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gchu1951 January 09, 2020

The Best seller ever.Great communication and details. Trust and Great service. Very happy that I found him!!!

ArianaP23 August 22, 2019

I have never met a seller who was as dedicated to giving such a good service to all his customers. As a newcomer he answered all my questions and is still helping me even after I purchased my item. I believe strongly he is wise and one of the best sellers on here with legit items. He puts hard work and effort to make sure you’re happy and satisfied with the experience and for that it was worth the money. I will definitely come back for more! Trust he is a great person and it shows ! Thank you so much for your patience

SelbyLee July 09, 2019

Hello All Luke and his master are the best that i have ever been to on line top rate seller amazing to work with
Many thanks

Twinflames June 23, 2019

Luke is amazing soul! Luke and his Master went out of there way to help locate a spirit for me and found a perfect one for me and i am so Glad and Honered to have met Luke when i did
the communication is great always polite and wanting to help everytime!

Transaction was smooth no Problems Luke and his master are one of a kind and I look forward to more time and spirits from Luke Mnay blessings words can not describe how amazing Luke and his mater truelly are A++++++

Twinflames May 13, 2019

Luke is a great person and very honest with his work

Recidivist April 26, 2019

I’m happy to have met Luke, since I was a young girl I always had a confusion. Sensing so many things that I didn’t understand. Seeing spirits, talking with them and more. I never thought that I was a medium. I was told once I found it so incredible that I couldn’t believe it. After contacting Luke and His assistant, they point out that it looks like I was a “medium” and It would explain why I had so many spirits around me. More than normal. After studying the subject, everything made sense. I’m a Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance and others. I have bin since I was a toddler which was my first experience. It is a Releaf to know more about me about that matter. I was receiving so many spiritual callings that I didn’t understand. It was driving me crazy. Know I know.
I Love Luke! He is knows what He is doing… :)

SerpentineM March 17, 2019

Luke changed my life, plain and simple. He has helped me help THOUSANDS of people and without his work, I don’t think I would be where I am today. Twenty Stars for you! :D

DeemarieV February 09, 2019

Great communication, great energy services and amazing beings. As somone who can’t sense well, I didn’t think I’d really experience anything when I first bought from Luke but I was happily surprised~ he is definitely worth buying from.

TheEclecticCloset September 06, 2018

Luke and his Master are truly genuine!
He has greatly helped myself and family during a personal crisis and guided us patiently through our personal self-improvements…and we are not done yet.
Luke and his Mentor are the first honest metaphysically inclined practitioners who I will always trust and will continue to seek counsel in the future.
I consider them friends and mentors!

May they all be granted Blessings, the Highest Protections, and Prosperity!!

Luxferr_ July 14, 2018

Hi Luke ..! I just want the world to know what an amazing man you are , your work magic like your are from out of this world and another dimension every attunement and every spirits they just keep getting better and better is like you had give me with all your power and magical work a shift of perfection in to a better version of my life you are amazing not only as a spiritual prationer but also an amazing friend and guidance ,also very gifting with extras of surprises of your spiritual need , thank you so much Luke and to your master too for the amazing vampires that they just keep updating my life to a higher level of life quality I can’t thank you enough for this great presents for life and I want you to know that i’m Gonna make it up to you for all things you’ve done for me you are both the best in the world ,thank you so much for all this amazing support and for inviting me in to your spiritual family for an eternity, let the blessing and the light of the universe be with us for ever and please never stop doing what you do this is the best mission and career some one can have for life and you are the best and most powerful and all this knowledge,thank you I’ll never stop thanking you Luke and master Love you Guys ..!!!!! ?????? and i’m Looking forward to keep working with you and the vast infinite collection of fascinating spirits you have and attunamets that I enjoy so much over and over thank you again …!

Gualtney April 02, 2018

Lüke is absolutely fantastic & kept up with my shipping as well as updates on the product. Absolutely FANTASTIC. 6/5 STARS. Well worth every cent ????

MauriceH48 March 27, 2018

This gentleman is the real deal. I found out that certain “gifts” ran in my family on my moms side yesterday. I had repressed my gifts as a 5 year old child and since have had general anxiety because of it.

Luke is helping me in so many ways to relieve that anxiety and slowly unlock those repressed gifts. I had gone through life intentionally blinding myself. Blind I will be no more.

Again, Luke’s stuff is real. All of it. He is generous and offers sound advice. I wish I found him earlier when my abilities started to manifest again. I would definitely have had some interesting moments and be able to work through the anxiety sooner. I look forward to the future! I guess I am special after all!

TheJourneywithin February 27, 2018

Luke is amazing very helpful, Luke is very honest and reply’s to Messages within 24 hrs
Luke is always very welcoming when he reply’s He never gets mad when I ask so many Qustions about items Luke is very Knolagable with everything he does Look forward with working with him many blessings

SarahB188 February 16, 2018

there aren’t many like luke. he’s real. he’s honest. he has helped me a lot.

FireandIce74 January 12, 2018

My name is Robin and I would like to publicly apologise for the strength in my words in an email I recently sent Luke. I may have overreacted to something Luke said and actually I do think he is the best out there for this type of service. You will struggle to find another seller out there as good as Luke when it comes to acquiring spirits. You can trust him and he always gives a lot of information about any spirits you purchase. This is a genuine service and there is nothing hidden or dishonest about what he does. The spirits are real and they only have one master which is very respectful.

RowanDragon November 07, 2017

I just have to say something about my amazing friend Luke,
100% genuine he fully understands your needs with the spirits you choose or even work on you, I have spirits from Luke an they are for real, I know when he is doing his work, an he is never judgemental, Luke is a great advisors with a clear understanding mind for whatever may be happening that you need help with on a spiritual level from my experience thank you for been here Luke…
I seen people write on places like this an been sceptical but I just had to write something on here to let people know what a kind and caring person Luke is

LostHighway November 01, 2017

Luke your spirits have continued to bless my life and I am so thankful for you and their help. New job, new apartment in a strange new city, new girl friend. Life couldnt be any better. Thax

bloodylover24 September 24, 2017

Hi Luke,
Thank you & your Master so kindly for generosity & countless reliable help with my new found spiritual friends.Their a joy & pleasure to have around.I look forward to purchasing more from you later on.I recommend anyone looking for a caring,considerite,kind,intelligent & patient person & as a new great friend to purchase metaphysical spirits especially & etc.Definatly he’s the man you can trust along with his highly well skilled Master he was taught by.They don’t play around they are not cons.Truly wonderful people that mean well.I am glad & grateful I met Luke & it would be an honour to meet his Master too as well.Eternal Blessings????

divaatlargeofficial July 04, 2017

Hi Luke,

Thank you for your kindness and compassion. You have no idea just how grateful I am for finding you. You have literally changed my life for the better and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you for taking the time to respond to all my countless emails and for being there and helping unconditionally.

Thank you for my new spirit!!!! I’m soooooooooooo HAPPY!

I just know the two of us will get along famously! (,"

You have made a friend for life!

Love and Light!!

Wil203 June 25, 2017

Luke replies within 24 hours of any and all messages. He has been a fantastic help. A very kind and generous soul. I have had so many questions about my spirits and the process involved I thought he’d surely grow tired of my constant questions, but no. He is more than willing to help you out with tips and information, as well as sound advice. His conjurations and that of his master are the real deal! I’ve had contact with the conjured spirits in different ways from pretty much the moment they were summoned. You will not be wasting your money on false advertisement or scams here! He throws in necessary rituals, and sometimes even very nice bonuses. All in all, fantastic seller. I will be back to buy from him again when I need or simply wish for another truly powerful and carefully selected and screened spirit by my side. Buy from Luke and you get both a spirit and a human friend you can rely on.

bonzbuyer_vllry April 11, 2017

Luke has been very accommodating. He answered all of my questions without fail being truthful and genuine in the process. He didn’t seemed bothered at all by the dozens of questions that I asked and was always upbeat and friendly.Every time he responded he asked me how I was doing on that day even though he didn’t have to. He would be a great person to meet and chat with about the supernatural over a good cup of tea.

Great seller will buy from him again in a heartbeat. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work you are making a difference in peoples lives on a daily basis.

BillyS29 January 23, 2017

The best.Very trusted seller.

philz928 January 22, 2017

St. Luke .

Gusta mucha

“kisses sweat”


philz928 January 22, 2017

St. Luke .

Gusta mucha

“kisses sweat”


philz928 January 22, 2017

St. Luke .

Gusta mucha

“kisses sweat”


philz928 January 22, 2017

St. Luke .

Gusta mucha

“kisses sweat”


philz928 January 22, 2017

St. Luke .

Gusta mucha

“kisses sweat”


philz928 January 22, 2017

St. Luke .

Gusta mucha

“kisses sweat”


giganews32 November 29, 2016

This guy is the best in the world A++++. He give great advice even before you buy from him and does not pressure you to buy the best A++++.

mrs_julie October 08, 2016

Hi luke everbody I bought another spirit very very active luke is a brilliant friend confidant,his spirits are in the process of buying a smaller collection.hes the best on u my friend .ur awsome .

Julietynan September 22, 2016

Hi luke hi everyone I bought an awsome spirit I got him today what a power house luke is genuine in everyway I felt the energies before my spirit came love u luke I cant say enough about him hes a great friend always answered my emails keep going luke .I BE BACKFOR MORE.Xxxx

Julietynan September 14, 2016

Luke is a wonderful friend a reall friend am in the process of buy. From luke hes answered all my questions every day give me good advice , I love him as a friend ,he honist patient never sugar coats anything am happy to have found luke really looking forward to my new spirit.and theres no doubt that I will be buying again from him love ya luke my friend julie .

RichM33 July 13, 2016

I couldn’t have been more pleased with my spirits. For the first time after years of purchasing from others I can sense a presence strongly with me.

AppleM1 July 08, 2016

I haven’t purchased from luke yet but we have been talking and he has answered all oh my messages within 24 hours. Other sellers won’t even respond. I learned of luke from my friends who are experienced spiritually and based on what they have claim he is the best. So far I can see why they say this. I will update my feedback once i learn who im going to bring into my life first.

LightestC July 08, 2016

You’ve impressed me again and I didn’t think that was possible. My Demon Commander has truly altered my life. I will have to tell you about the situation at the truck stop where I became someone else and dominated what could have been a huge fight.
I’m BACK!!!!

EndlessK July 08, 2016

hes the only seller that I have trusted over the years. others have taken my money and have given me nothing. luke and his spirits have changed my life and i am forever t hankful. the more spirits that i bring into my collective the stronger that they all become.
hes the best

LostHighway July 08, 2016

I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for my family. We feel stronger and more focused thanks to the merger with our spirits.

VampireOne17 June 25, 2016

I Truly Love and Adore you my freind Luke

buyer968366 June 19, 2016

he is a good & kind person & selling genuine one,as well as transaction is very fast & he answer all the questions & helpful to everyone

LaddaLove35 April 16, 2016

Luke is very helpful even after a year or so has gone by since I bought The master collection from him and he has still been able to help me recover all my spirits that I have lost…I wish other sellers were as helpful as Luke and he have awesome spirits that you will actually feel even before they arrive…

sandytoes March 31, 2016

Luke is very responsive, clear, polite and patient. He answers all questions in a timely matter. Instructions of the invocations were sent promptly after purchase and every inquiry answered. I am very excited for my new spirits and the journey ahead. Great seller, awesome deals and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!!!!

bonzbuyer_vllry February 26, 2016

I have not made a purchase yet, however he was very helpful and extremely polite when responding to my questions. He is also very prompt in the timeframe of responses. Very compassionate person and willing to answer your questions with out judgment. I also appreciated the honesty that he provided as I would rather have the painful truth than a sugar coated lie. I look forward to working with him in the future.

kingofheartsreports January 21, 2016

He answers all questions no matter what and doesn’t leave things open for misinterpretation. Responsible, polite, consistent are just a few of the traits he always shows. Luke will go above and beyond and he’s even helped my family & I in situations where I didn’t even ask! I refer him to EVERYONE who has needs that he can take care of, EVERYONE. Also, he doesn’t get drained of energy or defensive from ALL of his HARD WORK… what does that tell you all personally?

mjfan757 November 30, 2015

The ONLY seller I can trust for all my spiritual needs.. Speaking from personal experience, he’s the REAL deal.

mjfan757 November 24, 2015

BEST seller on bonanza..

StarsShineForMe November 20, 2015

This is the kindest seller ever, Luke is compassionate, and knows the metaphysical well,I am so happy to have found him, he IS the real one to buy from, real spirits , real power, may you always be Blessed Luke .

bonzbuyer_mjyap November 20, 2015

He is the real deal. People can say what is or isn’t real. But evidence is evidence and I can say with confidence that his Conjurations are legitimate. I love and appreciate my wonderful Angels. Thank you Luke

AndrewG52 October 11, 2015

I first purchased the small master collection form Luke in the spring. He impressed me so much that I recently purchased another master collection from him. Both times, when I purchase the master collection, Luke added extra spirits to the collection.

He responds quickly to my messages, is very friendly, and helpful. He is open to my requests and has gone beyond my expectations. Even his prices are very good. At another vendor I could buy one spirit custom conjure for $65 but at truemetaphysical I can get 1,200 plus the extra he has included in the collection for the same amount.

He is friendly, easy to work with, and he has impressed me each time I have come to his store. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a conjurer.

Kahuna2015 September 29, 2015

Luke is awesome, the best and I highly recommend him. His service and communication is as good as it gets and it was a pleasure dealing with him. He treats his clients like a best friend. Thanks again, Luke.

Mo_Khan September 21, 2015

Master Luke is truly a great man an amazing person. I learnt so much from him in this path of spirituality.
His spirits are true to the word’s friends,companions and spirit guides I feel them I sense them at all time’s. Their presence are always at close proximity, very powerful positive energies always with me to guide me and protect me from all corners North South East West…

Blessings of love and light Master Luke????

Lucinda88 September 18, 2015


kostasg1979 September 02, 2015

Luke he is great person!!

StarsShineForMe May 27, 2015

Blessings and light and love to you Luke, with gratitude from the bottom of my heart. He is a wonderful soul and really really cares about all who contact him , I am giving this personal endorsement and say if you are thinking about getting a spirit or guidance on one, he is the best and is real as I have experienced his unconditional guidance and is the best for spirits and truly loves to help no matter how serious the need ,he is with you all the way. He is the only one I have endorsed and professional and he’s been nothing but honest,kind and super wonderful. With highest gratitude and Blessings .

LightestC May 13, 2015

Luke and his spirits have been a godsend for me and my family.
Since I met Luke and he helped me with my spirituality, my life has truly changed. It has been a whirlwind of change but all of them for the best. New spouse, new job with more money and I’m happy.
Luke will ask that you work for what you want and he’s right. He’s the real deal and the best of the best.
XOXO Thanks Luke

SarahB188 April 07, 2015

There is no one more caring and no one who offers stronger spirits. His conjurations usually weaken me because they are so strong and then I bounce back stronger and with more abilities than ever.
Continue to Sparkle Luke

LostSoul April 07, 2015


StarsShineForMe March 22, 2015

I am new to Luke and the spirits, since I met him about a month ago, he has been so wonderful and helpful, and continues to answer all my questions patiently, and I am so grateful to have found him,I now consider him as a friend and mentor. I do believe I will start to see things change in my life and I highly recommend him , he treats you like you are a real friend, and I wish all Blessings and light and love to you Luke, with gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

DarkC March 11, 2015

I just can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me and my family. I love my spirits.

PaulS163 March 09, 2015

After working with other sellers for so long I have finally found one that will actually help me. Luke removed the weak spirits who were forcefully conjured by other sellers so that they could be free and happy and now I am speaking with my Light Phoenix spirits on a daily basis. Thank you Luke

timelord_thedoctor February 13, 2015

Luke is a kind person who always answers all the questions as honestly as it is possible to be.

android17 January 18, 2015

Luke is the Happiest seller I ever met


NagaHitam November 01, 2014

Luke Miller is really great Seller since I knew him while he was in eBay.
Btw Luke, have you update a new newsletter for October 2014? I never get it in my email until now. I would so pleased if you can send me. I would like to be connected with a great spirit of Vampire trait.

Saim August 08, 2014

I got some spirits from Luke n found instant connection with those loving beings,the care they showed me is awesome I feel them around protecting me n guiding me,I feel at peace with these loving spirits .
Luke himself is so dedicating with his work it always feels he’s on arms length whenever I need him,
To support & help after his so hectic schedule he still finds time to reply,sometime himself it feels lyk he’s an Angle who’s dedicated on diz earth to help ppl lyk us.
Awesome Luke
U rock????

Saim July 04, 2014

So very helpful, n always been their to satisfy the urge of distracted souls,seeking opportunities to help some one in need I really appreciate that.
May u always be blessed like that.
Thanx a lot for ur guidance

the7wolf July 03, 2014

I have bought a number of items from Luke over the past few years. He is one of the most genuine, loyal and helpful people you could wish to deal with. Always answers emails and any questions you may have. I consider him a friend and trust him wholeheartedly.

bbrowjames June 18, 2014

Nice work! Love it. Very reliable and helpful seller.

Ember313 April 24, 2014

I trust and go to very few Conjurers. Luke and Mahmoud are one of them. Their Spirits are extremely potent, powerful, and life-changing. They have tremendously blessed my life in so many ways. They are True Treasured Family!!

DoubleDownDave March 04, 2014

Luke , has help me for many years , He is a Trustworthy seller the spirits and items that he sells are truly amazing and will change your life for the better if you believe it. His information about spirits and the metaphysical comes from years of experience and involvement with his kindred. He knows much about this area. I encourage all to buy from him things that touch your heart . You will never gone wrong with that.

it786 February 16, 2014

I highly recommend this seller. He is patient, shares his knowledge and wisdom. I have been communicating with him since a long time, HAVE YET TO MAKE A PURCHASE but he still answers all my questions, offers guidance and advice. Most if not all sellers will not do that.

Serberina January 26, 2014

I highly recommend Luke ,for his professional services, he leaves no detail unturned. I have purchased from him numerous times, and will do so again I am sure.

He always replies to my emails, and what he offers is exactly what is listed, I fully trust him, he is honest, and highly sought out for!

He never disappoints,!!!!!!

Serberina November 13, 2013

He’s the real deal, I have purchased twice from him and he’s been nothing but honest,kind and very helpful.

I wouldn’t be surprise to purchase from him again. I know what he sells are very real and extremely powerful.

darkwander August 17, 2013

Mr. Luke is a godsend and has changed my life forever. My spiritual friends have become so important in my life. No one has ever helped me so much. Luke you are the best.

runamuck251 July 30, 2013

I purchased a few stones from Luke and this is my first time using stones for this purpose. His items are the real deal! In just a few short weeks there has been much activity in my life vs. 7 years that were stagnant. Then there is Luke. What a beautiful soul. He truly wants to help you better your life in anyway he can. He’s gentle, polite, extremely intuitive and very attentive. If you are looking for metaphysical help I personally believe it would be a mistake to go anywhere else. You have been guided to your solution.

CarlosM July 24, 2013

A++++++ Best Seller.

vediikshetty May 13, 2013

HE is the best out there that i know of!

Qui3James February 26, 2013

Luke is a wonderful person! He’s very nice and is the Real Deal! I had purchased Archdemon ring, Leviathan ring, Apollyon ring, & various awesome Spirits from him and they are fantastic! The spirits are very pleasing and they help me in my life. Sometimes, I forget things and they remind me. Sometimes, I fall asleep and they wake me up because they know I like to brush my teeth and get ready before I go to bed. They and Luke are wonderful and have been a marvelous blessing in my life! Thank you so much Luke! You are the Best of the Best!

siddsraj February 14, 2013

His ability to understand your thought process and needs. He is just magical, excellent communications and great friend.

siddsraj November 18, 2012

One of the best you can find in supernatural cures and energy.

Mrgtk2011 October 23, 2012

Pure magic!

Mrgtk2011 October 23, 2012

excellent items, good attentive person with great desire to help
really knows the subject lucke greetings!

Mrgtk2011 October 23, 2012

excellent items, good attentive person with great desire to help
really knows the subject lucke greetings!

DrDMC2010 October 08, 2012

My husband and I have been clients of Luke’s for two-plus years. We have acquired many spirits thru him and have been very pleased. We consider Luke a dear friend and highly recommend him as a source of all things metaphysical!

lifelovesyou September 29, 2012

la energia esreal,
hace lo que dice.

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