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Vintage Monthly Collectibles
BonanzaBrianna May 21, 2024

Vintage Monthly Collectibles

image of blue wall covered in decorative plates

Perusing collectibles on Bonanza, as one does, I stumbled upon this cute Danbury Mint Pillsbury Dough Boy figurine. This one is shamrock themed for March! After poking around, I found several more - each themed for a different month. How fun!

Then, I started down a rabbit hole of other collectibles-of-the-month! This is just a small selection but I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve found!

First, back to Pillsbury Dough Boy to check out these other months!

There are more, checkout this seller’s booth to find the rest: https://www.bonanza.com/booths/uniquetreasurefreak 

Then, I found some “birthday girl” figurines from Josef Dolls.

There are a handful of seller’s that have different month’s! Using the search “Josef” brought up the other figurines quickly! 

Royal Doulton also had monthly figurines!

There are also lots of non-calendar-themed figurines if you simply search “Royal Doulton”

Last, but never least, I found flower mug-of-the-month from Carnation


Do any of these look familiar to you? Do you have your own collection of spoons or plates? Share in the comments! 

Browse Collectibles on Bonanza: https://www.bonanza.com/collectibles

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