes how to steer this sleigh ride through Q3, so we hit the next holiday season in stride. To this end, I’m delighted to announce our "Spring Wonderland" program, which launches today!




The idea behind the program is actually pretty simple. Compare our sellers’ typical conversion rate last April (red) vs. December (blue):



The difference is stark, and the implication clear. If we could bottle up that December magic and uncork it in April, we could have a very merry little Spring indeed.


With this context, the question for our product team became “what exactly makes December so special for sales?” There are the obvious reasons, like "seasonal discounts" and "more time indoors." These we can't translate to the current season.


The holiday spirit? That we can bring to April. So we have. For sellers randomly selected to participate in our Spring Wonderland beta, this year's holiday magic arrives 8 months early. In the program, we let it snow -- you watch sales grow. But not just snow (currently falling a homepage near you). We've got plenty more underneath the tree:


  • Classic holiday jukebox [1]

  • Festive holiday header

  • Cheerful homepage baubles


If this program succeeds in doubling conversion rate, the long-term plan is to cycle festive months (one on, one off) throughout the year. We would mix our jingle bells with our silent nights. This should keep the holiday season fresh over the course of several years to come.


We don't claim to have yet unearthed the exact formula that makes Q4 so special to ecommerce conversion. It's surely a combination of factors, and discovering them all will take both time, and feedback from our community. It's worth the effort. To the extent we can succeed in reverse-engineering the holiday cheer that leads to increased conversion, we can have our merchants dancing like the sugar plum fairy. 


If you have any additional insights into what helps you feel the spirit of the holidays, please drop us a line below. With the right inspiration, there's no reason we can't help buyers [2] savor the holiday spirit from now until Santa comes to town.


[1] Don't want to hear what we hear? You can silence the jingles by clicking the music icon:



[2] During beta, Spring Wonderland is only available for logged in sellers. Following the completion of our beta, we can roll it out to our broader audience.

6 responses to Spring Wonderland

  • Screen shot 2017 11 16 at 5.21.51 pm thumb128
    tomwayne1 says:
    04/01/17 at 04:09:50

    I always have great sales around the 4th of July. So, I’m proposing that you definitely make the July homepage include FIREWORKS and have “explosive” discounts that blow up high prices (I’m thinking that buyers can click on an exploding firecracker in order to see their discount).

    Also, in the spirit of the holiday, I would like to see Uncle Sam pictures temporarily replace the avatars of Bonanza Support staff.

  • March 1 thumb128
    Autumn_Offerings says:
    04/01/17 at 05:45:53

    You guys are the best!

  • Chizbiz co. logo jpeg clean email  240x 235 thumb128
    ChizBizCo says:
    04/01/17 at 06:19:48

    Sounds Great, I Still have the Christmas clock playing every hour in the living room.

  • Tnt4 thumb128
    TnT_Deals says:
    04/01/17 at 06:49:43

    I am all for anything that boosts our sales.

  • Img 2235187 1412407631 thumb128
    e-comven says:
    04/01/17 at 13:11:00

    Great Idea as always

  • Retro 70s lovea thumb128
    BeadTonic says:
    04/01/17 at 14:02:13

    Well, I love snow and autumn through Christmas. Never participated in a Christmas in July event, but would love to. During the warm and hot months I think it would be great to be reminded of cold, blustery, snowy, wintry holiday months :) and buying for the season and holidays.

    Spring is exciting but it’s always upon us before we know it. Comes so soon after holidays that doesn’t seem to be much time to recover from holidays and prepare for it. More time to prepare for summer and fall, but I don’t like summer :(

    Thanks for the updates and suggestions, and all of the help that you and the team give to the sellers.

    Bead Tonic
    “Beadified Handmades, Graphics, Art

    “Embellishments for your crafting, your space & you!”

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