Where to Sell Clothes? Bonanza!

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If your long sweater or patterned leggings no longer spark joy, it might be time to list them on Bonanza. Selling your clothes online has never been easier, and we've put together some helpful tips to get you started.

If you're like me, you've had "Clean out closet" on your Amplenote to-do list for so long that it's growing barnacles. So get in there and start decluttering, then sell the clothes that aren't right for you instead of throwing them away. Reducing waste and making some extra cash? Now that's what we call a win-win.

Sorting and pricing what will sell

Lay out your old clothes with a critical eye to see what you want to list for sale. Clothes should be in good repair, washed, and ironed. You can look up listings for similar pre-loved pieces to see whether they’ve recently sold and at what price point. This will help you decide what’s appealing to used clothing buyers, and what price you can get. You can always upcycle or recycle clothes that won’t sell or aren’t in good enough condition.

Think seasonally, too. You can list your wool coat in spring, but the items that will get the most attention will be for the current weather. On Bonanza, there are no listing fees and your listings can stay online until they sell, so it's okay to list it all now knowing you may have to wait for the right season to come around. And you never know; it's cold enough in Seattle this week that you may be able to sell that wool coat right away!

Take lots of high-quality photos

Make your main image count with bright, clear photos and uncluttered backgrounds. Then, take more pictures from all angles, with close-ups of any flaws. It is ideal to have pictures of clothing being modeled; clothes can look quite different laid out than actually worn.

Add details and keywords to your descriptions

Describe your clothing with a focus on what makes that product stand out. Include brand, color, measurements/size, and condition. Fill in as many traits as you can on the listing form to get the best results from search engines.

Provide measurements

Careful and complete measurements will cut down on the amount of inquiries you get asking for the same information over and over. Providing photos is important, but written measurements in the item description will also be helpful. The description section of your listing is one of the most critical before a shopper makes the final decision to purchase, so provide all pertinent information they need to build their confidence and convert. Have unique, detailed product descriptions that include dimensions, style details, fiber content, and washing instructions. For additional information, include size guides so they can be sure the item will fit.

Some examples of frequently asked-for measurements:

  • Rise (from crotch to top of waist): This determines whether the item is high waisted, low rise, etc.
  • Inseam: Measure inside of leg from crotch seam to bottom hem. 
  • Waist: Lay item flat, measure across top of waistband and double. The numerical sizing on tags can vary from brand to brand, so providing a direct measurement in inches will help buyers determine whether it will fit or not. 
  • Leg opening: Measure end of pant leg or shorts across bottom hem. This helps determine the fit - bootcut, flare, skinny, etc.


  • Waist
  • Length


  • Length: Measure top of shoulder straight down to bottom hem.
  • Bust: Measure under armpits across garment.
  • Waist: Measure side seam to side seam at about 7 inches down from armpits. 


  • Shoulder to hem: Measure top of shoulder straight down to bottom hem.
  • Bust: Measure under armpits across garment and double.
  • Sleeve length: Measure from shoulder seam to end of sleeve.

Accuracy is key when listing clothes. Shopping for secondhand clothing no longer has the stigma of being only for those who cannot afford full price. There are many reasons people aged 18 to 60 in particular are seeking out vintage and gently used clothing.

Prep your clothes

Make your clothing items seem new with your preparation. Give them a good wash and then iron. If you notice any flaws, be sure to mention them in the description and show them in one of the images to set the right expectation. When an item sells, package your clothes like presents.

Online second-hand clothes are rising in popularity as the thrill of the hunt for gently used fashion is becoming more and more enticing. People are seeking out vintage and gently used clothing due to concerns for the planet, individuality and price. Happy Selling!

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