Are there actual people on this site ?

Okay, I am only about a week in, but compared to even eBay in 2001 or Depop…ever…I can’t even tell if there are actual people on this site. There are a lot of automated answers…icon images that look bot like. I looked at sellers who sold similar items, but now I wonder if that info was all imported from a different site. Could people just type anything in answer to this ? I am not getting answers on Reddit either

asked 30 days ago

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VeronicaBooksAndArt April 07, 2021

You might want to search similar items sold in the last year and sort by highest price. Everyone is busy right now getting the word out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it. Soon you won’t be able to list your items fast enough. I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

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answered 29 days ago

There are plenty of people here..however, this is not a destination site like amazon or ebay, with buyer IDs…etc, though buyers can register (though not necessary).

The sales on bonz come from google shopping and social media promotions as well as bonanza ads…

You should make sure your booth settings are enabled to send items to google shopping by choosing the 9% ad fee (this means that your fvf will be 9% or less depending on whether the sale came from google shopping/ad or a direct link through social media)

Unlike ebay..listing and waiting will not work here, but if you want to make it work here are some ways that can help

Also appears the 6 items in your booth will probably do better on ebay as auctions…

Need to think of bonanza as a longterm store that you intend to run…and as such it will be slow in the beginning…

answered 30 days ago

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Atomicdiner April 07, 2021

And IF you DONT play nice with Google and jump thru ALL its Hoops like a trained animal, Google will not feed your item. I have half of my stuff that dont meet the requirements (because they dont and never had it) that are invisible to buyers, So Sad

VeronicaBooksAndArt April 08, 2021

They need a SPAC infusion and grow at a loss for a while. There’s got to be a way to leverage 22 million idle listings.

Yes, we are REAL people! Welcome

answered 29 days ago

I am an ebay seller too, but I am more comfortable selling in Bonanza even though in ebay drives more traffic. I am sure, Bonanza too will have such a traffic once the word is spread????

answered 28 days ago


VeronicaBooksAndArt April 09, 2021

It’s an easy thing to peruse booths here in an effort to best gauge the marketplace. I’m not seeing it. Sales were better a decade ago. Bonz seems comfortable keeping itself a zero growth, albeit ostensibly profitable, tiny operation.

CindyBear April 09, 2021

It was originally intended to be a small operation, booth size limits with on hand items. Just a place to sell your items on your own terms. Drop shipping was also not allowed in the beginning, nor extremely large booths and all work was up to the seller….

VeronicaBooksAndArt April 09, 2021

Marketing sure did a number on the media.

I’m an actual person too.
We’re here.

Can’t speak for the company-provided help, but the sellers are real.

Sometimes we have real buyers too. LOL

answered 23 days ago

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RummageRampage April 15, 2021

If I’m being honest, I did experience a tinge of disappointment in the revelation that you’re not a real little black dog. ;)

I am an actual person! (Waves hands in the air)

Been here over 12 years. I’m not great at answering most questions about how things work, though, because I mostly kinda just do my own thing. Bit of an odd duck. I mean person. Not an actual duck. Actual person. Promise. :D

answered 24 days ago

Believe it or not, there are actual people here, judging by the nice activity graph I am seeing on my selling dashboard. They are looking, but they may be waiting for something to buy. My prices are too low as it is, and I may have to increase them later.

answered 22 days ago

Yes there are actual people here. I have sales on occasion. Had 2 last week at one time which is very unusual. I think it helps to advertise yourself a bit also. I have also opened a webstore through Bonanza and am trying to get it going. It is the same name as my Bonanza booth.

answered 16 days ago

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