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Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,651 total posts | Posted 26 days ago

I use Firefox. What I’m gathered from my grandson is that, if our version of Firefox is “too old,” it starts to get quirky. That’s what happened to mine. Michael updated my version, and now it works, but here’s the strange part of it. It took several days before the darn thing became compatible with everything else on my computer.

Bette, if you lived near me, I could send my grandson Michael over to fix it for you.

Unfortunately, while he is a whiz at fixing computer problems, he has absolutely no ability to provide clear instructions to anyone on how to do it for themselves.

Not that he’s unwilling; just that he’s a do-er not a teacher. Heaven knows he tries to show me how. I dutifully write it all down. But, when I try to do it – I just can’t make any sense out of it.

He just —-sits here and putzes around – and magically, everything works.

I ask, "How’d you do that?

He shows me. I write it down.

I try to do it myself. Doesn’t work.

I personally think that people who have an inherent ability to make computers work have brains that are wired differently than the rest of us……

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Posted by divinefabricsnmore, Fabric Heaven, OH. 14,343 total posts | Posted 25 days ago

I am liken to a bulldog, running fast and hard at a problem in a computer. . .I have NOT had a Windows computer for years and years and years, however, hubby prefers Windows so he does have that OS, so
. . .the other day, he could NOT get online. . .I am the one between 2 of us who is more computer savvy, thus I ‘’putzied" around for at least 45 minutes and I was doggedly determined to ’’fix what was messed up’’ and I did fix it…but here’s MY problem, LOL, I cannot tell hubby EXACTLY what I did, nor each step, because I try so many ways to fix a problem, that if I wrote down ALL the ways I tried, I would be there for 3 hours just writing things down…LOL! I made hubby laugh when I told him "Don’t ask, I do NOT know EXACTLY what I did right to get you to be able to get back online, I only know it’s fixed, you’re online, now!‘’ ~ Knock on wood he can still get online after about 4 days later. . .so I am NOT surprised to hear a person can’t exactly tell another WHAT to DO – - Exactly-So – - in order to repeat that action should that computer give the same problem again. . .


Divine Fabrics n More
Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,651 total posts | Posted 25 days ago

I want one of those hugs, Dee!

Some of My Favorite Things
Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,651 total posts | Posted 25 days ago

Here’s my new vocabulary word:

Part of speech: noun
Origin: English, 20th century

1 Messy, wordy jargon

2 Incomprehensible gibberish

3 Confusing legal or bureaucratic language

Oh, I hope it will fit the i[coming phrase!!!1

Some of My Favorite Things
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