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BakerMan October 16, 2018

It has been a while since I asked Irene for help. This was something new to me and it was always something I suspect if it was real or not. A close friend in California contacted me and I know this friend wouldn’t lie. He said he had some poltergeist things happening and he is fearing for his 4 kids. I contacted Irene right away to confirm what is he saying and she confirmed it and gave extreme details of the situation. I sent to Irene the pictures of the house, little did I know that getting involved in this got me also attacked. I was attacked at night, I heard screaming in my half asleep state and got paralyzed when trying to wake up. I couldn’t go back to sleep until I contacted Irene and she helped me with some advise and protection spell.

She started helping the family and 5 days later, today I can say that they finally had a goodnight sleep and things stopped falling, thrown and doors closing and opening around the house. This experience was way beyond fiction. I always had a curious mind and after this experience for me and my friend’s family, I believe I can say, I am ok for not knowing what is out there anymore. Irene helped us be stronger, hold our ground and be able to command the spirit to leave us alone. This was an extreme case of house haunting/possession or whatever it was. I am glad it is finally over. I thank Irene for being there for all of us. I truly hope people that suffer from this problem to contact Irene. Do not wait until it gets worse. Solve it quick and fast.

Thank you Irene from the bottom of my heart.

SallyM403 June 04, 2018

I want to say thank you very much to you not only because of your great job but also because of your kindness. Your are very friendly and very caring and treat me well, honestly I am very touched. I am so glad to know you, you make me realize that I am worthy and now I must love myself more. Proud of myself for continuing my future to the end. Your personal word are great and make me very impressed, about the important people in life as I get affection. You make me more meaningful and get rid of my doubts. Your readings are very precise and appropriate to me and for future reading you make me to be more able to manage appropriately. Your reading for now are very precise and accurate you make me forget my sadness and frustration. Now I smile and a lot of good thing happen. You make my dark feelings become bright. All because of you.I highly recommend you. Thank you very much

Amooooona1987 October 13, 2017

I would like to thank Irene and say how much I am thankful that I met her through a friend. He recommended her to me and I am really like I asked for her help. I had a legal problem and I was about to be put in Jail. Luckily, I consulted with Irene and received a reading that showed my possible outcome. Additionally, Irene did a Protection spell for me to make the authorities see the problem as a small issue and let me go. I was in real trouble, I would have lost my two children if not for Irene’s help. The world would really need more people like Irene. Thank you

Carolinagirl1721 September 30, 2017

I am so glad that I found this that could help me with my financial situation. And I am so thankful about it.

I expressed all of my financial debt problems including this stupid dark curse of negative energies, bad luck, and bad financial that are plagued my miserable life everyday ughhhhhh. And now I am so thankful for her who runs this website that are very helpful for me to do something about my financial situation. And she did this sea therapy or theta to help with my financial situation so much. And I am feeling so relief for her to do that as compared to nobody else like my family members, psychics, or anyone else for example who would be willing to help me on my financial situation. They are so useless to me because they don’t actually care about my financial debt situation so seriously as a crystal.

I am so thankful for truewishes that are very helpful. And I do appreciate of what she have been done so much more for me to help with my financial debt situation.

Now I am still waiting on these results that I am very patiently about it. It takes time for all of my financial debts to vanish for goodness sake and also for money to come in as I always keep praying for. ????.

BakerMan July 05, 2017

I really wanted to share my experience with Irene. I know I have been writing a lot for Irene, but it is because she is standing by me in the most difficult times of my life and my family. Before I met Irene, I contacted few psychics regarding my elder brother. He was married to someone in a different country, far away from us (his family). Every psychic told me the same things, that he has married an evil person. One psychic even said, that nothing can be done and you can only pray for him. The truth is, my brother since he married this person he was spending every cent on her. He saw her as the sun and moon in his life. He refused to see any flaws in her. She drained him, and after she took his money, she almost killed him few times, she threw him in jail, she made him crazy and locked him in a mental institute. I know this sound like a story from a fiction book. But it is all true. That is why I believe there was something abnormal and I went and asked for insight on his situation. They all said that his wife is very evil. One even offered to help him through healing spells. That psychic disappeared from the internet after that. I really don’t know if it was the reaction to trying to help my brother or what. But when I started dealing with Irene, I told her about my brother, about my situation and my youngest sibling. We all were having a hard time in life. Abnormal things were happening. It turned out that his exwife, who tried to kill him is still seeking him for money. He was fighting back and as revenge she targeted us (his family). She is dealing with a Satanist. That is why we were all suffering. Mental problems, almost killed my self and lost all what I worked for in my life. Irene told me all what she did. She uncrossed me, I am much better now, good things started happening again in my life. My brother gained his job back, and the one in trouble is still facing a lot of attacks. His ex wife cast over 70 times in one year. She is determined to get money from him. With Irene’s help we gained him back. After a lot of struggle he started to see through her lies and spells. He is focusing on his work and he is getting my better. He lost many jobs during his struggles, became homeless and wandered all around the streets alone not knowing what is true and what is a dream. He stays awake for days without sleep. thinking of killing him self. I know a lot would think he is not a sane person. I would disagree, he never had any problems before he met her. I thank Irene so much and I am so grateful that she is powerful enough to fight such evil doing in this world. I wish we had more people in the world like Irene, we would have a better and more beautiful life.

BakerMan June 05, 2017

A week later after I asked Irene’s help. I came to her with an unusual problem, and Irene offered to help. She knew right away what was the issue and how to solve it. I came with her a problem that a dear friend of mine had, her husband due to depression and problem started using hard drugs. My friend seriously thought her life was done and she has lost him. Thankfully I explained to her that I know Irene and her good nature to help people. A week later almost everything was back to normal. It is even like he never used drugs nor had tried it. Even though he still is under pressure, I believe Irene when she said that will go away with time. We are positive that he will be back to normal and we thank Irene for this.

I am a long time customer and I wish Irene all the best, she has done so much good deeds to help me in my life and all my loved ones. I always recommend her to my friends and family. All my respect to Irene.

divinaki May 07, 2017

The lady behind these pages is awesome! I know her 11 years and she completely changed my life and the life of my beloved ones!!! She can absorve any form of negativity and blockages from any person no matter how potent and strong they are!!!! My health was improved and I fully recovered from nerve paralysis four years ago!!!Full of compassion and interest she is working day and night to accomplish her goals for everyone.Irene is a God sent. She is a divine gift to people! Extraordinary, honest services and immediate response. She will never let you down for anything that she will be asked to do. I pray that she will be always out there for all of us. Irene is one of the kind. I will be always grateful that she came into my life and brought peace, health and wholeness. Thank you Irene for being my companion and assistant for all my troubles.I gave the best recommenations to my friends about her and she never let me down. She is highly recommented to everyone that needs answers and results! Recently I ve been reunited,thanks to her, with my daughter, with whom i had long term problems. She brought her back from Cyprus to my home, to live with me with all her family. Thank you Irene. You ve earned my trust, respect devotion for ever!

BakerMan May 01, 2017

It has been more a year dealing with Irene. No matter what I needed, she was always there for me. Even if she doesn’t have the product you are looking for, drop her a message and you won’t regret it.

I was her customer long before she came to Bonanza. I highly recommend her for her services and products. I was never disappointed and never will be.
MaraN November 29, 2016

I barely communicated Irene, but the connection we established was as if we’ve known each other for years. She treats you like a VIP, considering her time zone is different from ours, she gets back to you almost immediately. I also loved the fact that she has a strong sense of what’s ethical and unethical to do. I was completely bought off when I realized how nice and caring of a person she is. Her patience is the winner, she’ll take her time to talk to you about issues such as your core beliefs that may affect the work. What i’m trying to say is that her approach is multi- dimensional. She looks at the problem from all possible points of view. I felt like my feelings were validated and she treated me like I was her good old friend. You pay $2 and she gives u info that is highly ‘classified’. I feel like I hit the gold vein and so, i’m highly recommending her to anyone. I have high trust in her abilities and know that she’ll do her absolute best. Shortly, she’s surreal. A++++++++++++++ above and beyond!

DonnaM103 November 19, 2016

Irene displayed excellent customer service and her turn around time was very quick and I appreciated that a lot being a very busy person.She is very knowledgeable and knows her craft. My reading was on point. She told me something about myself that nobody else did and she was very accurate because only I knew this about me. I hope to continue to seek out her awesome services in the near future. Infinite thanks

marysachlas November 17, 2016

Irene is my favorite psychic-she is more than a friend to me
and she has a healing gift from matter what is the problem
she knows how to heal and advice.
I am very happy to have met Irene, she is such a wonderful and honest
person, somebody that I can turn to in times of need

BakerMan August 30, 2016

No matter what I say it would be little towards what I have received from Irene. last 2 years were almost hell for me, I have been lost and almost broke. I asked for her advice and she guided me. She knew exactly what I needed to get along. Since then I am just collecting the blessings life is throwing towards me. I have found a job that pays more than what I expected. She is more than just a seller, she cares about each and everyone of her clients. I really wish her all the best and I am and will be her friend and client for a long time. Never been disappointed and never felt I was used. Thank you Irene.

lushypixie87 July 06, 2016

I am yet to come across such an amazing person over the Internet who not only helped me but was there through out in my time of need. My words cannot express how thankful I am to Irene for everything she has done for me.
She has gone beyond the client-seller relationship. She has been my guide, my helping hand, my friend and someone I can truly say is genuinely caring.
Her items have helped me achieve what I desire and her rituals have proven to menifest into my reality.

I have nothing but utmost respect and gratitude for her.
I wish for everyone to be blessed by having someone like her in their lives.

lushypixie87 May 18, 2016

Irene is a gifted at not only readings she does but also spell work. Her energies can touch anyone in the world.
I have purchased oils and products over time from Truewishes booth and I must say they all have been more than what’s stated. The smells are beautiful and they do work how it says it will.
Uncrossing ritual had been the most in demand and purchased again and again for me and my family. This does wonders as we all needed it time to time given individual situation.
Same goes for her binding spell work which can change your reality and stop unwanted things from happening.
Personally I will always have Irene by my side in any major decision making or problems and situation that need a Devine attention through her. She is truly a blessing in my life and I highly recommend her for her spiritual work which she does with utmost devotion no matter who you are.
Thank you for being there Irene. You are my guardian angel ????

marysachlas May 07, 2016

Irene is a very accurate psychic and she is God gifted.
she has very rare items from Greece that you cannot find
anywhere else.she is very friendly and honest person and
her goal is to help people.
I am glad I met Irene online, I will always visit her booth

lushypixie87 April 02, 2016

Irene has been a true blessing to me. The way I found her and how compassionate she is towards her work. I have been with Irene for a few months now and I have been a repeat client for different things. That is because I genuinely feel and believe in what she does. Her CELTIC 10 card reading is better than any other reading in the world. It gives you exact situation from top to bottom – for things that need a whole detailed scenario of everything surrounding. Her Tarot and Dente Reading is usually my decision making for better outcomes which has been a great help… She will tell you how it is good or bad honestly. She answers all queries and questions with her utmost help and guidance and each time I took that on board I see things shaping to the desired goals.

Her Irems are amazing. I love her red passion/love candles. It has such energy and vibes that it completely surrounds you with it. She is a super seller on bonanza.. And even 5 stars are less for her ability and her hard work.

I highly recommend Irene She is a REAL DEAL.

Aenowakow_gmail_com February 21, 2016

Irene is wonderful! She has a powerful gift that she uses to help you. I recommend her highly!

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