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New Bonanza Shipping Program for All Sellers as of November 8, 2023
BonanzaSarah Oct 25, 2023

New Bonanza Shipping Program for All Sellers as of November 8, 2023

Hey there, Bonanza family!

Today, we want to chat about something super cool we've been working on.

If you've ever thought, ‘I’m tired of hidden fees’ or ‘I hate needing to use so many different platforms’ or ‘shipping fees have gotten too expensive’. Well, have we got news for you.

The Journey Beyond Just a Marketplace

Bonanza has come a long way, and it’s all thanks to you. We started as a simple marketplace, but now? Think of us as your one-stop-shop for everything e-commerce.

Launch your webstore, juggle multiple sales channels like a pro, and yes, ship products without breaking a sweat. All with Bonanza by your side.

It’s been our honor since the very start, to make sure our sellers grow when we do. And now, we’re making it even easier. Something we’re super excited about.

With the success of the Diamond Membership launch, we now bring to you our new shipping labels for USPS, FedEx, and UPS…

Making Life Easier

We get it, shipping can be a bit... well, let's just say 'tricky'. It’s just another thing you usually have to think about. And, on those days when things are already a little too hectic, it usually is the tipping point.

That's why we've jazzed it up a (big) notch.

Whether you're sending out two parcels or twenty, we've got your back!

Our USPS, FedEx and UPS labels will be automatically generated and available within your dashboard, at the lowest prices available, whenever there is a sale. Seamless.

Everything You Need to Know About Bonanza’s New Shipping Program

  • How do I benefit from the new Bonanza Shipping program?
    • We support USPS, FedEx, and UPS for US domestic and international shipments shipping from the US with deep savings for you.
  • How will this work?
    • A $2 non-refundable shipping label deposit will be charged for each completed transaction. When you pay for your shipping label the $2 is applied as a credit on the purchase. The $2 deposit will be collected at the same time as your monthly FVF fees are collected. 
  • Does this apply to all sellers?
    • Yes! All sellers will be automatically opted-in to the Bonanza Shipping program. We have such great rates that we'll be saving you money over what you are currently paying to ship orders.
    • Exempt will be sellers who manage their order fulfillment through a third-party Bonanza approved API partner, sellers who obtain and fullfill their inventory through a dropshipper service, and sellers who ship from outside the U.S.A.
  • Wait, I will be purchasing shipping labels from USPS, UPS, or FedEx for all of my transactions through Bonanza now? How will this benefit me again?
    • We worked hard to get you incredible rates and save you money, not to raise rates for listing or Final Value Fees. The last few years have been hard on ecommerce sellers with rapidly rising shipping costs. We feel so strongly that we can save you money that we even have a Lowest Rate Guarantee on our shipping labels.
  • When will this go into effect?
    • November 8, 2023.
  • Could I get a sneak peek at what buying a shipping label on Bonanza looks like?
    • Yes! You can see how Bonanza labels currently work right here. We will update this page to reflect the new program purchase and printing details soon.
  • Are there more updates to Bonanza Shipping in the works?
    • Yes! This is the first phase of our new program. The second phase will dramatically improve our cart experience for buyers as well as update the seller account shipping settings (which many of you have asked for).

Lowest Rate Guarantee: Because You Deserve the Best

Everyone loves a good deal, right? Our Lowest Rate Guarantee is our little promise to you.

Find a better rate somewhere else? No worries! We’ll make sure you're not losing out. Your success, after all, is our success.

We’ll refund the difference, as credit, so that everything becomes that little bit easier.

Big or Small, We Love You All!

New to the e-commerce world or been around the block a few times? Either way, you’re family here!

By making this available to everyone at Bonanza, everyone gets the benefit. Using our labels is the new standard at Bonanza, and will be generated automatically upon a sale. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Not Just a Platform, But a Partner.

Okay, real talk.

We are more than just an online marketplace. We aim to be your go-to buddy in the e-commerce journey. From start to finish, we’re there.

In the grand scheme of things, our Enhanced Shipping Program is just a glimpse of our vision for a brighter, smarter, and more sustainable e-commerce future at Bonanza.

And, oh boy, only the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming up in the next few months.

We are the ecommerce platform that puts the sellers first.

So, pull up a chair, grab your thinking caps, and let’s get selling.

Think bigger, think Bonanza.

The Bonanza Team

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152 responses to New Bonanza Shipping Program for All Sellers as of November 8, 2023

jewelrymandave says: 10/25/23 at 15:10:51

Is it mandatory? I don’t want to join. Part of my personalization is to hand print my envelopes and my thank you note and i LIKE going to the post office to drop off my packages. If i cannot continue to run my business this way, they way i WANT, then i need to know so i can close my booth.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:21:29

You will still be able to go the post office and drop off your packages. We are giving you discounted rates and the ability to have a QR code when you show up at the post office to ship.

bcbg68 says: 10/25/23 at 15:15:38

I understand from this posting that we will be opted in automatically to this new program. So does this mean we will have to use this program and be charged a new $2 fee on every order we fulfill through our shop on Bonanza? But what if we’re happy with our existing shipping arrangements and partners? Presumably we will still have that option? How can we opt out of this new shipping program and maintain our own shipping arrangements? Thank you!

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:24:21

The ultimate goal is to be able to provide you more cost effective shipping. We have low cost guarantee and will work with each seller to ensure you are getting the best rates to compete against other competitors

saskgames says: 10/25/23 at 15:28:16

I’m a Canadian seller. Will you eventually set up shipping labels for Canada Post?

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:24:47

Yes! Canadian Post is coming!

ethereal_spirits says: 10/25/23 at 15:33:37

Forcing sellers into your program will not work. This change does not save me more money. I will be suspending my store at the end of the month. Not giving sellers a choice is a bad idea. I sell way more elsewhere anyway.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:26:29

The program has been designed to save you money. With the low cost guarantee and the ability to be flexible on a per seller basis….we will make sure the program works for you

DisKounters says: 10/25/23 at 15:47:03

Not a fan of a forced $2 fee. I prefer Pirate Ship to manage my shipments on multiple platforms.
I don’t need to be punished or forced into using Bonanza shipping, and making me rely on this platform to maintain my shipping data, when I already do that with Pirate Ship.

Guess I’ll raise all my prices $2 to cover the $2 charge.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:29:47

We will reach out to you directly about your situation. Like Pirate Ship we are on one the largest partners of USPS, FedEx, and UPS and can also provide multi-platform shipping

eclecticwares says: 10/25/23 at 15:53:33

Are we forced to use specific carriers that Bonanza choose for the items we list? I live in a very rural area and have always used USPS (Post Office) to ship items. At this time Fed-Ex and UPS are not an option for me. Thanks.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:30:16

You can utilize USPS, UPS or Fedex

thebonster21 says: 10/25/23 at 15:55:05

How does this work if you don’t have a printer?

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:30:46

We have a QR code you can use to take to the Post Office to print your label!

brujah_ab says: 10/25/23 at 15:55:55

I shouldn’t be opted into a shipping program that I’ll never use.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:31:40

If you are selling on Bonanza we are giving a guarantee of the lowest shipping costs or we will refund the difference!

sumthingforeveryone says: 10/25/23 at 15:59:52

So we are getting “cheaper” shipping rates but are being charged an extra $2 to use Bonanzas ship labels AND we still pay the 95 cent processing cost? I dont get charged anything for using Pirateship labels so how is this going to save ME $? Can I opt out?

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:32:59

Not at all! The $2 is a down payment on the label purchase. No label fees at all. You will pay the cheapest rate to ship your products. If you can get cheaper we will refund the difference!

TCR_Engraving says: 10/25/23 at 16:19:21

It appears this “feature” will not print to standard 4 × 6 thermal printers unless I missed something. Besides the mandatory opt in, making changes in the 4th quarter does not seem wise to me.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:34:05

We print to 8×11 label printers of 4×6 thermal label printers. We will reach out to you directly to discuss your situation

RummageRampage says: 10/25/23 at 16:20:37

Sorry, I am completely confused. If the deposit is charged at the time my FVF fees are collected, which is the 5th of the month, how… Wait, what? You won’t know how many sales I’m going to have that month, and sales that have already happened are likely already shipped. I don’t get it at all.

Also, I don’t print most of my labels. I hand-write them, take packages to the counter at the post office and pay there (why doesn’t really matter). How will I get my $2 back?

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:35:28

Nothing will change for you. You can still hand write and take the QR code to print at the post office. We will reach out to you directly to make sure you are all set!

blademasters says: 10/25/23 at 16:29:49

Most of my shipping costs are about four dollars. With a two dollar fee. Shipping has to be under two dollars for the big discount to work. Ok we will see!

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:36:23

The $2 is a deposit on the label. So if the label costs you $4 you have already prepaid $2. You will not be charged anything more.

timetosell says: 10/25/23 at 16:30:09

It says that a $2.00 deposit will be collected for EACH shipping label. Do I get charged the $2.00 when the purchase is made and then get a $2.00 credit back once I print the shipping label?

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:37:25

The $2 is a deposit on your label. If your label costs $10 and you prepaid $2….you only have $8 to pay at the time of label purchase

winterqueen says: 10/25/23 at 16:30:33

Sounds like an accounting nightmare for sellers… Why “A $2 non-refundable shipping label deposit…” More for me to track. Who needs that? Doesn’t seem worth it. Just a disappointment and what has been a fine relationship.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:38:41

This is not meant to be a nightmare. You will have all the reporting needed for each transaction. The ultimate goal is to make sure ALL Bonanza sellers are paying the cheapest possible shipping.

autonutt says: 10/25/23 at 16:36:16

Wait, what? So if we choose to purchase a shipping label elsewhere we will still be charged $2 per item sold? And automatically opted in?
This seems more than a little bit sneaky, and you might want to provide more information about opting out before springing something like this on your sellers in less than two weeks.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:40:33

The goal of the program is to make sure ALL Bonanza sellers pay the lowest possible rates for shipping. We have a low cost guarantee that if you can ship cheaper somewhere else we will refund you the difference. You will pay less for shipping under this program.

foxyguy66 says: 10/25/23 at 16:42:21

I don’t want to be opted into the program. I fulfill orders on my own. Charging $2.00 per sale for a label PLUS the cost of the label itself just adds to the shipping cost for each sale, thus lowering the profit margin.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:42:19

The $2 is not an addition to the label costs. It is a deposit. So if label costs $10 and you have a $2 deposit…..you now only owe $8 for the label. We will ensure you that your shipping costs will be the lowest that you can get or we will refund you the difference

autonutt says: 10/25/23 at 16:50:04

Also, if you currently accept payments via PayPal and then ship directly from PayPal, how will this be more convenient if you need to move the money back from PayPal to Bonanza to purchase a label? I’m probably missing somethimg, but am very confused.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/26/23 at 09:15:45

Hi Tim, you will be using the credit card you have on file at Bonanza to pay fees, to also buy labels. If it is helpful to you we can see about enabling PayPal to be used to purchase labels on Bonanza.

rtb36320 says: 10/25/23 at 16:54:06

Sellers should have the option to opt out of this program, or better yet, have the option to opt in instead of being opted in automatically. We handle all of our shipping for all of our selling platforms through a third party shipping program. That way, everything is all in one place.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:43:15

We will reach out to you to discuss your specific situation

EmpressDepot says: 10/25/23 at 17:09:47


So does this mean that I will “have” to use shipping labels directly within Bonanza? I will not be able to do what I have always done and generate a shipping label from within Paypal and coming back here to enter in the tracking number like?

I am confused.


qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:44:27

Yes. We are going to make sure you have the lowest cost shipping as possible.

SpaceAgeAntiques says: 10/25/23 at 17:11:36

Hi, So, if I have to cancel a transaction, I’m out my $2 non-refundable shipping deposit? What is considered a “completed transaction?” Say I get an offer from a buyer. I accept the offer. Is that considered a “completed transaction” at that point? Buyer never pays for the item. Am I charged the $2? This is going to complicate bookkeeping having shipping and selling fees all lumped together.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:45:01

Not at all! We will reach out to you to discuss your specific use case

Fishbackginny says: 10/25/23 at 17:12:00

I buy labels through PayPal ship station. They don’t charge me a fee to buy labels through them. You’re going to charge me $2.00 up front when I make a sale plus charge me a fee when I buy a label. Ypu’re going to try to force me to buy your labels or quit. Screwy.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:46:06

We are offering you the cheapest labels or will refund the difference. The fee is a deposit on the label. We will reach out to you directly to discuss your use case

PPetersonBookseller says: 10/25/23 at 17:13:36

How do we opt out?

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:47:49

Our goal is to provide ALL Bonanza sellers with the cheapest label possible to compete against other Marketplaces. We offer low cost guarantee and will refund the difference if you can purchase labels cheaper some where else. The goal of the program is to ensure no one is left behind when it comes to discounted labels

Norskmedia says: 10/25/23 at 17:27:14

so another $2 fee no matter what even though its applied to the shipping, yet no opt out option? We have our own methods of shipping setup outside the system, were out if this is mandatory. These platforms need to stop trying to be in control of everything, were the ones doing the physical shipping and making the choices that work best for us, you should not be!

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:56:29

I understand. The goal is to ensure your are paying the absolute lowest costs for shipping possible. That is why we offer our low cost guarantee. We will reach out to you to discuss your use case

EmpressDepot says: 10/25/23 at 17:28:20

Can you also explain to me what you mean by generating a shipping label automatically after a sale? I don’t do calculated shipping, so you all will not know my total weight, size of the package. This all varies with my booth.


BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/26/23 at 09:31:49

Hi Sharon, The shipping label will be automatic in that you can click on the shipping link on the order and all the shipping information will be automatically loaded, including the shipping method you have set up for your booth, just like it has been. If you are charging a flat rate to your buyer, that will not change. Feel free to reach out to me directly if I can answer any other questions.

wstoner says: 10/25/23 at 17:29:34

I already get a better rate with Pirate Ship, I do not want to have to keep a shipping fund balance with Bonanza. It is very easy the way it works now and I would rather not change the way things work now and have to learn a new system. I do not see how this benefits sellers. I also do not want to give the buyer an option for UPS of FedEx as I refuse to use those services. I can already ship world wide with Pirate Ship. Even though I have many items listed on this platform I see very few sales, and no I do not want to waste money on a subscription to a platform with so little traffic. The one or two sales a month I see from Bonanza may not be worth the hassle of the new shipping program.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/26/23 at 09:38:00

This program was built to benefit our community as a whole offering the guaranteed lowest shipping rates. If you don’t set up the option for the buyer to choose the shipping carrier, they will not be able to do so. You can charge the buyers whatever shipping costs you anticipate having. It looks like you have a variety of methods from free shipping to calculated shipping in your booth right now. I am available if you’d like some help making sure your settings are where you want them to be.

Fun50Stuff says: 10/25/23 at 17:32:37

The $2 “non refundable deposit” per transaction is nonsensical, creating bookkeeping issues, and problematic as far as I’m concerned

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/26/23 at 09:46:23

If you get a shipping label from Bonanza after every order, the $2 will be applied to it. It should not affect bookkeeping. If you need more personal assistance with how this will work with your system, I am happy to help.

JonsCornerLot says: 10/25/23 at 17:35:03

Not cool to force sellers to use this program. You’re about to receive a heck of a backlash on this horrible decision. Better pull it back while you still can…

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 18:00:52

We will reach out to you directly as this program should be of benefit to you.

BVESportsNovelties says: 10/25/23 at 17:39:39

Sellers know how to run their businesses. Every online selling business already knows how to purchase the cheapest labels. I print my labels on a 3rd party platform. Please opt me out of this.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:59:18

This is not design to force you to pay more for labels. We will reach out to your directly to discuss your specific use case

foxyguy66 says: 10/25/23 at 17:46:42

qfaison: Forcing people to be in this program, during the 4th quarter was not thought out well enough. People are already stressing. This should have been introduced to the masses and then, offered as an option, not forced upon people. I am seriously considering closing my booth after all of the years I have been here.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 17:59:59

This is not the point of the program. We will reach out to you directly to ensure this is working for YOU specifically

Tammies_Treasures says: 10/25/23 at 18:03:19

So, This is NOT an option. We now have to have money tied up in a shipping account on top of a bonanza fee, payment service fee, postage and now a credit card fee. I do not see how this saves us money. Currently I can buy my postage out of the earnings for the item sold without the extra fees, or need to use a credit card.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 18:05:29

Nothing will change for you expect lower shipping costs

Gina_Faerie says: 10/25/23 at 18:03:58

So what happens when I send by nonmachinable envelope? That just isn’t an option anymore, not here anyway. Sounds like bonanza is becoming like where we all left to come here. Opting in whether you like it or not. There are no platforms that put sellers first anymore. Just force all around for whatever is best for the marketplace. No more freedom to do it your way. I would have been glad to create labels here when I do buy labels. But a non refundable deposit. When I use stamps. Not sure who can be happy for that. Poor sellers who have to redo what they have found to work for them when bonanza had their shipping label account, and now they have to redo everything all over again. I guess every platform just wants to treat sellers the same anymore.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 18:06:33

We will contact you discuss your specific use case. This program is designed to make shipping cheaper for all sellers. There are specific instances where you can opt out.

gadzookerysales says: 10/25/23 at 18:06:47

This is horrible. I don’t purchase my postage through you which means that you are essentially charging me an extra $2 on every transaction or are forcing me to purchase postage through you in order to recoup that $2. Then you charge a $.95 Processing Fee if I do purchase the label. Are you getting rid of that processing fee with the new program? If you are going to supply the cheapest rates, then supply the cheapest rates and people will buy postage because you have the cheapest rate. But when you have to force people to purchase your postage or you charge them $2, it doesn’t instill a lot of confidence for me. Not sure I’m going to keep my booth open with this news. Your transaction fees are already higher than other platforms, so this new ridiculousness might just be the straw.

qfaison says in response: 10/25/23 at 18:09:33

We 100% will get you the cheapest rate. That is also why we put the low cost guarantee in place. There will be no $.95 processing fee and our transaction fees are the lowest of all platforms.

sellingtime says: 10/25/23 at 18:09:39

I sell many things that I use regular stamps to ship such as greeting cards or envelopes. This only costs me .66 cents to ship and now you want to charge me $2 instead? I won’t be able to afford to sell on this platform if I can no longer use a .66 cents stamp to mail things. I suppose I can increase my price on those things by $2, but that is time consuming for me and the items are not likely to sell if I have to raise the price on a greeting card that much. Forced use of Bonanza shipping is a very bad idea. Every other e-commerce platform gives sellers their own shipping choices- as it should be. I never thought that Bonanza of all places would be so rigid.

qfaison says in response: 10/26/23 at 04:58:13

You will still be able to use your stamps without a $2 fee

Thank_You_Cards says: 10/25/23 at 18:15:47

What about items we ship with a USPS stamp?
Low cost, free shipping, we will NOT pay $2 for a label. We do not need a label.

qfaison says in response: 10/26/23 at 04:58:48

You will still be able to use your stamps and would not incur a $2 fee

Dolotta says: 10/25/23 at 18:23:18

I love the thought and ease of printing shipping labels straight from Bonanza — especially if it indeed a competitive rate. So I sell an item on November 16 and I get the guaranteed lowest priced shipping label minus the $2 deposit when I print out the shipping label on the 16th. Then, when the bill comes due on December 5, I get billed for the appropriate Bonanza fee + the $2 deposit. Is this the correct timeline?

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/30/23 at 06:33:58

Thanks for your feedback. We are refining the setup now thanks to suggestions from our sellers. You will pay the full price for the label when you purchase it on Bonanza and the $2 assessment on your billing statement will be automatically removed. The shipping label costs will not be altered or broken down in any way.

BuyingAgentFromChina says: 10/25/23 at 18:40:42

Is it mandatory ? Is it not selectable ? I don’t want to join. we ship from Hong kong , it is useless to me .

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/26/23 at 12:11:24

If you are shipping from outside of the United States, you will be opted out of this program. You can continue to use your current shipper.

Hey_Judes says: 10/25/23 at 18:44:38

I ship some of my items by first class letter which only cost me 66 cents for a postage stamp. Am I still going to be able to use this option?

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 06:25:09

If you are using a stamp, the shipping deposit will not apply. You can continue to ship as you have been.

Hot_Wheels_aawmiller says: 10/25/23 at 18:48:11

I have the shipping fund so I wouldn’t be charged the processing fee, but after having to purchase a label from Bonanza I was charged 0.30 processing even though I had the shipping funds? So are we still going to be charged a processing fee to use a bonanza label if funds are available? That’s why i started using a 3rd party shipping provider

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/26/23 at 12:28:15

There should not be a processing fee for your credit card if the shipping fund was used. Please send the details to [email protected] so we can resolve this for you.

VaccinationDocs says: 10/25/23 at 19:55:04

This sounds like a nightmare. My standard shipping is regular USPS First Class Mail with a stamped envelope, which is less than $2. My product is not shipped with FedEx, UPS or USPS Packages. This sounds like it will hurt me, not help me.

qfaison says in response: 10/26/23 at 05:05:39

You will still be able to ship the way you do without the $2 fee

MishMashOutlet says: 10/25/23 at 21:21:12

Bonanza will charge a $2 nonrefundable “deposit” for shipping label… so if I ignore your shipping options and go to PirateShip to buy my label, I also “pay” you $2 for going outside of Bonanza to ship my items? Are you saying that your shipping options have changed because in the past your labels were more expensive or included an additional fee to print from your provider. Will there still be a fee associated with these labels?

qfaison says in response: 10/26/23 at 05:04:16

No additional fees will be associated. The $2 is a deposit on the label. We are also offering low cost guarantee.

AliBism999 says: 10/25/23 at 22:19:55

From our experienced as Seller i think if you get the best shipping price whether from your own company or from third Party we have to avails and make sure the delivery timeframe for the customers does not effects or delays then it should be okay to get the shipping services from different companies.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/26/23 at 12:40:41

We will guarantee the best shipping price when you buy Bonanza shipping labels and you can choose the shipping method that works best for you.

teak says: 10/25/23 at 23:10:43

I don’t use calculated shipping, I use flat rate shipping. All of my items are of varying weights. USPS weighs and quotes the price when I mail it. How will I be affected using a flat rate postage to my customers?

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/26/23 at 13:33:22

You will not be affected. You will buy the shipping label using any service and method you like. You can input the weight and size of the package or select flat rate box and print out the label (Or bring the QR code to the post office for them to print out the label). You can always contact us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

OlikoOliko says: 10/26/23 at 00:59:29


FlumpkinsXStitchers says: 10/26/23 at 01:20:45

My items are all emailed pdf files will I be charged shipping on these items

qfaison says in response: 10/26/23 at 05:02:12

No you will not.

Storeofsweden says: 10/26/23 at 01:46:28

Sounds good. Hopefully, this will expand so that we on the other side of the pond can access it too.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/26/23 at 13:36:41

Thank you Storeofsweden!

Wonkeesales says: 10/26/23 at 03:38:51

Do not like this at all, do not want to be forced into any shipping program and extra costs. I already have good rates using Pirate ship on this platform and do not need this. I have a good cost-effective system and figured in the costs biased on this, do not need change. selling from the US.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/26/23 at 13:42:26

There are no extra costs with this program, we guarantee the shipping rates will match or beat Pirate ship’s rates.

Starfisher says: 10/26/23 at 04:20:09

I ship small boxes (jewelry sized) and create small shipping labels that fit the size of the box yet allow room for the USPS shipping label and tracking number to be wrapped around the side of the box. Will I be able to create small labels that fit on the box? I also have flat rate shipping (same price on all of my items). Buyers will end up paying more for shipping in many cases with the change. I don’t want to have to redo all of the listings in my booth, I don’t ship by weight. What if the Buyer wants the item to be sent to a different address than what is shown on Bonanza. Will I be able to use that address instead? I think this should be a choice for Sellers to opt in instead of being forced to use it.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/26/23 at 13:48:59

Hi Jan, thanks for your feedback. If you have any problems getting the labels to fit on your boxes, please let us know. The program should not adversely affect what your buyers are paying for shipping, the shipping label cost will match or beat any label you are currently buying. If I misunderstood, or if you have any other concerns, please reach out to us at support@bonanza so we can work on a solution for you.

Junction_Discount says: 10/26/23 at 04:34:05

I also am not interested. I have multiple channels and marketplaces, and consolidate all of my inventory and orders through a single shipping/inventory system. Having to monitor multiple places is not an option. First of all, I seriously doubt you could save money over the rates I am getting, and secondly, even if you DID save a few cents, it would not offset the additional expenses needed to be monitoring and checking multiple places, and tracking expenses. I know how I want to run my business, and as others have said, if you are going to try and tell me how to do it, I will close my booth.

qfaison says in response: 10/26/23 at 05:00:52

Those using 3rd party integrated system are exempt

allkindagoods says: 10/26/23 at 05:33:37

So the 95 cent processing fee will be no longer charged? If this is true, and we will receive the same discounted rates for USPS, UPS, and FedEx, this would be fine. Would also dave a bit of time.

In fact, the 95 cent fee is / was the biggest deterrent for using your shipping labels.

A COUPLE OF QUESTIOBS NOT YET ADDRESSED: (1) Will Bonanza guarantee against claims of non-receipt when the tracking number states a package was “Delivered”?? (2) Will this integrate with ShipSaver or other third party insurance companies? Insurance purchased directly from the mailer (especially USPS) is overpriced, and they do not settle claims quickly.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 06:33:57

Hi, thanks for your feedback and questions. Claims of non-receipt are filed with PayPal and our tracking number from Bonanza showing delivery will work to counter any claims made. If our shipping can’t be used with ShipSaver, please let us know.

Dons_Guitars says: 10/26/23 at 05:54:01

“The $2 is a deposit on your label. If your label costs $10 and you prepaid $2….you only have $8 to pay at the time of label purchase” so you are still paying 10.00 how does this save anyone money?

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 06:35:54

The savings are in the price of the label. We will match or beat any label cost if you can find it less expensive elsewhere. You will buy your label at the best price on Bonanza.

vermonter53 says: 10/26/23 at 06:42:23

All of my listings are imported from ebay and quite often they are not imported correctly as listed for the shipping so the shipping is way higher on here than ebay. I have never used the shipping here because it has always been higher. I have used Pirateship for all of the sales I have had on here. I do not like the idea of an automatic fee added and am wondering if that will be refunded when I use a different shipper than thru here? No offense but the guarantee lowest fee souunds like a politician and I will just have to wait and see what it actually will cost. I personally have my doubts, especially if AI is involved. I don’t have many sales on here but will be watching to see what happens.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 07:06:30

Hi vermonter53. If your shipping is not showing the same on Bonanza as eBay, you can use the “Revise” feature to update them. This choice will copy over all your listings to match exactly to eBay and is especially helpful when something has changed on eBay. Many sellers have used the revise feature due to the change to Ground Advantage. Our prices for a label will match Pirateship or beat it, and AI is not involved. Contact support if you would like some help with this. Thanks for your feedback.

NecktieGuy says: 10/26/23 at 07:20:27

I agree, this is a nightmare. There are so many specific questions being asked that are answered with a ‘we will reach out’ response. Couldn’t you answer these individually in one big continuing blog so everyone can see? I don’t see how this will be a positive to me. Will listings need revamping? This is really late in season to implement a last minute policy that so many are questioning.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 07:12:38

Thanks for your feedback. We posted another blog to answer some of those questions. If we missed anything let us know so we can address it. It looks like you have your listings set up with calculated shipping, so you should be able to buy your label without making any changes. If you run into any challenges let us know.

Edwar_santosa says: 10/26/23 at 07:43:32

very helpful

Rocketman999 says: 10/26/23 at 08:02:01

I use UPS for shipping. Using Bonanza shipping labels for UPS does not save me money. If I buy UPS labels from ship station it is ALWAYS less expensive. Sometimes up to 50% less. How is buying labels thru Bonanza saving me money??

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 07:20:09

Our new shipping program guarantees lower rates, including UPS labels.

EastCoastCloseouts says: 10/26/23 at 09:10:31

Last time I was going to print a shipping label through Bonanza there was an additional fee unless I wanted to send a lump sum payment. Will that remain in effect as well? You can spin it however you wish, but fees do not save sellers money.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 07:29:15

The shipping label printing fee has been removed. If you put funds in a shipping fund at Bonanza you can also avoid a credit card processing fee.

AshlandWiTreasures says: 10/26/23 at 12:36:28

I have 3 questions.

Will your shipping program offer USPS Media Mail and USPS priority cubic mail?

When a sale is made we are charged $2, then charged again for the balance, does that mean our credit cards are charged twice for a single shipping label?

I use a thermal printer that prints a 4″ × 6″ stick on label, will printing on a 4×6 label be possible?


BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 07:43:12

Thanks for your questions. We do have media mail, I’ll have to check on the cubic mail. The $2 will show as a line item on your billing statement and is then removed when a label is purchased. Your credit card should not be charged. We’ve tried to be versatile enough to cover all printers, but if you have any trouble let us know.

topchoicecollectible says: 10/26/23 at 15:45:08

While the carrier shipping label cost may be as low as elsewhere you will be forced to pay the Bonanza per label processing fee which makes the actual shipping cost higher than elsewhere. If you don’t want to pay Bonanza’s label processing fee than you will pay them $2.00 for the privelege of purchasing your shipping label elsewhere. Either way this new shipping program is a lose-lose for the seller and a win-win for Bonanza.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 07:55:20

There is no longer any processing fee on Bonanza. The program is designed to save all sellers time and money.

Planet_Earth_Toys says: 10/26/23 at 16:32:36

i ship using postage stamps , & never print shipping labels through anyone.. so now i am getting charged $2 per transaction just to sell on your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
november 8th.. ok, i know when to set my store on vacation mode ..
this is 100% unacceptable

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 07:56:17

Sellers using postage stamps for postage under $2 are exempt from the shipping program. Let us know if you have any other questions.

MagnoliaScreens says: 10/26/23 at 16:40:43

This is all, as is sometimes the case, clear as mud!

And I quote: “When you pay for your shipping label the $2 is applied as a credit on the purchase. The $2 deposit will be collected at the same time as your monthly FVF fees are collected.”

Question: Is the $2 a credit toward the shipping label purchase, that is then charged back on our monthly invoice for FVF’s? See how convoluted that sounds?

Additional question: Why don’t you publish the base rate for USPS so that we may compare and contrast to what we’re currently paying?

I highly doubt little ole bonanza is getting rates as cheap as Amazon or eBay; perhaps comparable to PirateShip or PayPal. But, “comparable” does not equate to savings.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 08:01:44

Sorry for the confusion. We posted another blog to help clear up some of the questions we’ve heard.
How the deposit actually will work is this:
When an order is completed the final value fee shows as owing on your billing statement as always. Now there will also be a line item of $2 showing. The moment you purchase a shipping label, the charge drops off. You will then pay just your final value fee on the fifth of the month as usual.
Our shipping prices are guaranteed to be the lowest. You will see the rates when you click on Buy Shipping on the order.
If you have any other questions just let us know.

whatsitsgalore says: 10/26/23 at 17:11:43

I have checked Bonanza shipping for every item I’ve sold in the last 2 years, and every time, Paypal shipping has been cheaper. So how does this benefit me? This sounds like the worst idea Bonanza has ever had. I want out before I’ve even started.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 08:06:21

We have a new shipping label program with the best rates. If you find it cheaper anywhere else we will credit you the difference.

sumthingforeveryone says: 10/26/23 at 18:31:04

So in response to my last question since the answer is still not clear: Is Bonanza paying this “down payment” of $2 on each shipment / label purchase? And is there still a 95 cent processing fee to use Bonanza shipping?

sumthingforeveryone says:
10/25/23 at 15:59:52
So we are getting “cheaper” shipping rates but are being charged an extra $2 to use Bonanzas ship labels AND we still pay the 95 cent processing cost? I dont get charged anything for using Pirateship labels so how is this going to save ME $? Can I opt out?

qfaison says in response:
10/25/23 at 17:32:59
Not at all! The $2 is a down payment on the label purchase. No label fees at all. You will pay the cheapest rate to ship your products. If you can get cheaper we will refund the difference!

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 08:27:41

There is no 95 cent processing fee, that was removed some time ago. The $2 will show as a line item “Deposit owed” on your statement. It will drop off when you purchase the label on Bonanza. Providing you purchase a label for your order before the next billing cycle, you will not have to pay it or get credit, it will cancel out automatically. Hopefully that helps to clear it up, but if not just write to us at [email protected] for more information or contact me directly.

Lawrence_LI says: 10/26/23 at 18:40:40

Hi there, I,m a Hong Kong seller, I think I can’t use the program? I have to ship the package from Hong Kong Post.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 08:29:32

Correct, if you ship from Hong Kong you will be exempt from the program.

pocatellobooks says: 10/26/23 at 22:17:16

Current Bonanza shipping label example shows a $0.95 “processing cost”. Which is reduced to a $0.40 processing cost if you have a preloaded “Shipping fund” amount charged on Bonanza to pay for future shipping charges.

Many sellers have free ways to print labels as part of systems they already pay monthly fees for outside of Bonanza.

So the question is; does this $2 charge/ $2 credit system which net balances to zero, do anything to get rid of the .95 or .40 shipping processing fee in the example and the need to have a Bonanza “Shipping fund”?

Bonanza Shipping Example page

BonanzaShelly says in response: 10/27/23 at 08:39:14

You may have seen an older screenshot, we are still updating our shipping help pages. There is no longer any 95 cent processing fee at all. If you are integrated with a third party service please contact support for an exemption.

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