Bonanza rewards out of whack? mystery solved?

Hmmm… it’s been bothering me since others reported ( that the average number of token earned per week (in some cases, 200+ tokens/week) is totally different than what it used to be. So, here is my best guess. Obviously, the math has changed. So, what is different?

First, the math, and this may apply only to users who religiously get their tokens EVERYDAY for at least the past 3-3.5 years:

I have 5 users. If I take the total number of tokens earned overall for an account and divide by the new weekly average, and then divide that result by 52, I get a range of 3.004 to 3.014 for all of my 5 users.

For example: 32915 tokens earned/210 avg tokens per week = 156.74 weeks of tokens. Then divide 156.74 week/52 weeks per year = 3.014

Again, for my 5 users, the range of results went from 3.004 to 3.014 .

So, has the Bonanza Rewards program been in existence for approximately 3 years? Regardless of whether my theory is right or wrong, WHY did Bonanza change the math calculations?

Any other theories out there?

asked 4 months ago

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1 Answer

when other people asked about, I checked…no issue says 70 earned then I click on the rewards button and it says 80 earned for week…

However, today, since you brought it up I checked again, all three booths earned 1080 for the week…

I checked and I got 1000 tokens on June 11th for reauthorizing mine is still working as far as I can tell

the rewards program has been going on since about 2013

To answer question

CindyBear (this is oldest booth and was closed for 4+years due to hospital/suurgeries, so I closed 2 of my 3 booths..and recently re-opened)

Overall 65013
average tokens per week 461 with average tokens per active seller 51

ccmom (this one remained open the whole time)

Overall 88052
average tokens per week 564 with average tokens per active seller 51

Trinket (this booth is newest and was closed and recently reopened)

Overall 42928
average tokens per week 275 with average tokens per active seller 51

Note: tokens were not collected on camping vacations or when in hospital…and on occassion when out of town and did not have access to booths..and sometimes I forgot

answered 4 months ago


tomwayne1 June 15, 2019

yes, but what does your average tokens per week say?

TrinketBox June 15, 2019

edited to answer question

TrinketBox June 15, 2019

however, not idea what criteria are used for calculations…playing with numbers..not exactly sure what they did..

tomwayne1 June 15, 2019

@TrinketBox… take your number and do this division… Overall/your avg per week. Then take that result and divide it by 52. You’ll find that your numbers range are 2,71, 3.00, 3.00 respectively. Coincidence? I think not. I believe that anybody who gets tokens everyday will find similar numbers.

tomwayne1 June 15, 2019

If tokens have been around since 2013, when did Bonanza allow invoice discounts? Has it been three years or so?

ccmom June 15, 2019

I went to the old general forum..we were collecting tokens (by tagging items and favoring items) since 2011…I have checked my bills as far back as 2012, and found a post dated 1/3/2012 about applying tokens to bill

abigdogmom June 15, 2019

I didn’t get any extra tokens for reauthorizing PayPal. I’m bummed about that.

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