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Help! We fell down a vintage McDonalds rabbit hole!
BonanzaBrianna Mar 21, 2024

Help! We fell down a vintage McDonalds rabbit hole!

image of gold enamel pin that says Mcdonalds Gold Club

McDonalds is known for a lot of things but what I didn’t anticipate is the amount of McDonalds nostalgia folks would have been collecting through the decades. I think most of us remember the McDonalds x Beanie Baby craze but you may have forgotten about some of the other…interesting items McDonalds has released.

Happy Meal toys, wow - peak creativity from the McDonald’s marketing team. A collection of 1998 furbys to start. What child wouldn’t want to play with some low-fat milk cartons? Or this totally normal McDino Big Mac toy. Also part of the “food transformers” line - a cheeky tomato, cool steak, and the elusive soft serve.

Known for the crispiest sprite around - just imagine swigging from 1970’s Hamburglar glassware or maybe this Hamburglar smoked glass tumbler is more your aesthetic. This (not weird) yellow Ronald McDonald head cup is just… *chef’s kiss*.

Pins for all occasions! The McDonald's Banana shake of the month? Should they bring that back? How do you earn the McDonald’s Gold Club pin? The people want to know! Also, what happened to Officer Mac?

Let’s not forget about McDonald’s apparel! First and foremost - this McDonald’s x Top Gun kid’s sweater. Or this not-so-secret Big Mac recipe shirt. Does your capsule wardrobe need this McDonald’s V-neck sweater?

Well…this has been a fun and surprising trip down McDonald’s history. Bonanza - everything but the ordinary!

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12 responses to Help! We fell down a vintage McDonalds rabbit hole!

BookbinEtc says: 03/21/24 at 09:08:54

ha ha! These are great.

I’ve never seen a lot of these items before.

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 03/21/24 at 11:42:41

So fun, right? A search for “Vintage McDonalds” brought up SO many items!

ooak says: 03/21/24 at 09:21:36

LOVE finding the OLD Give-A-Ways! Reminds me of my Dad’s and my Childhood!

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 03/21/24 at 11:43:08

<3 Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with us!

SpaceAgeAntiques says: 03/21/24 at 09:53:12

There is a lot of it! I just bought some McDonald’s toys yesterday. Thanks for the look back.

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 03/21/24 at 11:43:35

So much stuff! Thank you for reading :)

Johnk59poetry says: 03/21/24 at 10:03:29

I remember when I worked the Big Mac Craze at a McDonald’s in 1977 in Seabrook New Hampsure I still have the Big Mac Attack Arm Band we wore on the job to promote the Big Macs. I just Thought I would add a comment of interest, oh the Arm Band is not for sale.

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 03/21/24 at 11:44:55

You’re part of McDonald’s history, very cool! If you ever want to list that armband…you know where to go ;)

FantasticFinds2014 says: 03/21/24 at 11:48:33

Very cool look back at some of the toys from my yesteryear, some I never even heard of as well and I have been reselling pop culture memorabilia since ’98. Thanks!

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 03/21/24 at 11:55:15

So glad you enjoyed this trip down memory lane, it sure was fun to browse “Vintage McDonalds” – what a strange and wonderful world :)

EmpressDepot says: 03/24/24 at 19:31:57

Next up, may it be Burger King….after all, they are King of the burgers… ha ha!!

Fun blog.

BonanzaBrianna says in response: 03/25/24 at 11:57:21

Good idea, I’ll queue that for a future post :)

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