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Protect your purchase warranty options provided by consumer priority services, inc.
Does anyone know the details concerning this warranty offer. I put one of my items in my cart just to see if the coupon discount would show and saw this warranty offer for the first time. Who is responsible for honoring the warranty? Is it Consume...

asked 5 days ago

2 answers
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I'm having some issues with paypal chargebacks from sales. what are some signs to catch them up front?
In December i sold some high end Humminbird fishfinders from my store, then started noticing these things: 1. many buyers for the same item that doesn't normally sell 2. purchases coming from buyers from same email provider and with numbers in t...

asked 2 months ago

6 answers
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How i remove bad comments
I want to remove bad feedback. One of customer leave me a bad feed back ,I want to remove from my Booth

asked 3 months ago

6 answers
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Customer did a charge back via paypal for a item that was delivered
I had a customer that charged back her order. I didn't not see the case from PayPal until after it was closed. Because I usually just use my phone. When I saw the case from the buyer that said her item was delivered. I checked her order on bon...

asked 4 months ago

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