Why am i charged a high 13 % on sales

Is it possible to lower the sale percentage.

I just paid $65.00 on a $280.00 sale.

This is a bit high

asked about 1 month ago

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We will be glad to take a look at your information and assist you with why you paid $65 dollars for a $280 sale.

We are unable to provide specific information about your account on the Bonanza Community forum, but we will be glad to assist you further, please direct your question or concerns to support@bonanza.com so we can help you.

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answered about 1 month ago

You are right 13% of 280 is $36.4.. since $65.00 is not a fee you would pay at that setting, then it must have been set higher

19% would be $52.20 and 30% would be $84.00 I would assume you have your settings at 30% and were charged accordingly for the number of ad clicks the item received

Need to check at what percentage level you have your settings.

Each % level offers different places to advertise

Go to
Booth Settings

and looke at the different levels for advertising…3.5% is basic
9% gets you into google shopping, bonanza promotions, and bonanza affiliates

If you are going back and forth between ebay and here then 13% is the fee…

The highest fee is 30%

If you do not send items to ebay..stay at 9%

You are charged according to how many ad clicks to the item (you do not pay for ads until the item sells)

To check on how many ad clicks your items are receiving under advertising scoll down to you items…it shows total views, google ads, bing etc,

answered about 1 month ago

It depends on which advertising level you are signed up for. Check in your seller dashboard under Advertising/Broadcaster – you can sign up for anywhere from 3.5% to 30% max fee, but you get different exposure. It is worthwhile to do the 9% level, since that gets you into Google Shopping.

answered about 1 month ago

We cant get ANY sales at 13% which IS high AND turbo traffic….it is pretty unreal considering we sell 20 items per day on ebay and 6 on our website. nd dont pay anywhere NEAR these fees….we WERE selling 3-8 items monthly until june…..now..nothing…

answered 23 days ago

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