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Hello and Welcome to Pacesetter Eclectica! I am an individual seller and buyer with kids, pets and a big garage full of Eclectic Collectibles, Vintage Treasures, and Useful Quality Tools and Supplies.

I have sold online for 10 years now but have been collecting for decades. I have done many...

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My Endorsements (64)

MONTROSE July 12, 2012

Breaker 1-9…Extra extra READ ALL ABOUT IT. Now Hear this} Want results while you LAUGH all the wAy to the Bank? If so, then BANK on this Twitter-Promoter. Thank yoU my Sweetness for your TWEETness. Extra EXTRA…READ All About it!

MONTROSE April 19, 2012

Jeepers! This has been 6 months overdue and here to C0NFiRM a FiRM that this seller has helped my business(es) GROW to its’ GLOWiNG Potential these past 6 months. Want more views or sales? GO with the SALES with this Twitter seller!

luvthecountry April 06, 2012

Pam is such a conscientious person, which extends to her business. She’s goes the extra mile and her actions are appreciated.

ilovecrystals March 19, 2012

Pace is one of the most helpful, funny, smart and committed persons you could hope to find around the Bonanza ranch. I so appreciate her presence here and all the things she does to make this a much better place. Thank you so much Pam!

debdoll March 17, 2012

Pam, I can’t thank you enough for your expertise in promoting the Doll Showcase on Bonanza. Your tweets and FB increased my views exponentially. You’re a HUGE asset to Bonanza and the sellers here. Thank-you SOOOOOO much!

CatsJewelrynGems February 02, 2012

Very kind and personable! She provides an EXCELLENT promotion service! Thank you so very much!

MONTROSE November 09, 2011

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives” here at Bonz with Pam. My business (on the net in general) remains # 1 via Paceset’s Twitterness. Have a Happy New Year, bye bye Monty

MONTROSE September 14, 2011

After months of Pace TWiTTER Services, my sale$ have skyrocketed within ALL my sites. I do nOt do FB nor TWT and prefer to hire this professional for â–º Result$

purpleiris July 24, 2011

Pam is a long-time and valued member of the Bonanza community. She has been such an asset to many sellers here, providing assistance wherever she can. She’s also a kind and professional seller who ensures she provides quality customer service. So I highly recommend you browse her store and shop with confidence!

nelliekellie June 11, 2011

A truly wonderful Bonanza seller and buyer! A big help to all! Thanks!

antiquepiq April 04, 2011

Fabulous person with great merchandise! Honest to boot! Looking forward to doing more business with you!

MONTROSE April 03, 2011

mONTROSe definitely knows how Paceset9999 does business and highly recommends her to ANy0NE on the internet with her “tweetness”….Infact, I personally approve this MONTdorsement.

Thegirlsrock99 March 25, 2011

I started as a customer and after I went on an endorsement ride with her, ended up friends. How cool is that? Love working with Pam.

HavensRainbow February 03, 2011

What can I say about Pam that has not already been said before….She is just one of the nicest and sweetest people that you’d ever get the chance to deal with. She’s always in the forums sharing the latest news because she cares soooo much about people. Thanks Pam for all the help you gave me tonight in trying to figure out my shipping You do not know how much it meant to me for you to take the time out like you did!!

kenoticket January 21, 2011

Pam is one of the most helpful people at Bonanza. She’s beyond an asset. She supports her fellow sellers with outside advertisements, supports them with product knowledge, and supports them with a shoulder to cry on.

Now, about her items for sale. Endless! I’m always amazed by the many various types or items that she lists (many I don’t even know the purpose of, but she sure does).

I’m honered to call her a great online friend!

JKL_Book_Supply January 19, 2011

Pam is a great asset to Bonanza! If it’s traffic to your booth you need, sign up to have her promote your booth! Great prices, unbelievable detail in her tweets, great communication, and a nice sized following on Twitter. Thanks Pam for all you do!

cdvdmart January 11, 2011

Pam is such a very nice person! I’ve enjoyed working with her and b-mailing back and forth with her on many occasions! Her advertising is excellent and so thorough! I highly recommend her as both a buyer and seller – you will be so pleased!!

Thank you so much, Pam!

DMedicineWoman January 01, 2011

I bought the “Happy Holidays Special” and it’s such an excellent value! Pam is one of the nicest and most generous people, always going above and beyond for her clients. You can buy with confidence when your shopping here! Highly recommended!

Slideshows November 22, 2010

This gal is amazing,I was having so much computer problems, and being new to the computer world.. I needed help,she stayed with me, gave me help and support,what a great neaghbor to have! Thanks Pam..

chill02wolfart October 06, 2010

You will never be disappointed doing business with Pam. Super nice Seller, very courteous and speedy in all communications (before and after sale). Her Booth is filled with many fabulous finds! Thank you Pam. It was a certainly a pleasure doing business with you!

mrsdinkerson August 30, 2010

Although Pam has a thousand gazillion endorsements below this one, I simply must add my high recommendation of her. She is a wonderfully friendly person who cares deeply about people and the US. She bends over backwards to be helpful at all times and is a pleasure to know. PacesetterEclectica is one of the best Bonanzle booths around because it truly has EVERYthing but the ordinary and because it is Pam’s booth. You won’t go wrong by purchasing from her.

BookbinEtc August 29, 2010

Pam is a great member of the Bonanzle community. She helped me out recently, when my internet was down for an indefinite time, by managing my booth and just being my eyes and ears online, keeping in touch by phone. Thanks again, Pam!

shawnalynn33 August 16, 2010

She is a great asset to Bonanzle. Everything goes so smoothly with her. Her items were exactly described and she is really sweet gal. Thanks so much. You can’t go wrong.

nenka July 31, 2010

Paceset9999 great Bonanzle member, very knowlegable and helpfull. Pam’s Booth has amazing selection at great prices.Accet to Bonanzle community.

Bonsai1282 July 26, 2010

I met Paceset9999 on twitter prior to joining Bonanzle. She’s the reason why I joined Bonanzle and made my first recent purchase. She’s given me a wonderful shopping experience and highly recommend anyone doing business with her =o)

CritterCreekRanch July 10, 2010

Can’t go wrong here folks, Paceset9999 is a wonderful seller with fantastic prices and has great customer service, I will be a returning buyer here many times over!

MrsMysteryGal June 26, 2010

Pace is a WONDERFUL Buyer/Seller she is HIGHLY recommended 100% by me and everyone who endorse her Thank you for all your wonderful support!

divinefabricsnmore May 29, 2010

What a wonderful and Kind Lady is Pam!!! Sent me FREEBIES that blew me away, and Touched my Heart, very deeply! She is Generous, and Loving, and an Absolute FANTASTIC Seller, too! You Will Love this Seller Paceset9999 and her Booth is So Much Fun to Browse, Tag, and Buy Some Great Items from Her, too!

jamiro May 26, 2010

The highest marks in customer service, great items for sale and a heart of gold! You can shop here with confidence that you’ll get what you think you’re getting and you’ll find a new friend that’s a peach of gal!

TimeSpanTreasures May 06, 2010

I left paceset9999 some very nice feedback for a wonderful fireman moustache cup I purchased from her, but the naughty bonanzle ghost ate it. So this endorsement is to say that I am very pleased with my transaction with pace. Nice and friendly communications, the item was as described, it arrived safely, and it was packed very well. Thank you!

nenka March 22, 2010

Great Bonanzle member! Very knowlegable, helpfull and has AMAZING Booth!!!!

markbroy March 14, 2010

Pam is a great lady and an asset to Bonanzle!!!

shawnalynn33 March 04, 2010

Great gal by far, she is always there when u need a friend!! Great asset to Bonanzle!!

muddyriverironworks March 04, 2010

This person has great products and wonderful service. I highly recommend her to anyone. She is super easy to work with and a great asset to this wonderful community.

SecretGarden February 28, 2010

Pam is an asset to Bonanzler, always willing to help with lots of giggles too

granny123 February 23, 2010

Beautiful Items You have in your Store! This lady From what I have read, is a Caring and Honest Seller, and a great Person, by all Her endorsements. but I assure you she is one of a kind, and a bright star in this big universe. Do not hesitate to Buy or get to know her! May your 2010 Be Blessed With Love, Sunshine and Great Sales!

RedTagSales February 02, 2010

Pam is a true Professional, trustworthy, Qulaity Products at the right Price. Customer Service and Satisfaction is #1. A great assett to the Bonanzle community. I highly recommend this person to all buyers.

MONTROSE January 13, 2010

It’s now 2010 and a new Personal eND0RSEMENT seems appropriate! After having the pleasure of viewing this active member perform, I am happy to say that I highly recommend this member to ANyoNE as bOth a Buyer &/or Seller because dedication & loyalty compliments this member…Best wishes, M0NTROSe

guext65 December 16, 2009

Thank you for message.
You have so many great items.

Goodies4You November 23, 2009

A great asset to Bonanzle, kind and helpful- this is why I love Bonanzle! It’s people like Pam.

Laboutiquefrancais November 23, 2009

Truly a pleasure in every respect, a joy to do business with & a wonderful supporter of the Bonanzle community!

Roxannmi September 23, 2009

A great asset to bonanzle, and a true Patriot.

angiesjewelry June 12, 2009

This sellers is perfect ! Great packaging, items in A+ condition, friendly service and a friendly person to ! She participates actively on the forums and is always nice and polite ! Keep up the fantastic work and count me as a loyal customer who will come back.

the_jewelry_shack May 14, 2009

Pam is dedicated to her business, she puts 110% into making every deal go without a hitch. Customer service is #1. She is honest and very helpful too everyone. I highly recommend this seller. and will continue too be a friend, and learn from her.

angiesjewelry May 03, 2009

This seller is a fine seller who participates actively in the Bonanzle community and delivers top notch items with very quick shipping and well packaged !! I highly recommend her and will be buying again !! AAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++

NightowlGardener April 14, 2009

What a delight! She is so friendly, professional, easy to communicate with and a very fast shipper! A seller that truly inspires me! An asset to the Bonanzle community in every way!

MelRose_Lashes March 12, 2009

wonderful member…makes bonanzle feels homy and friendly

BabyBoutique March 10, 2009

You never know what treasures you’ll find at Pacesetter Eclectica! Great selection, and an excellent asset to the Bonanzle community!

mijsnomis March 08, 2009

I’ve enjoyed conversing with this helpful and caring seller, and I wish her all the good things that Bonanzle can bring.

STBThreadworks March 06, 2009

Paceset9999 is an excellent Bonanzle member, very quick to give help and advice! Always finding ways to help new users out!

Whispering_Willows March 02, 2009

Been so busy, I forgot to do some of you, So since you are my neighbor and an asset to this site, I’m endorsing you.

granny123 March 01, 2009

Wow what a Dear Girl May God Bless you It truily is a Pleasure to have met you and I am so Happy

OctoberMoon February 16, 2009

Pace is a great gal, both as a seller and buyer. A big plus to the Bonanzle community, knowledgeable and friendly and helpful.

Somethingpretty February 16, 2009

Pace is such a great asset to Bonanzle. She is helpful and supportive in so many way. Even when we aren’t aware of it. I just today found out how to see forums I have posted in and found she had done a really nice, personal, thing for me I was no even aware of.
Thanks Pace- you’re the best!!!

Somethingpretty February 16, 2009

I love this sweet Bonanzler.
I just today- found out how to find post I had written or responded to and found she has done a really nice thing for me about 2 months ago.
Thanks Pace you’re the best!
Everyone appreciates the nice things you do for them- I know I do.

Stewarts February 13, 2009

Everything! Pace has helped me so much with navigating through the Bonanzle site and I’m extremely thankful. Then I saw something on her booth that I didn’t want to live without. The item, “Vintage Italian Majolica Apple Vase-Marked”. From sales, customer support and shipping this member is the best of best! Thanks Pace!

nflgirl January 27, 2009

Pace is an Awesome Seller! She’s an even Better Person. Such a Great Asset for Bonanzle. All will do well to know Pace! What an Inspiration!

pieper December 08, 2008

A valued member of our community, one who is willing to take that extra step spreading the word about Bonanzle. So glad to have them on our team!

BargainBasement November 25, 2008

Paceset9999 is a wonderful asset to the Bonanzle community, not only as an experienced and professional seller, but as a promoter, a buyer and helper to every Bonanzle member on the forums. We are very fortunate to have Pace!

inspired November 25, 2008

Pam is truly a wonderful person, with a kind heart and loving soul. You can buy from her with the confidence of knowing you’ll receive the item, exactly as described, and you’ll receive it quickly! She is also a AAA+ buyer, with fast payment and wonderful communication. Don’t let her slip through, without getting to know her, it would sincerely be a loss.

JackWellman November 24, 2008

I think she’s been the greatest help to me, a novice at the site, and has a very positive disposition and webpage on bonanzle. I was ready to give up, but she inspired me that it will take time. Well, I am up and running now, thanks to her and Bruce Caldwell at Sunflower_Boutique. Thanks all.

Liquidation November 15, 2008

Pace is a wonderful Bonanzler! Holding to the highest standard of customer service and so easy and pleasant to work with. Shop with confidence!

sofyblu2 November 08, 2008

A wonderful member of the Bonanzle community. Truly a welcomed asset to this site and to our fellow Bonanzlers!

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