How can i find my stuff on google?

I have been here a few months and sold 1 item and raised to 13% to get more looks and sales but I have seen nothing and sold nothing. I am not a member of Google or don’t have an account there so is this why I cannot find my items?

asked 23 days ago

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…there is no membership to google required to have items in Google Shopping (Google Product Search)

I did find a few of your items in google shopping

To find out if your feed is going to google
Selling Dashbard
Ad Troubleshooter

There should be a google account number and # of items that went out in the feed

There is also a link that says Refresh your Feed
Click on that

then check tomorrow to see if there were any errors in the feed…

answered 22 days ago

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Glodeo August 25, 2019

Thank you ever so much for your help! :)


What do I do in order to find anything on google? Put a description of an item in the google bar than wait to see what turns up? The place you sent me to shows they are showing all my items, where do I go to see them?

answered 21 days ago

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yes…just do a google search…

General search in google bar is called Organic search (these results are from google crawling sites and returns search results..your items and/booth may appear here

..once you do that you can click on
Shopping (and this is where your google feed sends your items)

or you can search google shopping

answered 20 days ago


Yeah … it was all depend on the meta description suppose. if your product is live sport tv. So you can write your meta. watch live sports, matches, ipl 2020 on gomax tv.

best regards –

answered 18 days ago

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