Rhodiola rosea

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Posted by KAFarm, . 128 total posts | Posted 22 days ago

This product is a Double Extract (tincture and infusion);
Bottle size is 4 ounces (120 ml);

Recommended dosage starts at 1.5 ml (See details on the picture of the label next to the pic of the bottle).

Although Rhodiola rosea won’t be a magical solution to all of your problems it’s definitely worth considering as a helper. What if I told you that the Russian KGB used Rhodiola rosea to help its agents deal with high stress and physically challenging conditions, would you think I might be indulging in a bit of fiction? Nope, it’s true. In Scandinavian countries its used to boost strength and vitality and to improve the capacity for mental work. It has adaptogenic and antioxidant properties and seems to work like a team of tiny robots running around in the body finding problems and fixing them.

On the flip side it may over-do some of its “helping”, this herb is, for sure, one to not overuse.

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