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VavaNoir June 14, 2022

I absolutely feel blessed and lucky to find Rita and her family. They have been so amazing to me. You FEEL the work being done to you. Rita is so sweet, you feel that she really cares. I am a repeat customer and will continue to be one!

catlouise28 April 06, 2022

Rita and Family are truly a blessing to me, they are just amazing at what they do and to me they are part of my family, and have been for many years, I just wanted to say that have faith, their casts are very powerful, I am honoured to be able to own and be a part of Rita and her family’s spell castings, they will change your life, as they have done for me and others, each of my castings and vessels work differently and as of today I seen my wish come true instantly and before my very eyes, nothing I would normally experience as I never take much notice in day to day living with what I ask my wishes to be, they happen in time but today was a real eye opener for me, I just knew this spelled vessel was destined to a part of my life, they never fail ???? xx

Jasminekaur July 02, 2021

I have never seen powerful lady like Rita she do my work and in some hours my husband come back it’s a miracle I always only and only trust Rita if you want real solution then this is the only place for you

BillS509 December 04, 2020

Felt Vampire transformation hit me hard. Feel far more attractive and confident

Neetkaur November 09, 2020

She is very useful and genuine person but discount gone when I try to pay

deborah1977 October 06, 2020

genuine powerful kind and absolutely MIGHTY WITCH COVEN

camellia666 October 04, 2020

what a beautiful full of energy coven .rita offers very powerful magick and powerful beauty spell that work

Mo_Khan September 17, 2020


PAZUZU_Temple September 09, 2020

good witch. rita is good and caring witch, thank you and your coven.

Annawuzae August 27, 2020

It’s a great goddess
Overflowing with love, help, and mercy.
I will be with her forever in the world of magic
I love Rita

sxcbaby88 December 17, 2019

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Rita and her incredible family for all the help advice and support as well as guidance they have given me, for all the people that they have helped I hope that all the positive energy and blessings come to them :)
With Rita and her family you have found true magick but for me I have found myself, my purpose and my destiny. I would like to give special thanks to Clan1313 wow I am so grateful that god put them in my path at the timing I needed life changing magick! They are amazing Thankyou so much for helping me and for your hard work. I feel so blessed that I have been able to purchase their bindings and receive their help for my spiritual journey.
I have known Rita and her family for 7 years now and I am beyond satisfied and grateful. I cannot fault anything about them, Their magick and their energy is a gift to the world and true seekers and believers.
Thankyou so much it’s been another challenging, rewarding yet incredibly transformative year and I wish you all the very best May 2020 be your best yet!

Quiksilver1 June 15, 2019

I just want to publicly thank and send blessings and love to Rita, Clara, Abu, and the family because they truly stick with you through thick & thin!! They are very patient, caring, compassionate, and they’ve stayed with me this far. I also appreciate their willingness to take into consideration and really make an effort to improve with any concerns or issues and without being defensive or negative. They are very gracious and humble. That also means a lot.

I appreciate their insight and help through my current difficult situations that have come at me all at once. I believe with their help and guidance that universe will align and things will get better.

I still have a ways to go and I’m still learning more in terms of spiritual and about magic, but that will come with time and effort.

klondike13 May 04, 2019

Rita is a very caring person. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for paranormal items. She always answers any questions or concerns.

klondike13 April 22, 2019

Rita goes above and beyond for her clients, I would highly recommended her to anybody interested in paranormal items.

colink2209 November 09, 2018

Thank you Rita
I definitely had a female visitor last nite, Thank you I think we should get on well together, she was responsive and friendly

ColinG126 August 30, 2018

I love theses people I can feal them from for

TheChosenOne112233 July 18, 2018

I am pleased to write this raving review for Rita and Family. I’ll start off by saying that PATIENCE IS KEY!!! If we don’t work hard to cultivate patience, then we only sabotage ourselves in the end.

This family is helping me turn my life around and I can already feel their amazing energy. I’ve been told lately by many that I am glowing. I get a lot of attention, particularly from males and my amazing future has been secured.

It is only natural to feel desperate when we want to achieve overnight results but that is not always realistic because Jinns need the opportunity to align with your aura, get acquainted with you and see how much devotion you have for them so again PATIENCE IS KEY, something that this family has taught me.

I am eternally grateful to have met them and will continue to give them business from all eternity.

They practice the highest level of Arabian Magick so expect powerful results but please note that if you lose faith in your jinn, your jinn will lose faith in you so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see overnight results.


I recommend most of their items to intermediate to advanced Magick Practitioners. Novices or beginners should message them first for a recommended item from their listing. They will point you in the right direction.

Good luck to all in your Magickal journey!

FireandIce74 January 14, 2018

Life has been a struggle for months now. I won’t disclose any details. I have found it hard to stay focused some days. Many rituals have been performed since I first found Rita and her family over a year ago. They are very very busy and patience is needed with regards to updates and communication. Nevertheless, they do look after you and guide you. Despite the difficulties of my life presently, I do believe that Rita and her family will be by my side, so to speak, until the sunshine appears again. I think they do care about their Customers, unlike some sellers who are only nice until you make a payment and then they change. Rita and her family work hard and they do produce results. Many times they have said something will happen and it did, exactly as was foretold. Twice now, following rituals, I have seen full results manifest within a matter of days, literally. There is no doubt in my mind that they are real, genuine, caring and powerful.

buy2change October 31, 2017

I love them. May they be blessed. I can look forward to a great new bright future ahead of me that I would love to live every day. Many thanks to them.

AnthonyT713 September 25, 2017

Rita is a very nice person. Her spells and work is real. She speaks the truth. She is the real deal

Diana_V_M_Castle July 30, 2017

Thank you Abu Gahsaan clara and rita.
I was so happy yesterday when rita send me the massage that the work was done.
I feel so bless and happy.
Million thank yous.

Autumn2012 July 19, 2017

Rita and Family have helped me A LOT in many different situations. Recently, they have successfully resolved an ugly workplace situation that my mom was in.Her nasty bullying manager was demoted.Million Thanks to You Rita and all your Family.
You’re a true gem!

Diana_V_M_Castle July 17, 2017

Rita and family really took care of me and my needs.
I am so delighted to have the pleasure of finding her and her family and coven.
I truly feel bless 100%.
If i could sum up with one word this awesome seller i would say Rita nd family are the BEST.
thank you so much for your help and love.
Love Diana

Diana_V_M_Castle June 20, 2017

Hi, I’m so glad and feel soolucky to have this great woman Rita and her peoples assist me into tapping the powers of all the relates to magick and making the impossible possible.
I know that i just need to believe, Rita is always a fountain of inspiration and comfort to me,because she understands what i go thru. This magic is real and empowers me to keep making my dreams come true.
Thank you Rita
I have only the utmost respect and awe for this coven.
Thank you.

SerpentineM May 13, 2017

I came across this family, initially on eBay, back in 2009 and bought a wonderful ring from them. Unfortunately, the ring was stolen, however it worked fantastically for the period I had it. As a psychic and sorceress myself, I know their work is very well performed because I had something cast and the reading that came along with it, nailed the situation and actually helped myself see light on bits that can often be hidden to a reader themselves. Rita, herself is very knowledgeable on situations and is kind and friendly. From the reading along that comes with some of their spells, I can vouch for the family being authentic, accurate and delivering quality results. Thank you always, and ever so much :)

Lifeislife February 21, 2017

Rita and family help me lot they are genuinely here to help, even Ruta guide me if I am confuse sometime with my situation.god bless them. Thanks you very much

uniquename33 February 07, 2017

Rita and her family have changed my life for the better. This is a genuine and caring family and Rita feels like she is a part of my own little family now, a family who completely understands me. A long term repeat customer – this is the real deal! I could say so much more but if you want to experience real changes, then give them a go!

FireandIce74 January 10, 2017

I have never come across a group of people so dedicated and committed to helping people through Magick. They are always honest about everything and they never exaggerate or give you false hopes. Their rituals are very ALL very powerful and life changing. I have had numerous rituals performed. I cannot say what they are, but I can say that they are changing my life. Rita is very friendly and the main contact point. She has kept in touch with me throughout my whole journey and has given me a lot of support. They have become my extended family now and I already owe them sooooo much.

EarthShadow December 07, 2016

More detailed updates on recent love spell purchases:
I can only speak for myself as I don’t know how others react to Rita’s spells-but for me they are very effective. It’s hard looking for legit Arabian magic online. There are many fakes and unfortunately many copy cats. I’ve been working with Rita from last year, and her loves spells always effect me in a constant way. I become more confident and careless about new or old target. I feel the more I get things casted even a second time- the stronger the results. Also new people keep coming into my life, and reveal to me what I really want in a life partner. It is true that I receive more acknowledgement from the person I initially wanted, but I experience feelings of being annoyed and at times disgusted by them, and my attention turns to better deserving people.That in return makes the target realize that they need to make changes within themselves to keep me around. This is how the spells effect me, and I feel powerful. To have reached this level would have been very hard on my own. I would recommend these spells to anyone who had their time wasted in a relationship not worthy of praise. Not only do they assist in giving you spunk, but it will balance a gentle nature with strength. It’s a jungle out there, and a sheep will not survive. Also what I like is that no one gets hurt when I use Rita’s spells. They just assist in helping you get the respect you deserve and make the other person see the truth and work hard on themselves to become better. I am more in control, and this control did not stabilize in one night. This my personal experience and I’m happy with the results.

WilliamWalker123 November 24, 2016

I just say like this Rita and her Family are real also her work !
Spells and everything of course take time ! But in some cases it happens really fast !
I am looking forward for more of Rita’s wonderful work >w<

EarthShadow January 26, 2016

I just wanted to say that close to the end of last year, I made a fun wish from Clara-a wish that I thought was nearly impossible to come true. Well to my amazement it has been manifesting rather quickly. I had wanted to come in contact with an A-List Celebrity that all the girls in my country go wild for and there was most likely no chance of meeting this person. Then out of the blue one day, I met a person, who happened to know that celebrity personally. He let me get in touch with him on the phone! My friend is even hinting that I might just get backstage tickets to met this celebrity! These spells really do work, all you have to do is believe, think positively, and let go. I also want to thank Rita from the bottom of my heart for everything shes done. She’s always fast to reply to my messages and is very understanding, caring, and just all in all lovely. s what you really want, because you are dealing with a genuine spell caster. What you want now, might not be what you want tomorrow.

Bhashara December 07, 2015

I’m not really good at writing, but I must say Rita and her family have helped me a lot in the past. I’m truly grateful for everything they have done for me. I would definitely be purchasing again and would highly recommend her. Thank you so much x

sxcbaby88 December 07, 2015

5 months ago I wrote an endorsement and I said so many positive amazing things about Rita and her family but I needed to write this endorsement and say that they truly have been a blessing and amazing gift in my life words can never ever describe just how much I appreciate Rita and her entire family they have always been here for me, supported me when I was alone in my situation and when No one even the people I thought cared Rita and her family have been here and still are:) I am so grateful and thankful for everything honestly I can’t even believe just how special and important you all are to me now:) I have grown to love you all and you all feel so so close to me you aren’t just spell casters where I come for spells you feel like my family and I Trust all of you even when my own family has hurt me I still decided my own path still chose to follow my own heart and it’s made me see that sometimes in life time really shows us what matters and all the true colours of people are revealed. This has shown me who cares and who never did and I definitely know with all my heart that Rita and her family have cared and have supported me and they have always been there and still are this very day so Thankyou all:))) when you come across psyouwontforgetme you don’t just find spell casters you develop the most amazing friendship with them and they become family and you realize in life who cares and who doesn’t. I have had the most difficult situation with a million blocks and obstacles but every single time I chose to trust this family and allow them to suggest every recommendation, every ritual and never did I question their intentions or felt like they didn’t care enough. I really mean everything I say and I want everyone who comes across psyouwontforgetme to know that you have found miracles, blessings and so much goodness that life can bring. They don’t just do magick they transform lives and if you have faith and believe in them like I strongly strongly do everything changes for the better Thankyou so much for being here for me and helping me through everything I cannot say how grateful I am enough:) Abu Ghassan you are so amazing And caring and I’m so blessed to have your guidance and help with everything. Clara I trust you with all my heart and I always have you are incredible and I have developed so much friendship and closeness with you Rita your amazing to me and I feel like you’re my sister:) I trust you more then anyone and I love how I can always share everything with you RITAS mom wow with all the telepathic messages I appreciate every thing and Thankyou for always making time for me to go out of your way to help:) Thankyou all may you all forever be blessed love&blessings <3 XOXOXOXOXOX

Luckyinlove13 December 01, 2015

I’m so happy I found Rita, mom, Clara , Abu Ghassan and other relatives . They had have helped me in so many ways. The insight readings were very accurate. They’re very nice and genuine family and I love whenever they’re having a big sale on rituals or spells. I’m a happy repeated customers. Thank you from the bottom my heart

autumnsky38 November 27, 2015

I haven’t got the words to describe what’s been happening since I bought a spell from Rita and her family a few weeks ago, but I HAD to come here tonight and at least try to because I want other people to know that if they’re looking for people who care and have real power, this family is a wonderful place to start. A quick version of my story: I had encountered someone last year who I felt an instant connection with. It was way more than just finding him attractive; it felt like I’d always known him, like maybe we’d had past lives together or something. I’ve never felt anything like it in my life, and I’ve wanted to meet him ever since. In “real life”, this wouldn’t be easy to do because he’s living in another country, and is relatively well-known. Still, after feeling such a neat connection I decided to try and find a spellcaster who might be able to help me. I’m SO glad I did! Right away, Rita and her family read my situation and let me know that they sensed this connection too, and I was thrilled. After buying the spell and having a reading, I’ve felt such positivity and excitement; almost as if it’s impossible for this to NOT happen. There is such joy in my heart every day, but the very best part is that this man has been showing up in my dreams (as they said he would), and we actually made contact mentally the other night. It sounds wild, I know, but it actually happened and I’m unable to stop smiling! I feel like I’ve found someone (a whole family, really) who cares about how I feel, who believes in what I want to have happen in my life, and who is so encouraging and helpful that I finally feel like I’m not alone with this situation. I’ve spent ALOT of time and money on other people on various sites around the internet in the past on other issues, but never had results of any kind. Now, I’m actually seeing and sensing things happening, and I believe that this precious soul and I ARE going to meet and enrich each other’s lives in so many ways. And I believe it’ll happen just as Rita and her family told me it would.
I’m so excited I can hardly stay still, but I’m so grateful that I had to come and leave an endorsement here tonight. If anyone is like me and looking for someone with genuine power, kindness and compassion, look no further. You’ve found what you’re looking for. I KNOW because I sure have!

EarthShadow October 22, 2015

I wanted to write another endorsement, because I’ve been feeling nothing but ecstasy since all of my purchases. When I click on Rita’s booth I feel like a kid at a candy shop. I love the feeling that you can have your very own fairy godmother or as if I’m in a 1001 Arabian Nights tale and I encounter a fairy that brings you actual results. Rita is more than just a seller, she’s friend, family, and motivational coach. I can confide to her my most inner feelings and she helps me sort myself out not only with genuine readings but with advice. From her readings, she motivated me to do things I never dreamed of. Rita gave me that extra push and support I needed and couldnt find anywhere. I feel nothing but radiant, and happy, and blissful. This change is so apparent in me that friends and coworkers see the difference and they tell me whatever thats making me happy they want part of it too. I feel like I finally realized myself worth with working with Rita and the spells. I don’t beat myself up anymore over people or situations that don’t deserve it. I’m attracting wonderful people who care about me like crazy! Stumbling across Psyouwontforgetme has been one of the greatest treasures in my life.

EarthShadow September 27, 2015

Amazing and genuine. Rita gave me a confidence boost that changed my entire life. I’m a repeat customer and I can tell you that I feel I made a life time friend with this family. Thanks for everything.

Yani609 July 07, 2015

Rita & Family are more than just genuine casters, if you have patience you will see that they are unlike anyone out there most people take the craft as a joke and they do not. Highly professional and caring I would recommend them to anyone! I have been working with them for almost 2yrs and looking forward to many more with this wonderful Magical Family xoxo


sxcbaby88 June 08, 2015

I absolutely love Rita and her entire family:) they are the most genuine, honest and REAL people out of a billion! Since day 1 my experience with them has been more then amazing… They have guided me every step of the way, helped me out with every every of my life from love to wealth to health and happiness I can and will never ever forget just how much of a transformative period this has been in my life. I am so grateful and thankful for every bit of help they have provided and they went the extra mile and put in more time energy and efforts to make sure I get the results I truly desired. May you all be blessed for ever:) it sure has been a roller coaster of emotions, tears, joy and transformation for me and I have come out a much better and stronger person due to knowing you all:)
Thankyou with all of my heart.. I would like to give extra thanks to Rita’s mom for her amazing and accurate psychic and telepathic gifts.. That has helped me out more then I can possibly tell you!! You made me feel safe, comforted and you made me feel like I had a home here where I never ever felt alone:) Clara wow you are an amazing and incredible gifted soul:) everything you have done for me I will always remember and be grateful for every single thing you have done much love to you all.

Nitrochic May 21, 2015

Rita and her mother are amazing people. They’re so compassionate and understanding and will help you through whatever your situation is. I’ve been working with them for about a year now and they are my go to people. I am so glad to have known her and her mother amazing gifts and talents. Thank you Rita and mother!

make_me_smile February 22, 2015

I wouldn’t ever played with something as serious as the black Arabian magic. I was afraid to go to someone without being sure that this person will not only achieve my desire, but also to protect me from any negative energy. I read the positive reviews of Rita before go to it, but now I’m the one that i write positive reviews. In a word Rita and her family are professional in their work and yet ,so simple and approachable people in their communication with customers. All the spells that ive ordered, changed my life for the very best, almost immediately. I am happy to belong to the web family of PRECIOUS RITA!!THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING ! INDEED IWOULD NEVER FORGET YOU!

realman107 February 11, 2015

Rita is a good witch. I am happy to have Erica as my wife. She is my one true soulmate. I feel positive changes.

realman107 January 06, 2015

realman107 (7) says: August 11, 2013
RITA and her family members are good person I purchased a men’s 7 3 Times, vampire love, tangle until me love spell, custom love ceremony and 7 day ceremony and magnet love spell and prisoners of love ritual and ring of fire. Everything is working so great. All you have to do is believe and have faith. Rita and her family is always so helpful and kind . If u need the best spell that fit your needs, she be glad to help. with yokenia but i have my soulmate

lilcutemama1986 September 20, 2014

Wow- Okay, where do I begin? I have been a customer of Rita & her Family since 2011. If you want to see REAL RESULTS, don’t even waste your time or money with other fake spell casters. PSyouwontforgetme spell energies are the real deal. Love them, they have helped me out so much xo

morningstarshine September 06, 2014

If I had any doubts before, I don’t have any now. Their spells do work and in my situation, the changes happened very quickly. The energy was so powerful that I actually felt a difference in my life and in the atmosphere in my home before Rita emailed me to let me know that the spells had been completed. My life has been changed for the better and I’m not living in fear anymore. Rita and family have worked miracles for me and I just can’t thank them enough.

Nova40 August 29, 2014

The Cleopatra Coven has change my life for the better. All their spells are working at a fast pace. After the Magnetic Allure Sex spell was cast, I got compliments unexpectedly. I even got an indecent proposal from a stranger while I was jogging and looking like crap. Also, an old flame from a year ago at the job called me out of blue wanting me. The Cleopatra coven psychic insight has been accurate, many things that were predicted came to pass. I am so optimistic for the first time in decades about my life and the future. Thanks to the Cleopatra Coven, my life is changing for the better.

SarahP37 February 10, 2014

She is the best in business. Highly recommend Rita, top in haunted items.

ishtar January 03, 2014

Rita and her family are genuine warm hearted spell casters!!! Are you looking for Raw True Magick ? Thats what you get from them im a regular customer and all i can say Rita and Mum family will stand you by and guide you all the way with there love powerfull energy !they really care !!! LOVE YOU ALL X Aaliyah

mia_angel December 26, 2013

I am truly blessed to have Rita, her mom, aunt, Uncle Ghassan and whole family help me for 3 years now! They are the best ! Don’t look further , you came to the right place ! Very powerful magic ! They always help even with most difficult situations without judgment. Very deep understanding and guidance, positive results. There were bad moments in my life, and I got almost instant results from deep sadness to being happy overnight !
I am a customer for life now! Thank you for being there for me! Amazing Family!

realman107 September 23, 2013

I recently ordered 2 ring of fires, 2 passion fall for you spell and 1 make anyone love you spell and 1 emergency love spell and one money spell and one forget about ur ex spell. I have totally forgetten about all other women. Erica is the only woman I want. Erica is my soulmate. rita and her family is Powerful

piuswilson September 16, 2013

Love Rita and her Mom. As a old customer i treated as VIP and instant help and always blessed with positive energy to take over my situation and not only that i have all my friends come for solution for there situation that they cannot handle and boom when they contact Rita and her Mom…. Issued solved.. Love you Rita, Mom and manny blessing for your entire family

sweettye3 August 20, 2013

Ms. Rita, her dear mom, Mr. Abu Ghassan, Ms. Clara and the entire family are such a wonderful blessing in my life. I appreciate their guidance, direction and positive insight. They are truly sincere and strive to get the best results in whatever situation that a person may be facing. They are so honest and understanding. This is a very extraordinary family that puts forth their best effort and will guide you from beginning to end. I have a lot of good things in my life to be grateful for, regardless of what I have experienced in my lifetime. Amongst these things are having the honor and pleasure of knowing these wonderful people – whom God has placed in my path, to assist me when I really needed a listening ear and helping hand. Much appreciation to all of you and may you be continuously and extremely blessed always – beyond words!!

realman107 August 12, 2013

Rita and her family are very powerful people. Everything is working great. Yokenia will be my lover real soon.

realman107 August 11, 2013

RITA and her family members are good person I purchased a men’s 7 3 Times, vampire love, tangle until me love spell, custom love ceremony and 7 day ceremony and magnet love spell and prisoners of love ritual and ring of fire. Everything is working so great. All you have to do is believe and have faith. Rita and her family is always so helpful and kind . If u need the best spell that fit your needs, she be glad to help

Coffeelover March 26, 2013

Rita and her mom and family are so so caring and wonderful they really care about you and your situation, their magik is strong and also powerful.

thisisrose January 02, 2013

Sister rita and mom Real genuine and better then other seller.
There are always best and return customer from eBay uk site.
there are overall 100%.all customers satisfaction gureenteed.
All the best
Sheikh Rasel
Great Britain

Mrgtk2011 December 14, 2012

Best for here in bonanza
magic exists
if you trust yourself
there for you
Rita and family (clear) beautiful
you will not find better sorceresses
and the best quality, only them!

I have purchased many magical items
with different vendors
and when something is true and when something is false
and I can say that not only give them real things
give unique things!
good luck to anyone who loves magic!!
thank you very much and many clear Rita + Family
I wish you the best of luck, love, health, happiness kisses
gabriel =D!

Caron714 September 30, 2012

Rita and family are the best! Very kind and their magick and jewelry are very powerful and exceed expectations!

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