How-to Videos to make your holidays easier

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Happy Holidays everyone! I have a couple of videos that I thought you might find helpful in the midst of sorting and sending your holiday orders.

Add a Tracking Number

First, let's take a look at tracking numbers. You've received an order (hooray!), you have packaged it securely, and it is ready to ship. If you purchase a USPS shipping label directly from Bonanza using the "Buy shipping" link under the order summary, the tracking number and shipping address are automatically added. Note that the shipping address cannot be edited once a sale is complete to ensure that the cost of the label is based on the postal code the buyer entered at checkout. If the buyer requests to change the shipping address after an order is complete, we recommend refunding the transaction and having the buyer complete checkout again with the correct shipping address so that you comply with the payment processor's seller protection policies.

Alternately, you may choose to purchase a shipping label from a third-party provider and manually enter the buyer's shipping address. If you purchase shipping from a third-party provider, such as USPS, you can manually mark the transaction as shipped and enter applicable tracking so the buyer knows when to expect their package. To do so, click the "Mark as shipped" link under the order summary. If you do not have tracking handy at the time you mark the order as shipped, we recommend entering some place-holder text so that you can edit the tracking information at a later time. If you mark the order as shipped without any information entered in the "tracking" field, you will not be able to enter tracking at a later time. 

Sound complicated? It's much easier than it seems! Take a look at this brief video:

How to cancel an order

Only sellers may cancel transactions. Canceling a transaction and refunding the buyer is the same.

Sellers agree to complete valid transactions, but, on occasion, a seller may need to cancel a transaction. If you need to issue a refund to your buyer, we recommend contacting them via BMail, Bonanza's internal messaging system, to explain why the order must be refunded instead of fulfilled. How you refund your buyer depends on how your buyer paid.

Most buyers checkout with PayPal. Here’s how to issue a refund through PayPal:

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Click Activity at the top of the page.
  • Click the payment you want to refund.
  • Click Issue a refund.
  • Enter the refund amount, then click Continue.
  • Review the information, then click Issue Refund.

In most cases, you can get credited the final value fee we have charged for the order. You'll see those instructions on my video below, or you can check out our help page.

I hope you've found the videos helpful, relentless simplicity is our motto at Bonanza. Happy holidays!

18 responses to How-to Videos to make your holidays easier

  • Nordstromsauto says:
    12/22/20 at 09:42:13

    Thank you for mentioning the seller protection for an address change. This usually applies across many channels and payment venues. The address shipped needs to match checkout, its that simple. Have a safe and happy Holiday season!

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    12/22/20 at 14:00:10

    Thanks, Brian!

  • SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    12/22/20 at 09:46:08

    Thanks for the information. Happy Holidays!!

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    12/22/20 at 14:00:35

    Thanks Steve! Happy holidays!

  • Eighty_Twenty_LLC says:
    12/22/20 at 10:57:25

    The refund method had been made really easier. Thank you guys!

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    12/22/20 at 14:01:21

    You’re welcome, Eighty_Twenty_LLC!

  • christmas_365 says:
    12/22/20 at 12:51:31

    Tracking is especially important now. I’ve got a half dozen USPS Priority Mail packages that are taking over a week and half on average. A Customer may not like long shipping delays, and file a ‘not received’ complaint, but at least they know I did my part.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    12/22/20 at 14:02:01

    Thanks, christmas_365, we agree that tracking is very important. Happy holidays!

  • antivirusspecialist says:
    12/22/20 at 17:03:26

    Thanks for the information. Have a safe and Happy Holiday season.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    12/23/20 at 05:41:23

    You too, antivirusspecialist!

  • isurumanjula says:
    12/22/20 at 18:09:56

    thank you for these guides videos

    BonanzaBrianna says in response:
    12/23/20 at 13:31:16

    You’re very welcome, isurumanjula!

  • supsilver says:
    12/22/20 at 19:34:06

    Thank you wonderful information. Happy Holidays. Take care and Stay safe.

    BonanzaBrianna says in response:
    12/23/20 at 13:31:52

    You’re welcome, supsilver! Happy holidays to you as well!

  • CarlosEL says:
    12/23/20 at 09:07:04


    BonanzaBrianna says in response:
    12/23/20 at 13:32:46

    You’re welcome, CarlosEL! Have a great Christmas!

  • curiositycove says:
    12/23/20 at 11:27:38

    Thank you for pointing out customer changes shipping address. I ship from Canada and always ship Expedited to USA , Fully Insured and with Tracking Number. Seller is protected this way.

    BonanzaBrianna says in response:
    12/23/20 at 13:33:29

    Excellent! Thanks curiositycove!

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