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I'm a Bonanzler and I'm excited to be here!

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My Endorsements (58)

Podunk3 December 20, 2010

She is the Best!! Buy with Utmost Confidence from Jamiro. She goes the extra mile to her buyers. I promise..you will not be disappointed!

TheWeddingBoutique October 21, 2010

Jamiro is a wonderful person and an exceptional artist as well. I truly appreciate her patience and design expertise that are evident in my two booth banners and avatars. She captured the message and the feeling that I wanted to welcome prospective buyers. Such a treasure! Blessings—Lois

loristhisandthat July 12, 2010

Jamiro is A great asset to Bonanzle! A very special Bonanzler’s That goes the Extra mile,Thank you for all you do!

ZenGirl May 04, 2010

Very generous with design skills. Will work with you to get it just right!

craigsbarn April 21, 2010

Jamiro has both bought from us and sold to us. She is the perfect buyer and the perfect seller. The red carpet goes out when Jamiro is around!

yeshuazgirl February 26, 2010

Jamiro is truly one of a kind. A superb buyer/seller here on Bonanzle and always takes time to help anyone with issues/questions. She is warm witty and wonderful. An excellent banner maker -she offers her services for FREE – she is personable and professional I am so glad that she chose to be here on Bonanzle! Thank You for All You Do!

SherAhnn January 24, 2010

This person is always available to help out in any way she can. What a wonderful asset to the Bonanzle Community. Her Business Practices and Integrity are of the highest standards and I earnestly reccomend this seller to everyone.


starshinin January 22, 2010

Jami is one of the finest people I’ve met in my lifetime, and all that others have said is so true. A heart of gold, a soul of amazing love, gentleness and caring. Thank you my dear friend for all you do. You are not only a blessing to me, but to whomever crosses your path. God Bless you my sistah!

HereUntilSold October 21, 2009

Jami, You are a True Asset to Bonanzle or anywhere you may be. Just a Thank You for all of the Kindness you have shown to me and the many other members who needed you.

MNblarneystone October 15, 2009

I Just wanted to echo what everyone else has already written about Jami. She speaks her mind, and also helps everyone. She is THE BEST!! Besides… You gotta go look at 109frontstreet.com !! It is the best!!! She built it!

DiaperCakeDesigns October 02, 2009

Jamiro is an Awesome seller! she also designed my Banner and is an excellent artist. Thanks !!

saharabazaar September 29, 2009

Jamiro is a really warm, kind person and I am really glad I’ve had the occasion to meet her. Exceptional and my pleasure to meet you!

Our_Collectibles September 20, 2009

This seller is a staple on Bonanzle, Always there to help

sofyblu2 September 16, 2009

An exceptional member of the Bonanzle community. Whatever and whenever you need something she is there in a hot second. A superior saleswoman, her booth items are terrific and you will have a hard time finding a seller such as her.

bonanzamark September 11, 2009

A fine example of a person who provides an identity for so many on Bonanzle and expects nothing in return. Thank you for being a part of our community, it is Bonanzler’s like you that make Bonanzle special! The banners you created for me rule!

DesignerKidz September 05, 2009

What would I do without Jamiro? Thanks for all you do to make Bonanzle #1!

kbarrd August 06, 2009

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Jami. You won’t find a nicer, more caring, more giving person on Bonanzle. She is alway there to lend a hand, give encouragement, or give of her time. Just look around this place…she made half the banners here. Thank you Jami, for all you’ve done not only for me, but for others as well. xoxoxo

pugladyat91 July 26, 2009

Jamiro has encouraged and helped me tremendously as a new seller, as I see she has so many others. What a great heart she has for the Bonanzle community (and I’m sure for the rest of her life circle too!) You can’t go wrong when dealing with Jamiro, so shop Jamiro Eclectica for a GREAT shopping experience!!

MarilynPugroe July 16, 2009

Jamiro tirelessly gives of her time and talent to the members of Bonanzle and to Bonanzle… a great banner maker and so generous to help members old and new… she is a SUPER asset to Bonanzle !!!! and so many owe her so much !

swimswithfishes July 16, 2009

What a wonderful person! She kindly provided Swims with a nice new banner out of the kindness of her heart! Check it out when you have time as she is very talented!

gypsygirl July 05, 2009

I met Jamiro when I 1st joined this site and she has been a steadfast friend and wonderful person in the last 7 months. I cannot say enough about how honest and professional she is. This is a woman that gives 110% to everything she does, truly a person who has made an impact in my life, and will be always remembered for it!

tillingtraders July 02, 2009

I highly recommend this seller/buyer. She is an excellent, top notch Bonanzler.

RedTagSales June 17, 2009

What can I say about this Lady, "she’s an Angel, helping people with advice and creating Booth Banners for people without reward. I thank you from my heart for everything you have done for me, your support and trust mean so much too me. I highly reccomend this person too all buyers and sellers here on Bonanzle.

elegance3 April 30, 2009

I don’t have the words to express about Jamiro. I guess I can sum it up by saying she is the best!

cleosgreatdeals April 30, 2009

Thanks again jamiro for your contribution to help other sellers with technical questions, creating wonderful banners, setting up the world’s first website, designed by you entirely from widgets. A classy mall that highlights Bonanzle sellers. Your web designing background of countless years is reflected in this beautiful mall! Thanks for including me! Endorsed you before, however, your contribution here has been continuous!

KimsKorner April 27, 2009

The things I know about Jamiro. She speaks her mind, she is always there to help with advice and tips, her customers rave about her, I personally would deal with her any time because I KNOW this seller would go above and beyond, she is truly a HUGE asset to the Bonanzle community and Bonanzle itself. Not to mention she saved my butt big time and I will never forget that. She is what I call an angel that walks among us. Thank you Jamiro for being one of Bonanzle’s finest! And thank you for everything!

SugarsAndSpice April 13, 2009

I received a beautiful Banner from her and am blown away it it. Wonderful and kind person, of whom I am glad to have met!

UrbanDivaCouture April 03, 2009

A pleasure doing business with!

stuffyouneed March 31, 2009

Super person besides excellent Bonanzle citizen. Always looking for ways to help others. Has a good head on her shoulders.

AvocadoLane March 30, 2009

Jamiro gives 110% to the Bonanzle community. I am a recipient of one of her lovely booth banners and have learned much from her forum posts. Thanks Jamiro.

ltique559 March 06, 2009

A great asset to Bonanzle does exactly as she says. Very helpful

SharsBoutique March 05, 2009

Jamiro is a very caring and thoughtful person who goes out of her way to make things better. Thank you for all you do for your fellow Bonanzlers!

thechinahutch March 01, 2009

Jamiro is the Best, She made my banner for free, An Asset to this site.

frstyfrolk February 14, 2009

Jamiro is an EXCELLENT Seller, Ships fast and make awesome banners!
Buy from her, you won’t regret, Great Communication! Smiles, cyndi

MyHugeGarageSale February 13, 2009

Wonderful Seller! So helpful and a wonderful asset to Bonanzle! Thank you so much!

Miss-Tuck-A-Way February 12, 2009

Jamiro,is one of those people that are there to help wherever there is a need.
Always lending a helping hand. Not only is her customer service outstanding,she is a valued member of the community you can count on to be there for members.

standardproducts February 12, 2009

A wonderful asset to Bonanzle! Wow what a great person! Best seller I have met!

MamaCyd2 February 10, 2009

Jamiro is the BEST! I have been looking for the perfect banner for over a year! and this kind hearted wonderful gal did it! The best person, you could ever work with. Her research and attention to detail are unsurpassed! Most of all she is very kind ♥’ed!

Pyrettablaze101 February 02, 2009

Jamiro designes the most wonderful art, and she is extremely helpful! What a lady!

valdazar7 January 29, 2009

An asset to the Bonanzle community! Always there to help a fellow community member! An upstanding seller with integrity! Thank You for all you do!

OctoberMoon January 14, 2009

I love Jamiro! She is a treasure and we are fortunate to have her here at Bonanzle.

bluridge2cats January 05, 2009

Jamiro is simply super.Generous with her time & talent & has a wonderful booth filled with lovely,well priced items.You will be blessed in your dealings with her.Have a wonderful year.

hillbilly December 18, 2008

one of the best on bonanzle.this lady is awesome.thanks jamiro for all you do for bonanzle.

SunflowerAntics November 30, 2008

Jamiro is the GREATEST – she made my Banner for my Booth and did a GREAT job!! She “caught” the essence of my items being offered. Great to work with too!

Rykar November 24, 2008

Debra aka. Jamiro in my opinion is the poster child for Bonanzle community!
She is a nice lady!

Generous with her time and talents helping those of us that are limited. She will be there for you if you need a helping hand. I’ve never met a more giving and insightful person as Jamiro!

Be sure to stop by Jamiro’s booth. Not only can you bend her ear while you are there, she has a great booth filled with super nice items reasonably priced that you won’t want to miss.


Bonanzabooks November 18, 2008

Jamiro is the BEST! She made my banner and walked me through the steps to download it here on my Bonanzle booth. A true asset in this community! A great seller too! Thanks a million!

GildedElegance November 18, 2008

“The path to succes is to take massive, determined action”. It is single minded, straight forward, determined individuals like Jamiro, that will pave the way to our success……………BRAVO !!!!!!!! on being found out by feebay.

BargainBasement November 17, 2008

An awesome member of the Bonanzle family as not only a seller, but a buyer and promotional expert as well. It is people like Jamiro that make Bonanzle a wonderful site!

haflcenturymark November 13, 2008

Jamiro is truly an asset to Bonanzle!Her kindness toward other members is highly visible,per the beautiful banners that she has created for so many fellow Bonanzlers.Helpful in the forums,generous with her talent,a wonderful person that will never let you down.

margieme November 10, 2008

Jamiro is the greatest. Very helpful all around. She made my banner for free, Thanks for all the help here Jamiro!

MissJonie October 28, 2008

it doesnt matter the subject if you need assistance she will get you the answer nothing to minor or over whelming for that matter we are fortunate to count her a friend among us

tree411 October 15, 2008

Jamiro’s all around quality is what stands out for me. Her items I purchased. Her wrapping them safely. The quality of everything. Product, Service. and Jamiro as A person has me rather awe struck.

LDJ2452 October 03, 2008

I couldn’t agree more that Jamiro is great to do business with! All round forthright and honest. Its a pleasure to know her!

ZiggyZool September 23, 2008

Look up Jamiro in the dictionary and it won’t tell you that Jamiro is the definition of “Perfect Online Seller”, but her happy customers and fellow Bonanzlers will. Honest, upfront and supportive Jamiro puts customer service, buyer satisfaction and great communication at the forefront of every sale. If you have a love of the eclectic you need look no further – shop Jamiro Eclectica you won’t be disappointed.

cleosgreatdeals September 19, 2008

Jamiro is a “stellar” and unique seller that ranks customer service number one. If you are looking for the difficult to find unique items, we recommend this seller. A valuable Bonanzle community seller! Shop Jamiro Eclectica!

LouisianaFrillseeker September 16, 2008

Jamiro is a good ole Texas gal who knows her stuff. She’s a master at repairing figurines and has talents beyond that. You can’t go wrong when dealing with her.

Paceset9999 September 07, 2008

Jamiro is a wonderful seller and has excellent communication and support! Her experience with online selling shows thru!

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