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Hen on a Nest
BonanzaBrianna Jun 20, 2024

Hen on a Nest

Hen on Nest candy dishes became popularized in the late 19th century. They were initially created by various glass manufacturers, including Westmoreland Glass Company, Indiana Glass Company, and Atterbury Glass Company.

The dishes were often made of pressed glass and featured a hen sitting on a nest-shaped base, with the nest serving as a container for candy or other treats. These charming and decorative dishes became popular as both functional and decorative pieces in Victorian households.

What do you think?  Should these make a come-back?

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3 responses to Hen on a Nest

MarchAir says: 06/20/24 at 09:59:34

Hen on a nest dishes are still very popular! If they ever waned in popularity they are making a comeback, as more and more new collectors keep joining the Facebook hen on nest collector’s group that I admin. :)

weas767 says: 06/22/24 at 15:56:31

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Stoneponies says: 06/24/24 at 06:12:31

Hens on Nest (HON) and roosters are a popular selling items for us. Thanks for the great blog.

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