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Bonanza's 2024 Spring Sale
BonanzaBrianna Apr 23, 2024

Bonanza's 2024 Spring Sale

It’s that time again! Bonanza’s Spring Community Sale is coming up and we would love for you to participate!

If you’re interested in participating as a seller, here is what you need to know!

  • The sale will run from May 8th - May 15th 2024

  • This year’s coupon code is: SpringSale2024

  • The discount amount is up to you

How to set the coupon for your booth:
If you don’t set up the coupon in your booth settings, it won’t work for buyers when they try to complete checkout. Follow these steps to put the coupon code in place:

  1. hover over the Selling link located in the upper-left corner of any page

  2. select Booth settings from the drop-down menu

  3. then click the Discounts & Coupons tab. 

  4. enter the coupon code (SpringSale2024) and the discount amount you want in the coupon creation box.

  5. to make the coupon public, click the button to Publish this coupon. Published coupons will be advertised in your listing headers.

  6. save changes at the bottom of the page.

How to set the booth banner:
At the bottom of this blog post you’ll see a booth banner image we created for the 2024 Spring Sale. Right-click the image and select "save as". Using the booth banner is optional but will indicate to buyers that you are participating.

To add the banner to your booth, you’ll want to visit your booth settings:

  1. hover over the Selling link, top left side of the Bonanza page

  2. Select Booth settings from the drop-down menu

  3. Select Booth appearance

  4. You’ll see your current booth image and down below you’ll find a link that says upload a new booth banner image - click that link

  5. Upload the banner

  6. Save changes

A few important notes: 

  • Coupons can be combined. If you currently have active coupons, you may want to remove them so buyers don’t use multiple on one order. You can always recreate them later.

  • You are limited to publishing 2 coupons per month. 

  • This coupon will be active in your booth until you remove it.

    • To remove a coupon, just click the "Remove coupon" link next to the coupon you wish to delete, then save the changes.

Help us promote the sale!

To promote the coupon for your booth and the booths of your fellow sellers, be sure to spread the word! Bonanza will share the coupon code "SpringSale2024" on Instagram and Facebook. You can share those posts with your friends so no one will miss out. We'll also be promoting the sale through an email campaign to our marketplace buyers and posting to our Coupons & Deals page.

We hope you'll join us in our site-wide community sale! 

If you have any questions about how it works, you can ask in the comments below or contact [email protected]

Happy selling!

(Right click the image below > select "save as" to save the image to your device/desktop. Or use this URL to save to your device: 

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18 responses to Bonanza's 2024 Spring Sale

hulaboybooks says: 04/23/24 at 16:00:11

Thank you. Happy to be in the Annual Bonanza Spring Sale.

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 04/24/24 at 07:58:55

We’re so glad to hear you’re going to participate!

FantasticFinds2014 says: 04/24/24 at 11:55:33

Will be participating for sure! Thanks!

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 05/02/24 at 07:51:59

Awesome, so glad to hear it!

Lickskilletpickers says: 04/25/24 at 06:30:16

Great stuff

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 05/02/24 at 07:52:08

Thank you for reading :)

BoutiqueFashion says: 04/25/24 at 07:47:34

YEAH! A big 40% off coupon for my booth!

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 05/02/24 at 07:52:24

AWESOME! Wishing you many sales :)

Indah_Wahyuni says: 04/26/24 at 03:01:58

Thank you for the information, I will try it, I hope that SpringSale 2024 can increase sales in my shop.

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 05/02/24 at 07:52:39

Great! We hope so too :)

snowbearsmom says: 04/26/24 at 19:11:02

Thanks for the info. I will sure try it. I’ve created the coupon and set the banner.

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 05/02/24 at 07:53:03

Awesome, so glad to hear it :)

SpaceAgeAntiques says: 04/29/24 at 13:10:04

Okay, sounds good. I am in on it. Good luck with your sales everyone!

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 05/02/24 at 07:53:22

So glad you’re participating!

BrollyN says: 04/30/24 at 05:12:05

I hope that SpringSale 2024 can increase sales in my shop. Embedded Systems Course in Hyderabad

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 05/02/24 at 07:53:38

We hope so too, thanks for participating :)

ozzies_variety_store says: 05/01/24 at 19:40:08

Thank you Bonanza we are so in!

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 05/02/24 at 07:53:55

Woohoo! Happy selling :)

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