Why are the number of views so erratic?

8/26, 85 really fast views first day or two. No membership at that time.

One or two views a day until 8/30

291 views on 9/6 WOW!

15 views between 9/7 and 9/13

I was given a free month of a Silver Membership the first of the month. My advertising is set at 9%.

I have more than 200 items listed including my handcrafted jewelry, Native American crafted jewelry, minerals specimens including carved animals, quartz crystals and more.

I don’t understand the views, an occasional Google burp?

asked about 1 month ago

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3 Answers

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answered about 1 month ago


Are you doing your own advertising? Doesn’t matter what membership level you are paying for, you have to advertise your listings yourself if you want any decent traffic. I looked at your booth and you have some really pretty items. To be honest, this is not the best site to sell on because they do not advertise themselves like other sites do. I deleted my booth for a while because after over a year, I had only made about 12 sales and I was advertising my items several times a day.
I switched pver to Poshmark and Mercari and started making a lot of sales. Poshmark got overwhelming, so I’m moving everything to Mecari. I’ve relisted a few things here, to give it another chance, but I’m about to delete my account here again before too long. Good luck here, but don’t expect too many sales.

answered about 1 month ago


nothingnew September 16, 2019

Hi, I’m trying this site at the moment. Plus another site. Do you know as a basic account here if our items are blocked from Google shopping unless we jump to the 9% account? Can I ask is that Mecari site mostly new stuff?

sallycp September 16, 2019

Thanks for your comment. Today I have 500 plus projected views. Go figure. I joined Bonanza years ago and closed my booth. I think this time I’ll hang in. I’m getting very few views on Etsy abd ab occasional sale on eBay. I’m cre

KarensCollections September 16, 2019

@nothingnew, I’m not sure it matters what you are paying. You can get your items on Google yourself just by titling the pics before you post your item.

GracefulVintageNow September 16, 2019

I would like to know why so erratic also but sure it is Google and not this site. The other places are for phone apps if I am not mistaken. So much nice stuff including vintage here and I see traffic going up on Alexa so it gives me hope. Google BTW is being looked into by AGs.

SparklesJewelry September 16, 2019

Hi Karen! I’m on Mercari also, good site. But i am still a die hard Bonanzler I guess Lol. @GracefulVintageNow, what is AG’s? Someone needs to look into google, that’s for sure!

KarensCollections September 17, 2019

@GracefulVintageNow No, you can access them them on your desktop or laptop. I do all my posting for both sites from my desktop.

KarensCollections September 17, 2019

@SparklesJewelry Bonanza qas my first site, so I have a small soft spot for it in mt heart, but I wasn’t making any decent sales here. 12 in a little over a year. I have reactivated my booth to see if it’s improved any. AG is Attorney General.

GracefulVintageNow September 17, 2019

Thank you Karen. I did not know about the desktop. Thought just for phone app. Appreciated. I am loading this place up for the Holidays but may add an egg or two. Tired of being jerked around trying to sell vintage.

SparklesJewelry September 17, 2019

@GracefulvintageNow I leave my booth open here but on Merari its pretty active there, I have made about 4 sales this past week and more before that. Its a bit different on how to sell, but its worth it to put up with it. But there are no fee’s to keep a booth open here, so I do that.

SparklesJewelry September 17, 2019

@KarensCollections, thank you., nice to see you back here again.


Its crickets with me and my booth.

answered 25 days ago

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