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I cannot order from this site because it's not safe at all
I cannot order from this site at all because you do have HTTPS; at the beginning of your business so now I would have to decline my information & go to a site that really legit. To cancel my information. I will be going to a safer site

asked 7 days ago

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Does bonanza ad the taxes on for the states that charge tax or do i have to.
I am considering a webstore on bonanza and was wondering how the different states that now charge tax are calculated and by who, me or Bonanza. Also have the are then paid to the correct store.

asked 19 days ago

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How to sync customer information from bonanza to shopify?
How to sync Customer information from Bonanza to Shopify? My Shopify store is already connected to Amazon & eBay and whenever there are sales it will sync customer data back to Shopify. How to achieve this with Bonanza platform? It's very impor...

asked 24 days ago

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