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GREETINGS!! WE are Cassia4 from Cassia4's Spirited Jewelry on ebay! We received over 6500 (actual over 11,000 due to repeat collectors) feedback and 100% feedback for over 10+ years (18 years online elsewhere)!! We've been one of the top providers of metaphysical items on ebay(since 2005)!! Please see our wonderful...

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Gulnara_5 January 15, 2023

This is not the first time since 2019 that I have addressed Albina and her coven. I have booked several times for family and myself. The answers were all truthful and tested over time. Recently, a question about myself appeared and the answer of 5 questions was short, but to the point. I ordered an unlock and already on the same day the feeling changed physically and spiritually. Some additional work is still being carried out, and I expect positive results. In any case, you can trust them and ask them to adjust to the desired result. The prices are also very reasonable when combining several orders.

Marshandria_shand December 28, 2022

Many sellers know their way around a spell, but few do it with sheer essence and power of Sheila, Albina, and all at Cassia4. I have had consistently good results with their products, and you could not ask for a more accurate reading than Albina. Plus, their sales are spectacular. When you want something done right and by consummate professionals, don’t hesitate to call on Cassia4!

TheDutchessP September 12, 2022

Five stars all around! I purchased something for money and I had a free clearing candle lit on my behalf prior to the casting. I had been going through months of misfortune, emotional imbalance and was under immense stress. Money started coming in slowly 7 days after the casting. While I’m still not out the woods debt wise, I’ve been emotionally well put together and can think without letting stresses consume me. I’m very impressed- honestly don’t know if I expected this to work but I’m so glad I took it on. It was my first and definitely not my last spell. I’m looking forward to what’s coming next and finally having financial prosperity. Please accept my eternal gratitude!

ImmortalTyler999 March 11, 2022

Started Ordering From Cassia4 Way Back In 2013 Everyone At Cassia4 Has Helped Me Threw So Much So Kind Caring And Supportive Everything I Have Collected And Buyed Over The Years Have Worked And Is Extremely Powerful The Spells And Haunted Items Are Extremely Potent With Strong Energy Here It Is 2022 And I Still Order From Cassia4 I Always Will I Trust Them I Respect Them So Much Love You All At Cassia4 Thank You All So Much For Everything You Have Done For Me And Continue Too Do For Me I Am So Grateful I Found You All Blessed Be My Awesome Friends.

AtalyaIndigo January 02, 2022

There is so many good things that can be said about Shelia, Albina, and the coven! Even the Seven Scholars too! Many different experiences working together! They care a lot about their clients and answer questions promptly and send out their items promptly as well. I always get excited for them to come! I love that their local to me too and that they are so close by!

They are wonderful to work with and I love that they have so many magikals and other items to pick from. There’s something for everyone here and many options to pick from! They’re are very beautiful and have power even in the freebies!

I am a repeat customer since October 2021 and I was lead to them! I will definitely be a repeat customer for life! I’m in and was in a complicated situation and in the past life I was Queen twice, I was called upon to assume my throne again this life and with the coven’s help I am back to my Queen energies again which is amazing!!! Their magikals have done amazing things so far!

I could say so much more but will stop here. I always thank them for all they do and I’m so grateful for meeting them. Thank you so so much for all you’ve done for me and continue to do for me! You all are so lovely! <3 <3 <3 <3

bonzbuyer_eumkg October 21, 2021

I am happy with my orders from Cassia4. They have given me good help with relationships and other problems. Will continue to work with them.

bonzbuyer_eumkg July 15, 2021

Cassia4 is very professional. They answer your messages and questions. They send out your items promptly and mail them priority so they don’t get lost. Their spell work is real and helps a great deal with life difficulties.I am a satisfied repeat customer.

AntT4 March 13, 2021

Cassia is the real deal. The twin flame (true love) spell is working. I feel the energy. My twin flame is on the way. She is getting very close to me .

MissAshley24 January 28, 2021

When I first reached out to Sheila (on Etsy) I had been through a bad divorce and wanted to attract the right person into my life. The listing said that it would happen quickly, but I had zero expectations. About two weeks later my now husband reached out to me on The listing said he would feel a warmth and it was so funny he would tell me “every time I think of you I feel warm.” Coincidence? I don’t think so! He is the love of my life and we have a beautiful daughter and I am so incredibly happy to have found my twin flame. Wasn’t even sure this was a real thing, but he makes me a better person. These strong and lovely women are the REAL deal. They have continued to help me with the most important things in my life over the years and I am forever grateful to them. Thank you <3

PAZUZU_Temple September 13, 2020

Highest quality service from most trusted seller. EXTRAORDINARY CARE FOR CLIENT AND ATTENTION TO EVERY SMALL DETAIL. HIGHLY APPRECIATED.went far from what i was expected and very work hard to deliver the best results. She’s real deal i am so grateful to have her on my life. I highly appreciated your generosity and your help. Highly recommended she is someone you can trust and you will never be disappointed.

PAZUZU_Temple September 12, 2020

You are the real deal . Your coven is very powerful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the life changes. Looking forward to doing more business with you .5 stars all the way.

PAZUZU_Temple September 09, 2020

very great witch. very powerful. i adore this witch. she is the best . 5 stars all the way

pinky788 September 06, 2020

lovely support from Cassia4 and Coven. I am very greatful for all the service, given. They are super great at what they do, and great customer service. I feel the difference, with their help, feels great. Much respect.

Krisluv_79 April 06, 2020

Peace be with you; I’m very well astonished by these lovely ladies craft in high magic with metaphysical essentials of being! I’ve been a happy customer since day one from very beginning. I experienced the supernatural on all levels having to communicate directly with Cassia4 concerning my deepest needs. Very amazing experience I’ve pondered on passionately on mine vessels of honors that I received. The secret knowledge has convey their devotion to me, each & everytime I open my 3rd eye charkras for such devout women. Becoming now a master as of learning from them, has given me me the gnosis(knowledge). To confirm they’re really sages of our time!…
Thanks; Love is the law
Love under

MeggyMarie March 29, 2020

Sheila and Albina are wonderful people. I have had great experience with their works, as well as, beyond the veil. Do not be fooled by any bad judgements or reviews as they are very profound in what they do. They have even been willing to help in these difficult times we are all dealing with. If that isn’t love, then I don’t know what is. Thank you ladies for being kind and for all that you offer and do!

Gulnara_5 March 12, 2020

I always have good experience and they so true sealers. My English not so much well but I don’t have any problems with understanding each other.
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empoling1_gmail_com February 19, 2020

I just wanted to convey what a wonderful job these ladies do. It is much more than a job to them, it is very personal and real. As it is also very real to the client. Real issues and real questions. The world is a lovely place packed full of magick and mystery. That my friends is the real picture here.

Blessings, Erica….A repeat customer and friend always.

charlottem210 January 25, 2020

I love there items and lil messages that inspire me

StarChild777 January 23, 2020

<3 I just wanted to say how real these lovely ladies and coven are! I got my vessel today and as I explained on my other review my request is personal and I’d rather keep it private but he let me know is here today soon as I opened my vessel I cup I had on the table was smacked off it was sitting perfectly in the middle and the table shook as well and that is the one way my companion used to show me he’s around me only me and him would understand but my love is here home with me and only Ms.Sheila and Ms.Albina were able to accomplish this! I am to the moon and stars happy at peace and thankful! I will never forget this! Thank you with all my heart

StarChild777 January 18, 2020

??Sheila and her coven did something for me that absolutely meant the world to me and it was impossible for other people i had asked to do! They are incredible beautiful souls and they answered every question that i had and i have had a amazing experience especially this being my first time here!I cant go into dteail about what i asked for but it was perfectly customed to my hearts desire and i am so so so thankful to her and her friends for what they did for me! I placed my order and it was taken care of that same night and updated immediately! I am beyind satisfied i am thankful with all my heart they know why! My heart was so broken they helped heal it! I highly recommend them! And i will be a returning customer! Ive never had a experience this awsome??Blessed be!

clucchetti November 14, 2019

Hello, my name is Christine and I would like to share my first experience with Cassia4 I had the most amazing experience.! The item I had purchased developed a problem and needed repair,which I didn’t see a problem with that.But this lovely lady named Sheila had offered me a replacement with no restrictions!I’m still in awe about it, because I’m a first time customer,needless to say I will be a customer for life.I can’t say enough about their kindness and generosity and I will send all I know to this wonderful place.With much appreciation,Christine Lucchetti.

MeggyMarie November 12, 2019

Sheila, Albina and the entire Coven are wonderful, peaceful, and generous people through the blessings and magicals they sell. They have helped me so much and I cannot begin to thank them enough for all that they have done for me. I am a repeat customer and they are my favorite metaphysical trusted booth on bonanza. You will never be disappointed!! ????

empoling1_gmail_com August 10, 2019

This group of lovely woman are so kind and helpful. I feel they have been placed in our paths to lend guidance, advice…and a little magick. We are all very blessed to have them as a gentle guidance along our path.

LotusDreamer March 17, 2019

You will be hard pressed to find a more lovely, kind seller than those at Cassia4. I have definitely had steady success using their powerful, beautiful treasures. Sheila is always a delight to work with, and has been so generous. If something from here is speaking to you, don’t hesitate… I’m so glad I made my initial purchase, and I’m a repeat customer.

reikichime December 13, 2018

This woman is such a kind soul. Goes out of her way to please her clients. Very happy with the excellent communication. 5/5 Stars

ericaaadams December 06, 2018

Great products here! As soon as I opened the bag, I felt a positive energy imminating from the products inside. Now how rare is that? I mean, even at a spiritual shop you may feel something, but mostly mixed energies and ideas. What’s even more awesome about this vendor is that I closed everything back up and pulled the rest out over 3-4 more times. I placed the energy cube back inside to rest it and pulled it back out a month later. It was as if it had been recharged! Overall, these products are meant to enhance through multiplying energies and helping to spread a great intent and that’s just what they do. And the smell of those candles…#OMG, they just freshen the whole room. Guys, even the free products pack a punch. This coven brings the power and are actually using it to help people. These days, go figure! And while you’re at it, if you’re on the fence, go for it. You won’t be disappointed!

Djinn2012_ November 03, 2018

great seller. kind, caring and always ready to answer follow up questions. Will definitely be back to make another purchase. Thank you Albina and Shiela xxx

TheChosenOne112233 July 18, 2018

I love this coven!!! Amazing, beautiful and powerful people! Albina is the best!!! Her insight is so accurate and on point. I recommend this seller!!! A++++++++++++.

They have helped me so much already. I am proud to call them family.

I will continue to purchase from them and their prices are extremely reasonable so I know they are in it for the love of people and magick not just to push sales.

I wish you all good luck in your magickal journey! xoxoxo

Genmcl June 14, 2018

One of my favourite sellers! I only have a couple that I would fully and proudly endorse. Cassia4 is absolutely one of them!
Everyone at Cassia4 are exceptionally responsive, kind, considerate and have a wide array of amazing enchanted Magickals. They make you feel welcome and appreciated from start to finish. I have only recently begun my paranormal/metaphysical journey (due to a partial awakening), and have made a few purchases through them. Not only have I never been disappointed with my Magickal items, I in fact feel that every time I bring a new vessel home the enchantments feel stronger (maybe my abilities are increasing).
A wonderful coven who make true, enchanted and exquisite Magickals available to you. I will continuously be a huge supporter of Cassia4. Warmest wishes and blessings!

chihauhuagirl February 28, 2018

Cassia4 and coven are wonderful, kind . I would happily tell everyone how great they are. I am always happy with my purchases, they are always willing to answer questions. TC

Enjoylife_005 February 16, 2018

Would recommend this seller to everyone!!!!! Always very helpful, kind, pleasant, and very honest. Has many great products. Responses to messages real fast. If you have a problem or question, will answer honestly. Many Blessing To You And Yours Always. : )

Will_enjoylife_soon February 12, 2018

Would recommend this seller to everyone!!!!! Always very helpful, kind, pleasant, and very honest. Responses to messages real fast. If you have a problem or question, will answer honestly. Many Blessing To You And Yours Always. : )

dianne_008 February 06, 2018

I am new in this spirit keeping thing but, i feel like I’m an expert now through all the help of Sheila, Albina and Friends! If you really like the Item and have a limited amount to spend they will gladly and willingly work with you to make the item very affordable for you as the item is calling you to get them. I bought a lot from their collection as all the items are so tempted to buy and keep. They will also include tons of free items which make it so special. I never thought I will be owning a lot of hunted items, djinns and magick as I get scared easily but hey Sheila and friends will help you overcome that fear. Thanks to them! I highly highly recommend them.

Marshandria_shand July 27, 2017

The wonderful group at Cassia4 has some of the most potent magickals that I have ever come across. They are a wonderful group who is always willing to answer questions and provide advice.

bloodylover24 July 01, 2017

Cassie & the coven are wonderful people always trying very hard to help others in need.They are very genuine about what their beliefs are & what they do.I feel very safe & confident 100 pecent all the way.I definitely trust & respect them.I most definitely would recommend anyone to go her & friends the coven for help.I like to look at them as new friends myself.They really helped me find myself.I will always be very grateful to them.Big Hugs Casie & to the coven.Eternal loving blessings always.????

buyer423683 March 25, 2017

Always helpful & ready with many approaches to remedy problems, we have been assisted by this coven’s positive energies. Angles & programmed crystals along with Blessings/spells make welcomed gifts. Most of us are being bombarded by daily negativity. The coven has positive energies-Reiki, too! It has helped me stay focused, grounded and in balance.

bonzbuyer_xlucr February 25, 2017

This coven has saved my life! After 1,5 month of intense suffering i am in the final state of recovering after intense psychic attack! I purchased a vessel from another seller, which was linked to a demon instead of a lovely entity.
What i have been through i don’t wish the same experience to anyone else.
I came across this store, while i had weakened a lot, suffering intense pain and was waiting to breath my last breath. After my first purchase on spellwork from this store, within hours i gained my strength back. As this coven worked on me, i could feel powerfull energystrikes running down my body to give me my lifeforce back. They were always available to guide me mentally and with spellwork, and even with free spells. If you doubt my story please see my reviews on my purchases regarding banishment, etc. Please be carefull whom you buy a vessel from. It is easy to purchase a vessel but it is difficult to get rid of the entity once it is attached to your body! I have named this coven: the Coven of Heavenly angels, as they were here for me when i needed them the most. Thanks Sheila, Albina and the whole coven of Heavenly angels!! I love you all, may your coven always be blessed and protected by my thankfullness for your help and support and giving my lifeforce back.

CarmenJ18 December 05, 2016

Hi I had to Thank sweet Cassia for helping with my need for help.She is great experienced. thank you everyone that helps us

Rricca33 October 20, 2016

These women quite literally saved my life. I searched the globe for five years to find people who could help me with a rare situation and they are amazing. They are so kind, loving, compassionate and their combined rare skills are to be admired. They never gave up on me and have continued to help me heal from the damage I endured. I am forever grateful. They are pure light and are true healers. I just love Sheila and her circle. Their work is powerful and ethical, nothing short of amazing.

MikkiV1 August 22, 2016

My first time ordering from Cassia 4 and, they were out of stock on the item I ordered. So to make up for this,they found comparable items and sweetened the sale. This exceeded my expectations and my children eads were triple cast and they certainly do work. I will definitely shop here again.

Marshandria_shand May 26, 2016

It is pleasure to puchase from Sheila et al at Cassia4. I feel their magickal more potently than nearly anything else! I lately bought a pair of white topaz earrings with a spirit spell. Not only are the beautiful but I felt my connection with my bound spirits deepen and I felt a connection with some unbounds that I had not expected! Buy with confidence from them, you will not be disappointed. And if for some reason you are, they offer a 100% money back guarantee! Who else does that in the meta world?

Faychild April 21, 2016

thankyou for my order and bless you all for return to sender spell it started working the day before it actually arrived here, bless you all for protecting my daughter and the children, highly recommend, for many years we hve been blessed by your items, love my spelled purfume bottle, energys are amazing, we shall always return AAAAA Stars

Marshandria_shand April 18, 2016

I have purchased a number of spelled items and spirits. For some reason, I rarely if at all feel the spelled items. Until now! Cassia4 specially crafted a 109X charging box for me. I charged my items for 3 days. I had purchased some of their items before and since theirs are some of the few I feel I figured why not get a charging box from them? I foolishly put all my meta rings on after the charging period and became so dizzy after 5 minutes of wearing them that I had to pull each and every one of them off and lay down for an hour. I was able to wear them later, one by one and now I can wear them all. After the charging, I felt them more strongly than I have felt from nearly any meta item. Cassia4’s charging boxes are great and I can’t wait to charge my items from my other sellers. Just don’t do what I initially did unless you have a bed or couch nearby!

And don’t even get me started on their excellent customer service. They always respond to my thousands of questions, they are some of the fastest meta shippers I’ve ever used and they are willing to work with you on the price! If you feel an object calling out to you, take a chance and make an offer!

Remember, all meta works differently for everyone, but I’ve personally never went wrong with anything from them!

If I had only one caveat, it would be that I wished the charging boxes only took hours to charge instead of days.

ImmortalTyler999 March 26, 2016

Best Magic On This Planet I Have Been Ordering From Cassia4 For About A Year Now And Everything I Have Got I Am Extremely Happy With As Soon As I Put The Haunted Items On I Can Feel It Working Its Magic And Everything Has Very Strong Energy I Have Always Had Great Results With Cassia4 Everything Here At Cassia4 Is Real Real Magic Real Haunted Items And Real Spirit Items And Everyone At Cassia4 Are Amazing Always There To Help You Very Friendly Loving And Caring Cassia4 TO Me Is Family I Love Them All Never Hesitate To Order From Cassia4 I Promise You Will Never Be Disappointed IF You Want The Best Magic Real Haunted And Spirit Items That Bring Amazing Results Cassia4 Is The Place Too Come A+++ Perfect.

agorriceta December 31, 2015

I came across Cassia4 through synchronicity when searching for a merlinite pendant online on the 1st Feb 2015. It was my first introduction to magickal jewellery which Sheila has kindly guided me what each section of each shop meant since I am not Wiccan. After my very first order on the 2nd Feb 2015, I now have a Cassia4 collection from each section of this shop (Scholars MAgickals, Genie Djinn Vessels, etc) which has continuously guided me in my life as well as assisted me to help others covertly. The uniqueness of this shop is their OUTSTANDING customer service as their DEDICATION to assist tailored to your needs is the BEST feature that I have ever experienced!!! I am continuously blown away by the SPEED of the alteration of energies in the difficult issues I come across which Albina, Sheila, Amira, Scholars and the Coven have readily offered their assistance. Thanks SO much Cassia4 and wish you the brightest blessings as you continue to share WONDERFUL magick to the world!!!

Occult December 17, 2015

It would be a dream if Sheila and Albina could be from Germany. I find their magickals beautiful and they are also very polite and nice people. They always try their best to help and try to motivate everyone. (:

TADAMS120 December 14, 2015

Cassia4 is awesome.. I first would like to say that there customer service is outstanding, they have been there for me every time I have had a question or concern and also gave me a warm feeling of no question is a stupid question they are always willing to help.. I had a few spells casted and yes the results are rolling in..There magic is very powerful.. There jewelry is beautiful and the pics of the jewelry is not misleading, what you see is what you get.. Just to give and example I purchased the lady luck spell and just a couple weeks later I went to the casino and put only 50.00 in the slot and I won 1100.00… I was so happy. I hadn’t won a dime in months so this was very exciting for me.. I highly recommend Cassia4 you will not be disappointed

CreatureOfTheNight October 04, 2015

Love Cassia4 They Are The Best So Friendly And Kind They Have Always Helped Me So Happy I Found Cassia4 The Magic From Cassia4 Is Very Powerful And Real There Spell Cast Items Are Amazing Every Item I Have Has Very Strong Energy And The Spells Have Always Worked I Am Very Happy And Impressed I Respect Cassia4 So Much Never Hesitate To Order From Cassia4 I Promise You Will Never Be disappointed A++++ Perfect.

bonzbuyer_ldiaa July 20, 2015

I have been an avid collector from this seller for a very long time and I swear by them their standards are nothing but the best and the magickals are truly powerful you will leave a happy customer each and every time. Blessings!!!

WellBeing June 28, 2015

Anyone who loves magick will Adore anything they get from these caring and gifted sellers. Their items have helped me and my family so much. They always go the extra mile to make me happy with my purchases. The free gifts are such a wonderful bonus.

Esje June 26, 2015

Lovely sweet and beautyful it’s worth the purchase.

StarsShineForMe June 04, 2015

I would not hesitate to recommend this wonderful seller, they are so kind and understanding, and they have been a huge Blessing to me, I highly recommend to buy from them ,they are amazing, my heartfelt gratitude to these wonderful ladies always <3.

CharlotteMG November 26, 2014

The Cassia4 booths are really amazing! Sheila is one of the nicest people anyone could ever talk to and she is very helpful with any questions you have.I would definitely encourage anyone who is looking for any type of these products to get them from Cassia4’s booths!

lesleyann November 18, 2014

Sheila (and everyone at Cassia4) are marvelous! I have purchased a few of their pieces now, and have been thrilled with all of them. The spells attached to them are pleasing and are of only good and peaceful energy. I just feel ‘protected’ when I wear them. All of my orders have come with a personal, handwritten note, which is much appreciated, and also included are a couple of little charms to help in various areas of life. The quality of the jewellery is wonderful and the prices are amazing. (especially with the coupons offered) I just can’t recommend Cassia4 enough; for the products, value, and the personal attention and care. They are a Blessing!!!

aquamatt2007 March 01, 2014

Great items. Sheila and “the gang” are very knowledgeable in the craft. Highly recommended!

StarsShineForMe October 11, 2013

Cannot say enough great things about these ladies, they are the best and REALLY care about you.I have bought several magics from them and all have worked beyond my expectations ,even one that had impossible odds came true and very fast and is still working 2 months later.This coven can help make your dreams come true,just believe. They are really hard working magic and successful always.My heartfelt gratitude to these wonderful ladies and many blessings!

Masterofthelight777 October 02, 2013

I would not hesitate to recommend this wonderful collectives offerings, Sheila offers a customer service that is second to none, Albina is truly a master of her Craft and Amira has a truly unique gift. If you are looking for real magick and Djinn that will truly change your life and bless you in ways you cannot imagine, look no further!!! Without doubt my favourites sellers, exceptional!!!

walshc0607 June 28, 2013

I purchased a family/protection ring on ebay from her when the ring arrived I performed the instructions as it was written. All I can say is wow!! The incredible surgesof energy I felt when I put the ring finally on. I have kept it on ever since I bought it. I have used it several times and what an amazing gift I recieved it really works and so I tried it out. A cop was following me and rubbed the ring and asked for the cop to go away and to leave me alone and for the ring to protect me and coupHle of seconds after that the cop turned around and went away and he did leave me alone due to the fact MY STICKER ON CAR HAD EXPIRED FOR MY REGISTRATION MY BIRTHDAY WAS THI MONTH WAS ALREADY HEADING TO GET MY RENEWAL TAG BUT THE COP WENT AWAY AFTER ASKING FOR PROTECTION. AMAZING AND GENUINE GIFTS SHE SELLS. WOUNDERFULLY GIFTED THANKS CASSIA AND TO YOUR COVEN!!!

Qui3James February 26, 2013

Sheila is a wonderful person! She’s very nice and is the Real Deal! I had purchased awesome Marid Djinn rings from her that she had Genie Conjuror Amira bind and they are fantastic! The spirits are very pleasing and they help me in my life. Sometimes, I forget things and they remind me. Sometimes, I fall asleep and they wake me up because they know I like to brush my teeth and get ready before I go to bed. They and Sheila are wonderful and have been a marvelous blessing in my life! Thank you so much Sheila! You are the Best of the Best!

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