Where do you all find out where your showing in searches? how do i get seen

Thank you for your help. I have been passing out cards Listing and sharing on facebook. All my social media is linked but when I search google I am not there. I worked long and hard and it would be upsetting to leave only to begin again. If I have my own domain so I pay more to use it here? I even have shirts made and others wearing them. Please help me because I can’t deal anymore.

asked about 1 month ago

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Your items are present in Bonanza internal search, e.g. here are results for “Floral Happy Mother’s day greeting card”:

But, unfortunately, they are not easy to find in Google search.

I’ve noticed on Your profile page that instead of Your Blog, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest You’ve added Bonanza’s links.
It’s good to promote Bonanza site, we all try to do it, BUT You need to add first Your social media accounts (and, please, mind, this way You also advertise Bonanza, as Your listings’ links can bring customers here).
By adding on Your profile page all these social media links of B. marketplace, You actually send away Your booth’s visitors:(…

So, as You did with FB, open Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram accounts and spend few minutes per day adding Your items. You will create this way some paths to Your booth and this may bring some buyers, if they find in Your shop items they need.

When You open Pinterest account, try to join many open boards of other sellers, in order to pin Your items not only to Your boards.

And since You asked us, may I suggest something? See on the above screenshot Your thumbnails, keep in mind that these are the first pictures customers see in the search result, try to make them the best possible (closer photo, brighter, more clear, etc.), so buyers can choose them at a glance.

Compare these different thumbnails:

Good luck!

answered about 1 month ago


ccmom March 21, 2019

picture clarity was also on my list… with nice clean white backgrounds..

Shays_creations March 21, 2019

I paid a tech and he said he linked my accounts. I will try to do that now. Thank you for the wonderful help. I am blessed to have this.


Selling Dashboard
Ad Troubleshooter

This will show how many of your items are sent to google (in your google feed)..Sometimes it is also an active link and you can click on it to see your items in google.

To make sure your items are going to google shopping, choose at least the 9% fvf under advertising

Booth Settings
Title and Overview
Add my items to Google Shopping Yes No make sure the Yes is marked
Also under the
Advertising Tab
minimum of Basic 9%

Another thing is titles of some of your items could use a few more keywords to draw attention to the listing..

Example this listing
Multi colored floral greeting card. (remove the period at end of titles)

The title is too generic and brings up hundreds of listings in google shopping and yours gets lost in the hundreds of others there. Add flower type

Try something like

Multi colored Posies handmade blank any occasion greeting card
Multi colored Posies handmade blank all occasion greeting card

or rearrange
Posies handmade blank any occasion greeting card floral theme mult-colored


I did notice that this entire phrase is the Name of your booth

Shay’s Creations,Handmade greeting cards please favorite before you exit

You should probably modifiy it to simply Shay’s Creations
when items from bonanza appear in google shopping they will appear with the Booth Name so having the extra statement in you “Booth Name” may be causing google to reject your items

This is how my booth appears in google shopping not as ccmom’s booth but as the name I chose It’s Your Turn

answered about 1 month ago

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See ccmom's booth


ArtistsUnion March 20, 2019


Shays_creations March 21, 2019

Thank you so very much. I am heading to make changes now. Thank you again.


When you are logged into Bonanza, if you view an item in your booth you can see how many people have viewed it. It doesn’t give you the search results, but at least you can see how many people have clicked through to it.

To rank higher in Google shopping, make sure you’ve selected one of the higher advertising levels (and build the fee difference into your price). And you need to have UPC/MPN filled in for your items to show up in Google also.

answered about 1 month ago


Exclusive_gizmos March 20, 2019

Where do UPC / MPN come from for vintage and handmade goods?

Shays_creations March 21, 2019

The customer service lady said since I am selling handmade that i don’t need the upc. I would not know how to get one for my items. I am going to click your link above. thank you very much.

ccmom March 21, 2019

handmade does not need upc…


As artist says: pictures are what the buyer sees and therefore they are what sells the item…Also naming pictures before upload helps a lot with google image search

Took the liberty of downloading a couple of pictures and doing a quick edit…simply brightened/more contrast and cropped the pictures

Good luck

answered about 1 month ago


Shays_creations March 21, 2019

I don’t know how to fix my images. I am going to give it the best try I can. I am truly thankful for you help. I am off to get started.

ccmom March 21, 2019

there are loads of free photo editing options online…but I simply use the simple tool Photo gallery which comes pretty much on every computer

ccmom March 21, 2019

the easy to use tools that come with Photo Gallery (sometimes I don’t know what I am saying)

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