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Recieved an order but bonanza won't allow shipping price.
I received an order that needs to ship US to UK. When I try to change the shipping it says shipping can't be more that 30% of the sales price or $15.00. The item is $19.99 but shipping is $58.00 because of weight. Any help appreciated

asked 28 days ago

3 answers
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If i close my account, what happens to the balance in my shipping fund?
I would like to close my account but want to make sure I can get my shipping fund balance refunded. It's over $40 so I don't want to lose it.

asked 3 months ago

4 answers
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STRIPE PAYMENTS and postage shipping labels - can you print a shipping label through Stripe and when is it safe to ship your item?
Hi! We just had our first sale on Bonanza using Stripe. Can you print shipping labels through Stripe? Also, can you get the same postage discount that you get when you use Paypal? We have printed labels before on Paypal, but not sure if you ca...

asked 4 months ago

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