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Customer Marketing Coupons
BonanzaBrianna Apr 4, 2024

Customer Marketing Coupons

Did you know you can create custom coupons that target specific buyer groups?

Maybe you want to encourage repeat customers by sending them a “first purchase” coupon or maybe you want to set a coupon for your “most viewed item”. 

On Bonanza, these are called Customer Marketing Coupons, let me show you how to use this tool!

  1. Point your mouse over the Selling link, top left corner of the Bonanza page

  2. From the dropdown menu, select Booth Settings

  3. Select the discounts & coupons menu

  4. Scroll down until you see Customer marketing and select create a new campaign

Now you’ll see all the pre-made templates that you can pick from! Select a template and you’ll be prompted to fill in the amount, select the type ($ or %), create a coupon code and more. 

Some of the coupons can only be sent to buyers who follow your booth. Other coupons are based on past purchases and feedback. 

There is even an option to create your own marketing coupon! 

If you have a Gold membership or higher, you’ll have the option to send a coupon to users who have added one of your items to their wishlist.

Happy couponing! 

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4 responses to Customer Marketing Coupons

SpaceAgeAntiques says: 04/04/24 at 09:06:58

Thanks for the information!

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 04/11/24 at 11:04:46

Happy to provide :)

neonvtg says: 04/04/24 at 10:07:30

I don’t like any of the coupon options – at all. We want abandoned cart and wish list/remind me later item coupons – sending coupons to people interested in specific items not just past customers and shop followers. And let us customize the coupon more. We don’t like the four items chosen for the booth image and we don’t want it to link to just one item. We want to be able to upload our own image for the coupon but link to our booth or a specific category.

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 04/11/24 at 11:08:22

Thanks for the feedback! The wish list option is available for Gold members but we do not currently have one for abandoned cart. We will submit your feedback for consideration!

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