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HI, I'm Bill! I programmed Bonanza as a spare-time project in my basement for two years, until we found investors in 2010. Then it was time to build a team, and since I got first pick on jobs I dibsed the "CEO"-thing, figuring it would look cool on my business...

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mywisteriacottage November 21, 2015

I find that Bill responds to the questions and comments from his site co-mates. Like me.Thanx

InspiredCreations October 02, 2015

Great site! I made the transition here in 2008 and really enjoy the niche space available and the ease of use on the site. I look forward to whatever the future brings here. Thanks so much for making this place available.

EmbellishMart September 30, 2015

Hello Bill: Thank you for Bonanza! The best venue I’ve ever used, despite any issues that may have existed or that are present now. I love the community and the booth layout. I agree that Bonz is the “Easiest to Use” selling site. Listing a product is absolutely a one-page breeze. Am so glad that I ended up here even after reading the negative feedback that I found. All sites have negative feedback along with the positive. As far as I’m concerned, the pros here at Bonanza far outweigh the cons. Thanks again for sticking around and Happy Fall to you and your staff!

“Embellishments for your crafting, your space & you!”

SnapbacktoReality April 13, 2015

Great Platform. Very excited to see my business grow and Bonanza become the largest online marketplace. You guys are very seller friendly which gives us the motivation to want to fulfill all of our buyers wishes, appreciate your hard work. Dont Stop (till you get enough) if ever. Thanks.

summerofflowers November 13, 2014

Thank you for such great website. I am newbie on Bonanza. I havent been able to sell anything yet but i am looking forward to it. I would be happy if you can help feature my booth. Best luck!

shopswapsell August 08, 2013

I clicked on a random name on my sidebar and low-and-behold, it’s the big-wig!

Love the CEO-ish comment!

Congratulations on a wonderful site & success and THANK YOU!!

Canada August 23, 2012

Great Marketplace site Bill!! Endorsed


IrisJewels June 06, 2012

Well, bill, I don’t know you personally. I am a newbie here at Bonanza, but I did like you “About Me”. Now that I have made my first sale I am psyched to keep on keeping on.

CarolsCorral April 02, 2011

Bill you are down to earth and see the importance of answering your own personal e-mails and some of our crazy questions and concerns. Thank you for such a great site as Bonanza and for caring for each one of us. Carol Sherrell

lucibuck February 04, 2011

Well, Bill! I just picked you out of the crowd and find you’re my benefactor. At least, one of them. While I’ve been here about as long as you have, my presence has been woefully lacking. I hope that 2011 and years following will see that change. My unheated warehouse (and house!) needs a thorough going over, so surely lots of nice old things will pop out and onto my page. Lucibuck’s Booth. Drop in, and if I’m not there, kick—um, remind—me that stuff in warehouses stays in warehouses. Spring is just around the corner!!

jkindkerry December 30, 2010

Thanks “bharding” for creating such a wonderful site… I ♥ Bonanza!

ItalianArt September 23, 2010

What can I say? Thanks from neighbor in Spokane WA

BonanzleBoardroom August 15, 2010

Bill is one of the most intelligent, forward thinking man I have met to date. With vision, and courage he has built a marketplace that truly inspired a multitude of eCommerce merchants, including this one.
Remaining true to that vision with candor and honesty, Bill continues to drive Bonanzle forward to new heights.
It is truly an honor to know him.

JewelsSoSweet July 18, 2010

I don’t know him, but I sure am thankful to him for building this site…. & gosh he’s adorable! Thanks Bill!

love2sellandbuy July 05, 2010

I have received personal notes when my stressed out stoke head didn’t work at first-had to ask questions I just forgot!! Bill’s vision is just what we and all seller’s and buyers have begged for on the net!
SIMPLIFY IS WONDERFUL!I hope a friend will make a phone app for you!
Bonanzle is the ONLY group site we shop- and because this site feels like a home- P2P instead on big stock corp . All I chat to are escaping the greedy site = my Facebook friends are amazed how easy and friendly Bonanzle is!
The one peeve is ebayer’s flopping over their feedback and muti siting- Let’s be loyal to Bonanzle! We love it- and your vision- Thank you for keeping it real! I hope you become a ba-zillion aire- instead on a big nasty corporation being greedy.Love the Google and facebook add on’s and P2P real time chat- best of all- we can expose the proper info to get hold of us- Google is THE format for the masses and I pray all the best for Bill and partners and dutiful worker – Let’s group together and try to get free marketing on Tv to You tube! Thanks to all that help Bill and may the vision grow as we are hanging in, welcoming all newbies and chatting away about Bonanzle! the best alternative on the net= fair based fees for our StUFF! Thanks to all and hope selling improves as we all help spread the word.

andi June 16, 2010

Bill works hard to maintain and continuously enhance a selling venue that is state of the art and very competetive. His hard work benefits everyone who sells and buys on Bonanzle. THANKS Bill for all of your hard work!

nancycraign2 May 21, 2010

I have found this to be an awesome site. Friendly and helpful. As a retire person my grandson got me into selling on the internet to keep me out of trouble. Well Bill let me just say you have been a great help to my Grandson. I feel like most of the people are family. I just know it is going to get better and better every day. Keep up the Good Work.
Nancy’s Second Chance

permacrisis March 11, 2010

While wandering within the superstructure of Bill’s creation one night, I bumped my head on a beam. Instead of putting up a ‘Caution’ sign, Bill raised the beam. Thank you Bill!

anythingenglish March 04, 2010

He has the coolest ma and pa around

RedTagSales February 10, 2010

For the past few years, “Sleepless in Seattle” and still looks so young, A man with a vision, 110% dedicated to this, he has given his all to building a site which is unique on the web. Entrepreneur, programmer developer, designer and many more hidden talents.
We thank you Bill for your hard work and the dedication you give the people who love and support you 110%


Roxannmi October 26, 2009

Bill is a wonderful person with a great sense of humor. He has built a “fantastic” site. Really enjoy conversing with him whenever I get the chance (which is not often). He needs to add a new item (or items) to his wish list. Hopefully an inexpensive one something in the five to ten dollar range LOL. That will make it possible for people to show him how much we all love him!

pugs September 25, 2009

It’s because of Bill that this is the best site on the net. To him every member is #1 and important. Bill it tops and so is Bonanzle!!!

angiesjewelry September 25, 2009

My my .. Bill deserves thousands of endorsements !! He is so hard working and kind ! I can’t believe everything that he has done here and I applaud him for all of his efforts and creativeness !

This site is simply THE best thanks to him ! AAAAAAAA+++++++++++++

MrsMysteryGal September 24, 2009

Well Im endorsing you.. I really enjoyed reading your About Me!..It says your a very hard working person.. I really enjoy browsing your Booth Bonanzle really ROCKS Keep up the Awsome Work Bill

hunningbird2 September 10, 2009

Thanks so much for this site and everyone who helped with it, this is going to be a winner and I just know it.

judyfruendt July 22, 2009

Bill is the best He works so hard on Bonanzle, Bonanzle rocks and so do you.
hugs my friend.

renagade February 07, 2009

How can you go wrong with dealing with Bonanzles Daddy!
Bill has always gone over and above for his sellers here…and his customer srevice is an example everyone should follow!

jabelladesigns December 17, 2008

I don’t know you, but I will endorse you for these reasons:

-The people are friendly, and genuinely hope others have success as well.
-In addition to the forums, sellers and buyers can post comments in each other’s booth, which brings the idea of social-networking with e-commerce. That is just fantastic!!
-It’s marketed towards various demographics.
-It recognizes the fact that consumers may like the convenience of big-box stores and giant corporate e-retailers, but still want a person-to-person buying experience, which is valued on Bonanzle.
-Hopefully, its simplicity will not change. That is what differientates Bonanzle from competitors.

Thank you, and whomever else has worked on Bonanzle.
God Bless!

JaBella Boutique

jeto August 27, 2008

Bill consistently recognizes and appreciates the intelligent good nature of Labrador Retrievers.

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