Sellers "lost" items

I have purchased 5 things from this site…THREE of them, this week, have been refunded and the seller said they couldn’t find the item. All of them were worth more on Ebay, I’ve already seen one that was put up before I received my refund. Is there any recourse at all? I’m no longer shopping on this site.

asked 25 days ago

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kattinsanity July 13, 2020

Your best recourse is to leave negative feedback stating the facts. Don’t buy auction style listings~~choose “buy it now” instead. Most sellers with fixed price listings already know what they are willing to accept & won’t cancel & refund due to not receiving enough $$ for their items..

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This is an official Bonanza response.

Hello msklausler

We are so sorry to hear about your experience with your purchases from these sellers.
This is not the experience we expect when buyers purchase from sellers.

So that we can investigate these sellers further please email our support team and we will be glad to assist you further. You can contact us at

Thank you!
Kind Regards
Bonanza Support

answered 24 days ago

I find it unfortunate that a seller would do that. I too have had that happen to me on ebay (where the seller did not get as much as expected on an auction, so they cancel, refund and then re-list) Only thing to do is avoid said seller, whether here or on there…

There are also many sellers here who do not sell on ebay or anywhere else and give great customer service.

I have also had buyers here make offers and accepted offers,only to have them cancel when they win an ebay auction which is also not ‘cool’…

answered 25 days ago

Don’t judge ALL the sellers here based on what you ran into. I do NOT use Bonanza as an overflow catch-all to Ebay and can put my fingers on every item I have up for sale here in less than 3 minutes, all ready to ship as soon as paid for. Also know that Ebay will want your bank account info come later in July to purchase there with their new Managed Payments Money Grab. I predict MANY on Ebay will be leaving shortly to come to other sites (here) very soon.

answered 24 days ago

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kattinsanity July 13, 2020

I opened a checking account as required by ebay~I didn’t have 1 before. NOW ebay tells me they can’t verify my account so want a bank statement with my name on it. I may lose my ability to list if I can’t give them that (20+ yrs. selling on ebay).

Ebay is going to lose a lot of us older, 20+ year sellers because of Managed Payments… Just another way for them to get our personal information and hold us captive & under their thumb. From what I hear, only very large sellers with distinct business banking accounts, business umbrella insurance and business lawyers in the wings are going to go along with those Ebay requirements. So don’t feel bad. There are a lot of us smaller sellers just waiting for the final ax to fall and we’re out of there completely! Welcome to Bonanza… so far a fair and fun place to sell.

answered 19 days ago

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Atomicdiner July 20, 2020

Exactly. Today Jul 20 is the Day Paypal Split 5 years. Just read that you can still sell on EB if not in Mangaled Payments but they will hold sales $$$ you made till you sign up. EXTORTION. Bye Bye Ebay

Hi, This is unexpected experience. I hope Bonanza community will sort out these issues as soon as possible.

answered 20 days ago

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