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Professional in the metaphysical field for over 27 years with a coven of elders to assist you. All together over 350 yeasrs experience. Thank you for stopping by!

Please have a look around and let us know if you have questions.

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Ell999 December 12, 2021

I’m am just letting you know my beautiful spirit . She Has been very active with me .Last night she was laying next to me .I opened my eyes and she was right next to while I was sleeping. I was amazed to see her up so close to me .SHe is just beautiful ??.

PowellM2 October 30, 2021


ppqo May 20, 2021

Be aware! The people here are real and powerful spell casters, they’re level of masters and above than that! I’m always thankful for what they have given to me and in school last year:‘I had extreme knowledge, possessed extreme logics and intuition, I rocked exams, I’m telling you, and also this is the only coven, the first and only one that opened me to all. I respect them all and love the headmaster:Elizabeth Roberts Rowan. She’s and will always be a mother to me. No matter the distance, it’s like we’re same, she understands me directly and cares, sorry, cared of me. Blessings and bow down to these magicians. Not that others don’t work, but this coven, has something:‘special and a smell, metaphorically, that others don’t. Goodbye to them and blessings.’May God bless them and may they help people in need, even people with mental disabilities. ??????????????????????

alwaysup March 14, 2021

Spiritual mother to me! Very kind, responsive and real! Out of this world, be careful not to burn your head with so much energy! Love her, xoxo:)

alwaysup March 13, 2021

She is the only one that I called spiritual mom and hit me so hard! If I didn’t still love her, I wouldn’t be writing this. No matter what I’ve been through and how much hurt I am, Elizabeth Roberts Rowan is an amazing person. She just has to work on other things like very normal human being, but for me she is a wonderful soul. I will never forget her! Goodbye dear one! Shall you find the right person for You!

alwaysup February 06, 2021

She gives real results, not that others don’t, but she does. She also tries to direct you through the best. The witch, no matter what… Is a good person in heart. You just have to believe it to see it! ???????? And careful with your ego people, it’s a strong weapon against anyone. ????

annampo December 28, 2020

She is a wonderful person and brings individual attention and caring to everything she does. Her work and items bring blessings and love.

Victor_abilities October 25, 2020

‘One of the best witches and the most powerful I’ve ever encountered! ! ! Her angels especially, work great for me and consult me even in 10 days! ! ! ! !. .. . You just have to make the ritual and send offerings and be kind and positive. … . I’ve had some problems with Underworld beings, but looking forward to solve them soon and get them again. …. .Love her, she’s like a mom and all the coven is extremely knowledgable and powerful and magical. …. .They reach to higher levels of consciousness! ! !!! ! !/

deborah1977 October 06, 2020

she is very powerful kind and very helpful to solve your issues

camellia666 October 04, 2020

so beautiful and positive souls in this coven! i want to buy soon all their products!

ariella_medussa October 02, 2020

elizabeth is the best witch on earth!!!thank you!

gotmagick7 August 15, 2020

Elizabeth is the best seller ever. She takes time to listen. She takes time to cared and helps in any way she can. Buying from her has changed my life for the good. I never thought I would get help. I searched everywhere and THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!

Khabir August 10, 2020

She is genuine, honest and outstanding in the metaphysical area.

Khabir August 08, 2020

This seller is genuine and honest, she sells genuine magical items, buy items from this seller instead of buying items from dishonest sellers. Thank you all!

King_A July 21, 2020

Bythepowerof3 is amazing ever since I found Elizabeth everything in my life has been going well she has healed me mentally physically and spiritually things are starting to get right back on track in my life and every day gets better and better I’m so happy and grateful you have no idea she’s the real deal trust me

MichalC11 June 28, 2020

Further to my previous review, I had to add updates and recommendations. Elizabeth was just wonderful, everything I needed she knew to give me an answer and always replied with genuine professionalism and care. I have no doubt that I will return to her again and again and I am sure that everyone who comes to her will be much happier on the way to fulfilling his dreams.

catgirl777 June 23, 2020

I am amazed day by day at the changes that finding this seller has changed my life! Elizabeth is not only great at the magick and the items are amazing but SHE cares. She easily answers my questions and cares about everything. I now have found someone I can count on to help ad I see major life changes. My spirits bond to me and help in so many ways. Her spells bring things I could never imagine would work. I am delighted to find such power and caring in one place! As my life changes and I have guidance I am grateful every day. If you have questions ask… Get a reading from her.. Get guidance..

MichalC11 June 08, 2020

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Amazing salesman and rare personality. From the first moment she returned to me and made the exact call, I realized she was something else. Something better than anything I knew and I count on her to help me in other areas. There is nothing to hesitate about. She is genuine and compassionate.

peculiarSEA May 27, 2020

She is truly a blessing, never have I met someone so caring, and you can feel her blessed heart even though we have never met in person!! she is amazing, she answers all your questions and helps you through out your journey to get what it is that you really need. I am just very very very happy I found her, I will not go to anyone else! xo

catgirl777 May 27, 2020

My life has changed amazingly since buying from here. If you are wondering in life and need help you found it here. Buy, Trust and things will happen!

Ell999 May 27, 2020

This is the most amazing seller with the most amazing items. I have never ever experienced such power with the spirits and spells. I just can not explain in words how grateful I am to have found Elizabeth. I must add that the reiki I received was amazing along with her spells. It cleared things right up for me.

The_Benjis May 18, 2020

Ms. Elizabeth is very patient.
I am satisfied with the service.

Victor_abilities May 12, 2020

She’ll go beyond anything and she even saved me from another seller whom I don’t want to mention the name. That seller lied to me and accused my one and only seller I had of many things, I was so near in believing her, when I had this inner call that her magic doesn’t work at all and she’s fake and then I left that seller, coming back to ‘my lovely Elizabeth as a real one she’s’, I had my doubts I admit it and not afraid of agreeing with that! But now, ’I’ve passed too much and no matter what, I know that my SUmerian gods will protect me and I’ll have all I want with her, because she’s my one and only, in this world, I consider her: “MOTHER”, she’s perfect, the best’. ‘Love my gem, Elizabeth and all she does, she’s also reasonable in prices and would go beyond anything, just to give it to you’./

GunnarG8 April 27, 2020

Great work, this magic actually works ! The service and response is also excellent.
Thank you :-)

catgirl777 March 19, 2020

The magick that has come with my items and spells has been a game changer. I will never go to anyone but Elizabeth again. Not Only has the items brought forth things but she has helped me in many different ways and never, ever leaves me hanging like some others did.

Stormcrow_Tears February 20, 2020

She is a true gem. Kind, honest, insightful, and truly feels your needs. Helps me with spiritual needs and problems. She is a person I count on for my spiritual growth and will continue to count on. Trust in her she isnt here to scam you, she is here to do what she has been doing for years. To feel your needs and provide what is needed to the best of her abilities. Love ya, E. Thank you for your continued support and help. You are my go to gal.
Stars upon stars
Stormcrow tears

BrandySpice December 15, 2019

I got an angel reading from Liza. It’s a awesome reading. The message provides me supports and advices. Thank you Liza for delivering the message for me. Appreciated!

ShanaeL8 December 09, 2019

Everything that I got from her is real and so powerful. You can ask her to make custom items I’m so grateful for that. I will 100% pay from her again she’s an amazing person. Thank you elizabeth.

The_Benjis December 07, 2019

Ms. Elizabeth items are real.
I am very satisfied and will buy again.

MarieH438 December 03, 2019

I got my vampire.and during the bonding ritual i felt it inside my body and my vampire showed up when i called him.he has very strong energy.i can inly see what it’ll be like when he arvies. I’ll definitely be ordering want real then buy from this awesome lady.

s-fly August 04, 2017

First time dealing with Elizabeth and I was very happy with results. My khodam bonded with me very quick and showed himself so many times in 2 weeks. He even advised me on which spirit I should get next. He has spoken to me increased my psychic gift to the MAX. His energy is very strong and he is an amazing shape shifter. I feel so calm, peaceful and amazing when I keep his vessel on me. All of what has happened to me only took 3 weeks! Needless to say I have purchased another spirit that called to me so loudly because of my khodam spirit heightened my psychic gifts.

calvin0928 January 10, 2017

For spirit keepers and metaphysical item collectors, the most important factor is to meet an honest and caring seller. Elizabeth is one of them. She is truly helpful and caring and on top of that 20 years of experience under her belt keeps her strong and her clients safe! Elizabeth has a Heart of Gold. My wife and I adore her very much.
Calvin from NY.

Julietynan July 25, 2016

Hi elizabeth and everybody ,I bought a pwerful watcher from this lovly lady ,omg hez as reall as it gets I couldnt belive it he showed up just as I did the bondinding ritual these artifacts are reall authentic ,itemes am buying again this will be my third batch of itemes .I will keep buying .Elizabeth is a wonderful lady helpfull kind hearted .real many many blessings elizabeth thankyou from my heart julie

Julietynan July 20, 2016

Hi elizabeth my rings are beautiful stunning she an amazing lady extremly helpfull superfast shipping , I have a second batch comming so excited lovly lady inside and out I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND tjis buyer Aaaaaasaa .thankyou so much blessings julie.

CarmenJ18 July 04, 2016

I am continued customer use the healing energy for my Mom that is very helpful.No need for medications.Also received healing for my puppy she is there for you.Thank you.

CarmenJ18 June 15, 2016

Hi everyone I received everything.Spirit jewelry nice silver rings with colored stones and easy directions.Thank you for answering all my queston s.First time buyer of jewelry.Thank you again

CarmenJ17 May 22, 2016

She is different because she cares.Super honest about products.I like her.

RahR January 31, 2016

I have had many negative issues I’ve had to deal with in my life. I am glad I met Elizabeth through Bonanza. She has been absolutely amazing. Her work is genuine. She has been incredibly supportive and helpful.
Do not hesitate to use her service. She will go out of her way to help you.

dominiquemartin January 22, 2015

Very complete informations .

ItalianWizard April 09, 2014

My pure Angel! I love her service! My number 1!

lifelovesyou December 29, 2013

Happy Holidays and Happy, 2014.desde Spain, affectionately.

jenice29h October 10, 2013

Hi,I just want every one to know she the best,I’ve known her for years.if for any reason you need her help,she will be glad to help. her items are the best.and they are fair price.Many Blessings.

lionstaroftexas September 20, 2013

I have purchased several items from Elizabeth and they have all been of high quality and power. Have no worries when you purchase from thepowerof3 she is authentic and original.

Trancemitter April 15, 2013

I have been dealing with both the National Paranormal Collectors Society and the American Paranormal Research Society since I first heard of them on e-bay, and I must say I couldn’t be more pleased not only with the first-class service but with the high caliber of ethics maintained by both societies via their websites. You can trust this seller!

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