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Bonanza Promotions: Employee Discount Program
BonanzaBrianna Mar 26, 2024

Bonanza Promotions: Employee Discount Program

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What is it?

Bonanza Promotions are a benefit of our advertising program, and a great way for our sellers to get more eyes on the items in your booth at no additional cost to you. Marketed as an “Employee Discount,” we simply forego what we would collect from you in sales commission fees, and pass that amount on as an enticing discount to shoppers.

Why should I participate?

You want an easy, effective way to attract buyers and juice sales without impacting your bottom line. Your shoppers will enjoy the sweet deals they receive, and you’ll reap the rewards of increased advertising exposure and a happy customer base.

How does it work?

We advertise your items to Bonanza shoppers via email coupons, dropped cart emails, and booth banner ads. When your item is purchased with an Employee Discount, we waive our commission fee so that your net profit is unaffected.

This means we will never discount an item by more than we would have collected if it had sold at full price. For example, if your item is listed for $10, we may offer shoppers a coupon to purchase the item for $8, and reduce your commission fees owed by $2.

Hw do I sign up?

Easy as pie.  To participate, choose a commission level of 9% or higher on your Advertising program page and make sure the checkbox on the Bonanza Promotions button is selected.

To verify or change your settings, log in to your Bonanza account, go to the “Selling” drop-down menu, and select “Advertise items.”

What else should I know?

  • This program differs from the discounts or coupons you can manage within your Bonanza Booth Settings (Selling > Booth settings > Discounts & coupons). Those discounts are designed entirely by you at your discretion.

  • Bonanza typically collects little, if any, commission on items sold through the Bonanza Promotions channel.

  • Select shoppers can search for these deals through a custom search tool that allows them to shop all items eligible for the Employee Discount Program. The item discount will be applied automatically once they add the item to their cart.

  • Sellers who opt into the Bonanza Promotions advertising program will have their Final Value Fees calculated on the full base price of the offer. 

  • To discontinue participation in this program, you can opt out at any time your Selling > Advertise items page. Uncheck Bonanza Promotions button shown in graphic above and save your changes.

  • Advertising commission levels on Bonanza can change over time. If you are a seller who has been grandfathered into a commission level that we no longer offer, you can opt out of participating in this program on your “Advertise items” page. However, once you opt out, you will not be able to participate in the Bonanza Promotions program without selecting a new, currently available advertising level.

  • To remove a refunded Bonanza Promotions orders from your "Not shipped" tab on the selling dashboard, click the "Permanently hide this transaction" link in the top-right corner of the order summary. You will still be able to locate the transaction when viewing your billing statement for that month. 

    Happy Selling! 

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EmpressDepot says: 03/26/24 at 20:45:45

Cool. Thank you.

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