How accurate is the bonanza shipping calculator compared to ebays mess

Curious how accurate the shipping calculator is on Bonanza? The high costs of shipping items since the pandemic is horrible and killing many sales especially on the larger items.

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It is very simple USPS webtools which does not have all the options for shipping…ie parcel select or parcel post…

For your larger items I would play around (test while off line) to see what works best.

If your item is going parcel…shoot for a somewhat lower weight and then print labels at paypal instead of here…since parcel is not an option here

If you can get it to work for you..go flat rate shipping…especially for first class (not sure if webtools like at USPS clip and ship recognize anything above 13 oz…but don’t quote me as it may have been updated.)

I have somehow managed to find a balance using flat rate shipping. And calc for very heavy playing with the calculator

answered about 1 month ago

Yes, ship costs for big items over 1 cubic foot has killed many of the things I would sell, now that the PO went to DIM weight pricing, like the other carriers. But also consider REGIONAL Priority Boxes if you can get them to work for you. 2 types of boxes for EACH classification (A & B) so order both from the PO for free.
‘A’ boxes ship at 2 pound zoned rates (up to 15 lbs) if you can fit it, and “B” boxes ship at 4 pound zoned rates (up to 20 lbs). There used to be a “C” box which was big but PO discontinued those, but BONANZA does not have REGIONAL boxes in their selection (not that I have not asked for YEARS) to use as a calced 2 or 4 lb rate, so you will need to go to the USPS site to ship with those (but you can still pay for them in Paypal on the USPS site). Remember to port over the Conf# back to Bonz to show it shipped.
Dont know if Pirate Ship has Regional as never used it. Good Luck, and Happy Sales to you!

answered about 1 month ago

Until recently I tried to stay away from shipping larger items. I found now that they ship a whole lot cheaper using FedEx as FedEx allows larger size than USPS does. I’ve had so many problems with USPS over the last 6 months that it’s turned into a nightmare using them. I just shipped a large coffee maker from WI. to IN. FedEx & it was delivered the next day. Priority is taking up to a month to deliver. I’m using FedEx on smaller items as often as I can. I’ve even had 2 bills that I paid arrive a month late costing me nearly $100.00 in late fees. I don’t know what’s going on with USPS but I hate using them at all anymore for anything.

answered about 1 month ago


vermonter53 June 21, 2021

I shipped an item out today and didn’t see where there fees here were reasonable for shipping on here at all. So, I went to my acct on Ebay and printed a label from there. Much cheaper and Flat rate A box. I use USPS for most all small stuff I have found much better than Fedex or UPS

vermonter53 June 21, 2021

USPS has gotten better than last year but the unqualified post master general that was appointed screwed up everything for them.

“Ebay’s mess” offers way more options than what you’ll find here. Bonanza has a much smaller amount of choices and in order to get the amount you’ll need for shipping you will need to know the weight and dimensions of your packed, ready-to-ship box. Even then you will need to manipulate the choices available in the Bonanza calculator to get approximately what you’ll need, cash-wise.

I sometimes lower or increase weight and the calculator will subtract/add money to make it about what I will need to cover the cost of a label. You do need to manipulate it in most cases, even for First Class Parcels if you are not centrally located. I’m in Florida, so any zones higher than 4 are a problem for me and I have to adjust the shipping calculator per item. Yeah… lots of extra time is involved to get more accurate results. You get used to it though.

answered about 1 month ago

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