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I’m a buyer in a tax required state (Arizona), which sometimes prevents me from buying items and/or making offers. I don’t mind paying taxes, but I don’t see any option to ‘opt in’ to allow that as a buyer – everything in settings and help/forums is from the seller’s end. Is there anything I can select to indicate that I approve sales taxes to be automatically added? Thanks!

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You don’t need to worry about it. If Arizona passes a law requiring out-of-state sales (shipped to AZ) to be taxed, then the selling venues (eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, etc.) will automatically collect those taxes from you and forward $$ to Arizona. Right now, items shipped to Arizona where the seller does not reside or maintain an office or warehouse in the state are NOT required to collect taxes from you. Because of that, YOU (as Michiganders are supposed to do) are supposed to pay your sales taxes (on out-of-state purchases) when you file your state income taxes.

If there was an option for a buyer to agree to collect sales tax (or if the Bonanza seller has their own collection options set if a state doesn’t require it), then it would be the responsibility of the seller to forward those taxes to state.

Check the 6th and 7th paragraph on the following webpage:

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RedbirdRidgeBooks December 05, 2019

This is such a relief that Bonanza is taking care of it. I recently had my first sale in which tax was collected, and wondered how I was going to manage to send that 92 cents to Alabama! haha

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