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I am an Australian seller who was forced to leave Ebay due to unconscionable conduct on both behalf of Ebay and dishonest buyers. Within a 6 month period I had grown my business to where I was earning $11000 AUD/mth with no less than 10 sales per week, proving that I did know what I was doing. I chose Bonanza because I was allowed to write my own shipping and return policies thereby protecting myself, my income, my merchandise and my family from thefts from Ebay and its scams. But I have now been on Bonanza for a week with no messages, no sales, no nothing. Im absolutely beside myself with anxiety and depression as this was my only source of income.
Can anyone please offer me any advice on what is wrong and how to help me.

asked about 2 months ago


VeronicaBooksAndArt February 08, 2023

You need to advertise at the 9% fee level. Your ads are not serving, probably due to no shipping service specified. Try using economy shipping and see if that works.

VeronicaBooksAndArt February 08, 2023

Seller protection will come from Paypal. If you get scammed, Paypal will protect you as part of their fee.

VeronicaBooksAndArt February 09, 2023

Your ads are serving now.

VeronicaBooksAndArt February 09, 2023

The Platypus bank is serving on Google Shopping but you should have a lot more items showing up there… ask Support.

VeronicaBooksAndArt February 09, 2023

You delivery times are consistent with economy shipping. The guy shipping apparel from China used economy shipping as ship method and his ads served.

VeronicaBooksAndArt February 09, 2023

Don’t underestimate Google. Don’t overestimate them either. Google is a black box. The only thing that’s certain is Google is always looking out for Google.

VeronicaBooksAndArt February 10, 2023

Your ads are serving. Be patient. I takes a while to sell something here.

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I’m trying to be helpful, but I have a serious question for you…

Did a lot of your sales per month come from buyers in Australia? I ask only because the shipping charges that you have to ship to USA buyers are very high for the price of item purchased. This is especially true for even your least expensive items. If you can find a less expensive way of shipping your items to USA, you need to explore that. Another issue could be the 4-5 weeks for delivery time.

If you can solve these issues, then you might increase your sales potential to USA buyers.

One last thing… were your prices entered into Bonanza as USD prices, taking into account the currency exchange value between USD and AUD? Bonanza listings have to be priced with USD. If you incorrectly used AUD for your price entries, then your items are showing up higher priced than they are supposed to reflect. Currently $70USD is equivalent to approximately $48AUD.

Good luck.

answered about 1 month ago

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[URL removed] In titles use NO caps (google don’t like caps). Use key words such as brand, color size in title . NEVER use New or free shipping in title.

[URL removed] Do a detailed description and place your exact title words within first 150 words of description. Try to use bullet list within description easy for customers to read.

[URL removed] make clear crisp photo best to have all with a white background and try to use at least two different views or angles of pictures in each listing, the more pictures the better. This all is more google friendly.

[URL removed] Use accurate traits. Don’t use NEW in traits unless you can put in a UPC code. If new item state in listing description.

I had to redo all my listings to make google friendly. Might be something you don’t have time for but I usually (having only about 24 listings) put each listing on Linkedin, pinterest and twitter at least every other day. But I am retired so have time for that.
Hope this helps

answered about 2 months ago


quiltersandmore February 09, 2023

I have no idea what that URL removed means as I didn’t have any URLs there.

quiltersandmore February 09, 2023

I also agree to put advertise at dthe 9% fee when sell.

VeronicaBooksAndArt February 09, 2023

If you type a colon, you get URL removed without exception. Way it is. Titles ought to be mixed case.

I suggest you still do eBay

answered 20 days ago

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