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if I lower prices here in my booth that are listed on eBay, do the eBay listings get edited too on the sync? What about auctions? If I import auctions from eBay, and they sell here do I manually end them on eBay? Isn’t that complicated if eBay item takes a bid before the sync and the item here takes a bid too? Isn’t there a chance to sell the same items twice? How do I prevent that from happening?

I’m new to this and haven’t opened my booth yet but have imported listings. Can I go back and change which items I want to import now after having done it already?

asked about 1 month ago

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TrinketBox July 04, 2020

All items here are BIN there is no bidding/so if a bid happens at ebay, I would remove/reserve the item here……as to the ebay syncing someone who sells on both platforms will have to answer that

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Hello lesubjonctif,

Welcome to the Bonanza community!

The eBay importer will grab all of your active listings from eBay and copy them into your Bonanza booth, with as much detail as it can gather (title, description, price, shipping information, pictures, and category are all usually grabbed, with some exceptions).
There are some areas where the eBay importer is currently limited:

*Since the true/best price of an item listed in auction format is unknown, we don’t try to guess at the price of your auction items. The importer will copy the starting bid price set for the auction as the “Buy it Now” price. Your best bet is to set their price using the batch editor after importing your items.

By default, we keep your items synchronized between your eBay and Bonanza stores over time. When an item is removed from your eBay store (because it is sold, was delisted, expired, etc), we can remove it from your Bonanza store automatically so you only sell merchandise that’s in stock.

Here is additional information “All about the eBay Importer” from our Help pages:

If you need additional support please email our award-winning support team and we will be glad to assist you further. Contact us at support@bonanza.com

Thank you and Happy Selling!

Kind Regards
Bonanza Support Team

answered about 1 month ago

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lesubjonctif July 05, 2020

thank you I will reach out if I run across any problems. Right now trying to figure it out before I open..

Good advice so far. Keep in mind, opening auction prices are BIN prices here, so you will have to adjust auction items if you expect to sell for more than the starting price you have at Ebay. Also, none of your edits done on listings at Ebay will automatically transfer to the current listings on Bonanza. The changed listings will be imported if you “relist” at Ebay though. At that time, you’d have duplicate listings on Bonanza… the original one and the one with changes made in Ebay. You will have to manage all this when the listings are imported and make the necessary adjustments before adding newly imported listings to your booth. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but the Bonanza editor is easy to use and can be a big help. You’ll figure it all out. Good luck.

answered about 1 month ago

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lesubjonctif July 05, 2020

thank you. I am working on trial and error before I open the booth and end up with double listings. I am trying to figure out how it works and make my mistakes before the listings go live. I will figure it out .. I hope.. it seems easy but there are a couple of things I don’t see that I need

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