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I m professional Psychic with more than 34 years of experience helping people all over the world.
Experiences in Radio, Tv and in Newspapers in Spanish.
Hi my name is Maria

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My Endorsements (17)

becky4958705 July 03, 2017

Maria is a very caring woman and she will work extra hard for you. She always follows through and goes the extra mile for her clients to make sure you’re ok. She has always worked with me no matter the situation and been nothing short of amazing. I have worked with Maria so much this year and there should be a 10 star rating not 5:)! Thank you Maria for all you do. I love you!

DonnaM103 December 28, 2016

Maria is an Angel in every sense of the word! She is extremely kind & caring, very patient, excellent & quick customer service & communication.One of the few professionals I have met in this business that actually follow up & check in on your progress! She is extremely knowledge able in her craft, she knows what she is doing to a “T”. I have seen results on more than one occasion & I am a satisfield client. I love that she offers discounted items,offer random sale & offers a pay scale for certain items. This seller is an example of what a great business should be! Customer Satisfaction ! My heartfelt gratitude and thanks Maria! I will continue being a client when needs be. Wishing you continued success in all your endeavors.

Armanisidechain October 26, 2016

For the past 31 days I have experienced constant waves of positive energy into my life that has changed the way I see every aspect of my life. Also, because of the work done I have been able to pull towards me so many positive things, events, and outcomes!!! It is all thanks to MARIA and Angel7Spa. She is a devoted, generous selfless woman. I do not mean to exaggerate when I say " I beleive she is nothing short of an Angel in this world!" I trust her good judgement and I listen to her advice. I followed her instructions and reaped rewards as she guided me into a path of light and positivity.

Maria is extremely knowledgeable and the results one gets from what you purchase are tangible and real.

In 31 days Maria has helped me aligned and balanced my aura and every aspect of it. It has resulted in Incredibly amazing results because that work has given me a profound sense of completeness. It is difficult to put it into words, but I feel in my self as “whole” or “complete” and “pure” so to speak. Before receiving this help, my thoughts felt scared, I felt I had lost part of my self some where. I do not feel like that any more. In my opinion, Maria has transformed my life and the way I approach anything on a daily basis.

Thank you Maria and every one at Angel7Spa !!!


-Jorge S.

serenitysheart June 18, 2016

Maria came into my life and helped me in so many ways! she has helped me and my energy grow into a better future! I am very grateful. and feel lucky! she has given me advice. she is so kind to do that. takes the time for her clients. and does direct you in the right direction. she does not candy coat anything. she is honest with you. and does guide you! all her packages are wonderful from soaps to energy healing to mantras. all wonderful!

many blessings to everyone whom reads this. and I wish for you love and hope. maria is wonderful so no regrets! let her work her miracles.

god bless!

RosePearl May 11, 2016
Words can not express how I am grateful and how I feel lucky to know dear Maria. She is so kind, so helpful all the time. Although there are lots of people with different situations to deal with, I never ever feel she leaves me or she does not care about me. Actually she is always there for me to help, to make me relax, feel courageous, think positive and everytime eveything changes positively. She is the best of the bests. She is kind, caring, loving, supportive and knows what she is doing and what she is talking about. Thank you so much for being near me… Thank you so much for helping me. I highly recommend her sessions and energy infused items. All of them always work perfectly
GypsyClare February 29, 2016

I am not yet a customer, but is planning to be one. I just want to leave an endorsement for Maria who’s been very patient with me throughout my negotiation on what spell should I buy. I know she’s very busy but she still manage to reply to every single questions I have. So, yes, I think she’s truly an angel. She’s very compassionate and dedicated to her works and helping others. I cannot wait to purchase something on her shop! She’s really trully and wonderful angel with a good heart!

Thank you, Maria

marina4688145 June 05, 2015
Words cannot describe the kindness, care and ultimate professionalism with which this wonderful angel treats you. It’s been a year and a half since I found this amazing angel and she’s become my guide thru my darkest times. She stuck by me when I was weak and feeling down, always being supportive and loving. The instances are many when the manifestations of her spells came thru but the most important one is the one I’d like to share. I’ve been chasing this person, as I thought we had a future. While many psychics saw our bright future, angel Maria told me why this person was completely wrong for me. That was a breakthrough. It’s like a veil had been lifted off me, and I was starting to see clearly. All of a sudden puzzle pieces started coming together ,and I saw the veracity in her words. As I was going thru this heartbreaking phase, she was by my side all the way thru,supporting me and offering different solutions. Her suggestion was to try to bring another person into my life. Of course, I had no idea what the heck I’d do with someone else when my heart belonged somewhere else. And all of a sudden, another miracle came thru and this other person came into my life. It happened with such ease that I still can’t believe this is not a dream. Now, my angel Maria tells me to take things slowly, as she’s going to be guiding me step by step lest I get myself into another trouble:).

So I do know that she puts the work of her clients to heart. Is she amazing, very highly recommended,A++++++++++++++++…. angel above all? Yes, she is all that above and beyond!!!

farah2u2 July 06, 2014

Maria is such a amazing, caring, talented in her work, she helped me get rid of an evil jinn. Blessings always!

farah2u2 June 01, 2014

Maria is truly gifted, caring, loving and genuine. Peace,love and blessings always xoxoxoxo

mjcreation November 25, 2013

i am very Lucky to have found her she is an angel Maria thank you for your amazing help Very powerful Healing she is magic very Lucky to have you i appreciate all the work you are doing for me my angel Maria buy here she is fantastic magic,she care and she is very very good THANK YOU MY ANGEL

OVYEE August 28, 2013

This being is truly unconditional Everything she does is from her heart…and is always on point~Much thanks to you, Dawn

anchorhaven August 27, 2013

Maria has been an amazing help to me when I needed help the most. She has gone out of her way to help me daily with aura cleansing, karmic ties cutting and Reiki healing. The past 2 weeks I have felt lighter, I look fresher and I have even lost weight. My bad habits have seemed to disappear.
My hearing loss of 60% is improving with her help. I fully endorse Angel7Spa and will continue to work with Maria as my mentor. thank you Angel

OVYEE July 02, 2013

What a lovely and special being~Maria takes the time with you as an individual with an individual need.. Recommend + Ovyee jewels ~

missygypsyqueen May 10, 2013
I. Must. Say. I. Now. People

Are. Lead. To. Certain. Folks. In. Life
FATE !!! I’ve. Only. Been. Dealing. With
LADY. Maria. That. What. She. Is. To. Me she’s
Paient. And. Very. Careing. And. Has touched. My. Heart
Already ,,,,,
Call. Me. Silly. Are. Think. Whatever. You. Feel. But
I. AM. ALREADY. Feeling. And. SEEING. Results !! Slowly
I. Haven’t. Felt. REAL. Peace. In. Almost. 3years. I. BELIVE.
+ + GOD + + leads. People. Into. Your. Life. In. Certain. Times

I. Have. FAITH ! LADY. Maria. Will. Help. Make. A. Big. Change
In. My. Life. In. ( EVERYWAY !! ) maria. Should. You. Read. This. I. Want. You. Know. How. Truly. Greatful. I. Am. For. You

PLEASE. NEVER. Change. We. Need. You!!
May. God. Bless. Your. Business. Life. Soul. And. Family!!


% E.P. %%

%% austin. Txs. %%

OVYEE April 23, 2013

Maria goes beyond her scope to help and guide you Truly angelic~Ovyee jewels

mjcreation February 16, 2013

Awesome Seller i recommend her to anyone Very powerful healing Nice Person, always kind and she care about her customer thank you thank you Maria

Metaphysical_Jme August 26, 2012

I adore this seller, as a wonderful customer and as a gifted intuitive. I have had the chance to experience both her gift as well as her devotion to her clients and work. Love n Light


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