Want to close shop...but how?

Good grief, I have been here for years but just want to close my booths. I went to cancel shops but it says I have to close booth first. I found where to put it on vacation but not where to close it. This shouldn’t be this difficult!! PLEASE someone help me and don’t try to talk me into staying. This last Paypal reauthorization is the last straw. I haven’t sold anything here in over 6 months (and barely any sales for years…it has just been a holding place for items) and I don’t want to bother anymore.

asked about 1 month ago

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selah52 June 17, 2019

SOOOOOOOOOO sad to see you go :(

RedbirdRidgeBooks June 17, 2019

Oh rats! Was RapidReader one of your booths? I have been checking in everyday for a week, waiting for the booth to open up after vacation (I thought), and now there is only a message about no access to this booth. Well, best wishes in all your future endeavors!

rapidreader June 17, 2019

@RedbirdRidge, I closed my booth because I am struggling to deal with my wife’s death from cancer and no longer have the energy to keep up with all the changes that keep affecting the hobby and small business sellers.

misskeech June 17, 2019

I totally understand about the last straw with the Paypal auth, that is when I said the heck with it also. Bonz has put 2 of my booths “on vacation” I put the other 2 on vaca about 2 weeks ago. I have just had it. I refuse to reauthorize anything when no other site requested this of me.

6 Answers

Here’s the link to the instructions on canceling your booth: https://www.bonanza.com/site_help/booth_setup_advanced/cancel_booth

Hope that helps!

answered about 1 month ago


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answered 27 days ago

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THANK YOU maydamart! One down, 2 to go!

answered about 1 month ago


Sorry to see you go…both joined at the same time…almost 10 years ago…

Take Care..

answered about 1 month ago

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Catnutti June 16, 2019

Thanks Cindy. Trying to figure out how to close my booths but not lose my account. I like to pop in on Word find challenge now and then to say hi.

Policequilts June 16, 2019

Hi Catnutti I saw that you were closing and was wondering if you would keep 1 account open. I completely closed 2 accounts and only have this one for the forums. I sell else where.

Catnutti June 16, 2019

So do I have to keep this booth open to keep an account? Or can I close the booth and keep the account?

Ms_Prissys_Patterns June 17, 2019

Perhaps if you keep one booth open, but delete all the items you will still have an account.

CindyBear June 17, 2019

don’t have to keep booth open (put on vacation and delete all items for now)…I would ask Judy (bluepenny) if closing booth automatically closes account. It says close before you can close account..so thinking it is another link that become active after booth is closed.

CindyBear June 17, 2019

I actually had this booth on vacation and deleted all the items for since 2014…just started puttting items back in (I had ccmom open the whole time)…Had the bears elsewhere, but I have so few left that it is no longer cost effective to keep a separate webstore for the bears

Policequilts June 17, 2019

Catnutti, I basically emptied my booth and kept minimum information here. I do have “partial” listings for photo for prizes on WFC game.

rapidreader June 17, 2019

You get to keep your account after you close your booth, unless you wish to close it as well. That is just another step.

Catnutti June 17, 2019

OK so closed all three booths BUT I didn’t close the account, therefore I can still come back as a buyer :-)


I wont try to talk you into staying but I do remember you from back in the Bonanzle days and do wish you luck. I did not know you were still selling here.

I’m ex TipTopMgr. Maybe you will not remember me. Sort of the same person but a little older and wiser.

I hope life has been good to you.

answered about 1 month ago


I am so sorry! I hope you’ll return one day and renew your shop.

answered 7 days ago

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