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sweettye3 August 14, 2013

Mrs. Melanie is such a sincere and very dear person. She strives and aims to do what is best in the interest of her clients and is indeed very successful!! You can just automatically feel her positive energy through her kind and encouraging words. Also, she just doesn’t tell you the work has been completed and that’s it. She is very detailed in explaining everything to you from start to finish!! I appreciate how she gives you insight on things that she picked up on and gives her input on ways of improving your situation. Our attitude, mindset and demeanor all works hand in hand with the work that she’s performing for you. You truly have to believe – to achieve and receive all that you want and is deserving of, in your life. I am just very grateful for all that she has done to help me and I look forward to working with her again!!

porchered July 31, 2013

Melanie is the most honest and trustworthy person you could ever meet. I am a returning customer and I tell you she knows her stuff.She done my cast last night and is already working. Melanie is the best o:-)

Evintage July 29, 2013

Melamie – a kind and professional person.

kathylam July 21, 2013

Melanie is the most amazing and wonderful psychic in my life. When i was in the darkest hour of my life she lifted me up fast and powerfuly and she is so caring. I definitely recommend her !

Amoen_katz July 16, 2013

Melanie is incredibly professional and very open. She literally tells you the process for each spell and explains the importance of each step. I have worked with just a couple spellcasters, and I have to say I have never met someone so non-judgemental and genuine. She creates a very comfortable and open atmosphere so that you can be 100% honest with her, and she will return the favor by being 100% honest with you. Although I have not seen results yet (my spellwork is still VERY fresh) I have to say a big part of me (despite any tiny skepticism I naturally have) believes that my wishes will come true.

I do want to note that although it’s not needed (and she does NOT pressure you in any way) you probably will be buying more than one spell. I originally bought a reuniting spell for my ex and I ended up buying a desire me spell, then later an Aura Cleansing and Contact me spell. She DOES make deals and even gives free spell castings for her clients, she is very giving.

If you’re on Melanie’s page right now debating a purchase, know that she is 100% real and you will never get a cookie-cutter response. She puts all her energy and devotion into her work and making people happy is incredibly rewarding for her (and she strives to do so!). Give her a chance, you probably will be glad you did.

And if anyone wants to ask me about my experience with her, I’d be more than happy to chat.
xxx <3

inia July 14, 2013

Above and beyond costumer service . Melanie is very kind &helpful lady with genuine concern and care for her costumers.Thanks a lot Melanie

SerenityDB July 12, 2013

Melanie is such a great & nice person. Always giving postivie reinforcement, puts in extra much effort if you are feeling low and makes you feel better. She is always there even if you didn’t buy anything she is still there for you weeks and months after. What a lovely lady! Really caring and doesn’t treat one “just” as a customer but as a friend and helps you in need!! Thank you so much dear Melanie!

buyer700071 July 09, 2013

She’s truly amazing!!! Melanie puts her heart into her work. She leaves you with a sense of peace and understanding. Her optimism, care, thoughtfulness, and thoroughness is uncanny!! Put your trust in her you will NOT be disappointed!!! Thank you for everything Melanie!

SerenityDB July 02, 2013

Melanie is a very lovely lady.She puts all her energy & effort into helping people! So detailed with the information she provides. You will know every step of the process. Always there for you even if you just need a chat as well

missy2shoes June 30, 2013

she is amazing her spell took effect straight away and two weeks later i saw the full results she is amazing and real!!

micki5 June 25, 2013

Melanie is amazing, not only as a kind woman but as a caster.. all the spells she has done for me manifested and all I can say is if you have a spell cast from her you will get what you want,trust me I have never had results from spells until I found her trust me you wont believe it until you try for your self. love you Melanie.. xoxo

mybenja June 08, 2013

I would like to say this…. Melanie is a very kind, honest, unique person indeed. There aren’t any spellcasters like her. She puts her hard work and dedication into each and every spell that she does. I am very happy to have her do work for me. I am very confident and hopeful that all my dreams will come true at last. Everyone deserves happiness. BELIEVE AND YOU WILL RECEIVE! Don’t waste your money elsewhere. She is the REAL DEAL EVERYONE! Believe in your heart. Please know this Melanie will do everything in her power to produce results. You have to do your part. She will not let you down. Melanie, I can’t say this enough Thank you for all you do! The amazing gift that you have will make every person’s dream come true. Many hugs to you!!!!

Johnnykia24 June 03, 2013

Shes compassionate & always giving her full 100% into helping us achieve our higher good. Pretty sure shes a huge blessings to anyone in need.
Love her report & summary ~~ its the most detailed i’ve ever seen. Just try it yourself & you’ll be amazed by her talent & sincerity.

bronte1966 May 27, 2013

Melanie is wonderful from beginning to end. She puts real effort in all she does for you. I look forward to better things with her!

CsillaK May 13, 2013

Thank you for your kindness and your diligence. Even after casting she keeps in contact with you and puts in the effort and suggests what is needed! Quick response and great service!

bonzbuyer_ixbor May 13, 2013

Very kind, caring, friendly person. I appreciate the time and thoroughness she puts in to her work. I wish I found her sooner!! Thank you Melanie.

Kelady May 10, 2013

Very detailed and shows so much compassion in her work.

williame1 May 08, 2013

Melanie is very detailed in her work and is always willing to help. Unlike other casters, she keeps in constant touch and is extremely responsive to any questions you may have. It does take a great deal of patience and time to enlighten clients as much as she does. The warmth and friendliness is evident in her e-mails.
It was great to have done business with her and I do look forward to a positive outcome for my situation!

JusticeThatIdeserve May 05, 2013

?? MELANiE777,
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING YOUR TIME WRITING ME , AND GETTING TO KNOW ME, VERY DETAILED, ITS LIKE READING A NOVEL. Haha very long to read but im glad you take time writing it. Nobody does it like Melanie, RARE, One of a kind. Many spell caster i know they say one sentense or two, BUT SHE iS VERY DETAILED and she’s making SURE YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!!
SHE’s GiFTED and i’ll come back for more..
SHE will include you to her thoughts and prayer for free.
VERY CARiNG and Loving Person..
Many blessings,

janoo April 29, 2013

Melanie is very very thorough an ddetailed with her work..She is also very compassionate and follows thru with all the work she performs..I would definitely come back to her store. I look forward to all the positive changes that will happen for my situation.

thanks Melanie

porchered April 16, 2013

I was one of the many that came back for more and got the same results.
All I can say about this person she is the best:)

Valotandream April 15, 2013

Melanie is working with me to help me with her spellwork since two months and everyhting took a new turn, also, she helped me to feel better and never lose hope, not only a spellcaster but also a real friend. I’m always a returning client and I will always seek her help. I recommand for everyone, you are in the right page

porchered April 10, 2013

She is a very kind person.I tried another magick spell on here and was very disappointed with results. This person is the REAL deal. I Love her work and so will you:)

dancer6 April 07, 2013

I was amazed at the promptness and thoroughness of her responses to me. She provided a wealth of information and insightful comment. It was a pleasure doing business with her. I look forward to a positive result for my situation.

Thank you Melanie!

lilcutemama1986 March 31, 2013

I saw results in 24 hours for my case. I know everybody’s situation is different, but she is REAL. Put your trust in her and you’ll see results!

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