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RachaelT119 March 16, 2022

I’m also new Bonanza and I came to Komiswr for help and he helped me tremendously because the spell on me a month ago and he did a marvelous stupendous job I was awestruck from the magic that he gave towards me and I would recommend him for any of your problems you have and if I ever have another problem I will come back to have another miraculous spell cast upon me ??

Joltevee February 22, 2021

He is the best, kindest, most powerful spiritual help I’ve ever known. He actually helps life get better, he’s actually on your side, too. His objects do work like magic that he sells, and he is my friend and yours.

Mystical1111 January 08, 2021

I am new to bonanza and I felt that I needed to say that this seller is amazing.. Whatever he did really worked in a matter of days. He is caring and very polite .. I will definitely be working with him again.

arslanali6 October 06, 2020

The best metaphysical shop on bonanza. All the spell give outcome almost instantly. thank you .The real deal!i wish i can buy all your products! full respect to you!

camellia666 October 04, 2020

wonderful magician! thank you and your coven for all the great changes in my life! your weight loss spells worked perfect!

Joltevee May 10, 2020

He cares about humanity, his spells actually work, he is a wonderful human being and we are all blessed to have him.

sspp December 13, 2019

You’re one of the best spell casters! Thanks Komiswr and Coven of Selini! I am so grateful I found you, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, your spells are so effective. Thank you so much.

tonyJ323 November 07, 2019

I can’t believe it truly the best.

bluep September 03, 2018

Komiswr and the coven of Selini is a highly Recommend spellcaster. He will follow up and go extra mile for you. Thanks for being there for me!

Joltevee June 12, 2018

I have ALWAYS seen results from his spells and charms. I can’t say enough how much care he takes with his clients. He is a real blessing, and a true spellcaster. He knows what he’s doing, and does it well. The jewelry is beautiful, the spells do what they say they do, and komiswr is one heck of a righteous dude.

bluejean123 July 28, 2017

Komiswr is the absolute real deal. Everything I have ever bought from them has worked beyond what I asked for. He completely turned my son’s life around. He lost his job and was getting further and further into debt and Komiswr’s spells got him back on track in a very short space of time. I will be forever grateful

Esje July 31, 2016

The coven of Selini is like I said before one of the purest greatest casters that I ever met. They are helpful, understanding and loving. They give me so much power. Even tho im waiting for the spell to manifest. Im Sure it Will when the time is here and all its ready. I found inner peace with the Coven of selini thank you so much komiswr.

I recommend this Coven highly. Bless you all. ????

LMckennaM4 July 28, 2016

Hi I have had a few people write to me on here asking if I recommend this Coven – I can only go by my own experiences so here goes…Firstly, not only are they extremely helpful and knowledgeable in their craft but secondly I have certainly had a lot of success because I started off by buying an aura cleanse and chakra cleanse spells, this made me more positive and I believe we can manipulate our own destiny by having this positive attitude…Sometimes, their wonderful spells can weave their magic overnight, at other times it can take 3 months or more for spirit to manipulate the energy around us for the spells to work for our highest good, please be patient and more importantly please be positive, have faith that these will work with the right attitude, and if they don’t materialise then it is not the right time or the right person to be with, spirit can often offer a better plan and changes from your desired outcome will be even better than you could have hoped…The Coven of Selini are devoted to your service and they work so hard to help you, I have honestly been so incredibly happy:) and so incredibly content since I have started buying from them, and so has my son, ( he knows we have been helping him behind the scenes, and I have never seen him as bright and positive as he is at the moment, it is a joy to see)…. Please don’t hesitate to buy from this outstanding Coven, but remember nothing much will happen if you are despondent you need to reach beyond that self doubt:) xx

LMckennaM4 May 16, 2016

Last week I bought the offer me gold spell form this coven…I don’t know what has come over me, and I honestly don’t know where this idea came from in my head!! but have just started a little business in the last couple of days buying ancient Viking and Medieval arti facts and jewellry from various shops on ebay with a view of selling them when I open a shop on here very soon!!I have been told I have an eye as I look out for the highest selling items and get them as cheap as possible… I don’t know how to thank this coven they have changed mine and my son’s lives completely. A month or so ago my son was doing so badly at school after he sadly lost his stepfather my dear husband, and he was tailing behind everyone else in his class I asked this coven for help, his mocks went so well that on those merits he has just had a letter excepting him into 6th form!!!…I just cannot believe this turnaround, even as I write every night heis head in a book studying to get the best GCSE grades, and I know it is down to this coven! – Do not hesitate to buy from this exceptionally gifted coven

MysticRubyIPM May 11, 2016

I would like to say that Komiswr and the coven are the real deal and their spells do work . I have ask them for more then one spell and each one had fantastic results therefore I will call upon them again as would I also recommend them to others. Thank you again for being there for me and your advise and caring service is very rare to find this anymore. Many Blessings !!

Me2016 April 19, 2016

I had a tumor. He did a spell or two. The tumor is gone. Blessings on komiswr and his coven!

Anncaroline47 March 20, 2016

Kowiswr and the coven of Selini has changed my life. There spells work. You need to have faith too. There caring and truthful would recommend it to anyone. Thank you again for your help

Esje March 06, 2016

The Coven of Selini is one of the purest, greatest and most Devine composition I ever met, saw and contacted.
Bless your work. I really recommend komiswr and the coven of Selini with my heart and soul.

ChristyB104 February 26, 2016

If you’re looking for a real spellcaster who does the work you pay for, look no further. He stays with you until you receive the results you desire. His spells do work, if you have faith. He was kind enough to Recast my spells because I didn’t see movement the first time. My case is a complicated one, but, he sticks with me to the bitter sweet end. He is amazing and I recommend him to anyone looking for a real spellcaster.

VeronicaT20 January 11, 2016

I have ordered spells from him before, and though the results are slow. I trust in his Magic and that it is of positive energy!

Me2016 August 31, 2015

I ordered the marriage ring and got three propsals sight unseen lol. He is a true wizard of help

Esje July 01, 2015

I was overthinking but he is one of most honest caster I’ve met.

Me2016 April 21, 2015

He cast the models body spell and it started to work immediately. With no effort on my part my appetite diminished.

Me2016 April 05, 2015

He went above and beyond what I even paid for, showing caring and concern for my situation.He is truthful and I would reccomend him to anyone.

sexxyp October 13, 2014

I really like this caster, I really always see improvement, I just keep coming back, And affordable

hunteremo April 24, 2014

I need to correct my feed back great seller very helpful fast shipping very helpful I would recommend this seller to all you won’t find any better thanks so much

JusticeThatIdeserve April 20, 2014


YukieO1 March 29, 2014

Put it this way after it was casted, and along with my faith and own self assurance I felt extremely powerful, not that I haven’t been that way but it only enhanced what I already knew about myself. Definitely more self aware and grounded.

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