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My name is Estherlin, my friends call me VM

I am a Voodoo Priest.

Brothers and sisters, I am from Haiti where I live most of my life.

I now live in Australia with my Son and am here to serve the world, to bring to you BLACK Magick services,...

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Bbygirl222 June 08, 2023

I’m extremely pleased with his work

I have bought 5 of his services in the past 7 days. everything has been going smoothly and as planned.
I highly suggest buying his services if you want genuine and fast action taken.

MindOverMS April 04, 2023

Wonderful service so far. I like that he offers a wide variety of items.

Harminee September 26, 2022

him is very nice ?kind and powerful. I buy loss weight spell.When he did not finish, my appetite was suppressed.I have faith in him and Voodoo Gods

Angelprotection444_ September 23, 2022

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to take the time and write my testimonial with Estherlin and his son. Hands down they are the best! They’re the real deal, you can’t go wrong. All their work is 100% real authentic voodoo spells. They did so many spells for me and helped my family and I tremendously, I can’t thank them enough! I’m one very satisfied customer and I will continue being a long time customer.
Thank you
Love & light ??

Exquisite44 December 18, 2020

I had to write again as I mentioned there were a few things that I was still waiting to unfold well I need to say after 8 months of no response and excuse after excuse I had put in a complaint 2 wks ago as I needed an assessment for some home works and I asked Mr Estherlin to help as I’m not being acknowledged.Well 3 days ago I got a phone call and a visit the next day and he couldn’t apologise enough saying my paperwork slipped through the system whether it was Deliberate or not he couldn’t say (clearly was) but the outcome was good and I was finally heard.
So I cannot express my thanks enough to Mr Estherlin and family he 100% has a wonderful powerful gift and remains humble and kind.

Exquisite44 December 12, 2020

I was drawn back to Mr Estherlin recently from a few years ago and all I can say despite the length of time of no contact let’s just say I never felt judged and within an instant few days even a week the things I asked him to help me with I saw results especially in people whom were reacting bad towards me they were back to they’re old respectful loving selves in an instant which I thank him and his family for so much.Even without fully going into detail he knew what I needed so what I’ve learnt yet again it’s better to stay with whom you know as not everyone is as sincere and some people have hidden agendas when they say they are there to help.I highly recommend him and I totally understand what he means when he says many people return I’m just glad I did.Now I’m just waiting for the other things I’m in desperate need of to come in as I’m very aware they too have been blocked but with Mr Estherlin’s help and the right timing I’m just waiting for things to finally unfold as I’ve waited for a very very long time.
So thank you again and definitely give him a try he is genuine.

ariella_medussa October 15, 2020

the unique experience from the most wonderful metaphysical seller on bonanza. look no more -you have just found the BEST! CARING AND ALWAYS DEDICATED TO HIS CLIENTS! LOVE HIM AND MAINLY RESPECT HIM! THANK YOU!

arslanali6 October 12, 2020

superb experience from the most trusted seller!

bonzbuyer_wwmxj September 12, 2020

He is very genuine man who cares about your results he didn’t just disappear after his casting. I recently updated him in one of his casting and free of charge he re did something for me. Dont waste your time with other jokers like i have before come straight to my guy right here

sp135 September 18, 2018

Estherlin has been apart of my life for 4 close to aboutv5 years now. I just want to say you can never go wrong with this seller. VM is a very great person to work with. Have help me in my life with very difficult situations. Just had a few court cases dismissed! He is a very understanding person and do not judge you. Gives great advice and when I make a donation on what ever it is i purchase it always come no more than 2 weeks maybe a month. VM is one of the Best of the Best. Thanks VM! Peace & Blessings to you always.

KyleM500 July 14, 2018

Wow I was in occult wars no more there swords turn against them returns all death spells best spell in my opinion inner peace bomb

reikichime June 10, 2018

Estherlin is a beautiful soul. Who has found his life purpose in assisting people with what is needed. To live a positive more fulfilling life. He is helping bring my loved ones together for me in a positive and loving way. And i am thankful for his help.

JamesD3 May 19, 2018

You’re good.

Here’s what happened. According to your email, you started the spell on Sunday, May 13th. The next day, I got a call from the Small Claims Court saying there was a problem with my paperwork. I showed up on Tuesday and, after jumping through a few hoops, I was able to solve the problem and put that case back on the right track. This wasn’t a coincidence.

The Court date is June 5th. I’ll keep you informed.

BelzazarC April 02, 2018

Hi there , I am very please to let you guy know about the spell I got from this great voodoo Master,, yes guys MASTER,,.I got the spell call hellhound spell from this booth man this is the great stuff , first day in may hand,, maann wow I am no making this up Energy felt like thunder,, Could sleep with it for long,, since I want to sleep with this ring all night,, Could do it, to much energy,,,, especially during this past full moon,, No way Jose} like we say here in the USA,. Strong power ,, I am speechless..Thank you

Exquisite44 January 24, 2018

I have found Mr Estherlin and his family the most genuine and unique casters I was on the verge of just giving up as I’d been to other casters that just took and acted as though they cared and helped and after a while I thought I’m done then I came across VM and all I can say is I have been truly blessed to have found him already he has made big changes in mine and my families life where there was no hope I now have hope.Despite there have been some delicate issues I’ve had to deal with I’ve felt know judgements but been given the help I’ve needed now I have a very good gut feeling and this man is very genuine and has a good a pure soul I’ve returned many times and all I can and will always say is Thankyou all so very much may you continue to do great works which I have no doubt you will ????

SuperPsychicSpyChick March 17, 2017

I don’t come here often, but when I do, I love buying from Estherlin. I do believe his work gave me a big help in my weight loss. I am too embarrassed to show pictures here even if I could ha ha, but I will be sure to show him, and thank him. I look forward to seeing him again! ??

KindredK February 09, 2017

Haitivoodoomagick is EXCELLENT at what he does, his workings really work, please feel confident when buying from here <3

anniepupp May 15, 2016

He is the best Medicine Man voodoo spellcasters out there; par none

Michaelmel October 26, 2015

Estherlin Voodoo priest, provides one of the best online authentic powerful voodoo services that are available on the Internet and eBay etc:
In my opinion that is,
he sells items from magick voodoo sands to voodoo talismans, potions and spell casts.
Very good products and services on the topic of voodoo, I honestly can’t suggest anyone better.)
thank you with results

safyra October 25, 2015

I love VM and voodoo work he does with BeBex I been using their service for many years now,always helpful and amazing, helped a lot with difficult life situations ! Thank you and I will be using your service again! Xoxo plus voodoo oils smells amazing, addictive !

Lemoni_ August 27, 2015

Mr Estherlin and his son are amazing i Bought a workspell ( 2 weeks ago )
Today Get an offer for job and start in sep thats are a Miracles

letgenshriner August 15, 2014

I am a 27yr illuminati and new world mem. I came to him because I am not strong as he is and sometime you have to combine forces.he is a good man and take care of his clients.and his work is great.please use him and get results. it a heck of a ride!! keep up the good work friend!!! and glad to be working with you again on another project!! tell miss BE BE I said hello!!!

YukieO1 June 16, 2014

BY the way the best of the best is me YukieO1

YukieO1 June 16, 2014

This monsieur never fails and I’ve always been happy with his results. I have 4 FAVS on Bonanza and he is definitely one of them. I’m doubting his gift part of life is integrating the best with the best:) when needed!

YukieO1 May 29, 2014

By the way the rings and talismans endorsement is from YukieO1

YukieO1 May 29, 2014

To all interested purchase the rings and talismans it’s not in my head but they do what they are suppose to do. I was a skeptic and wow it has happened as described no longer a skeptic. They’re worth the money.

YukieO1 March 29, 2014

He performance is amazing and it shows by the quick turnaround I’ve had since exploring Bonanza.

I highly recommend because as the guy said above he is the greatest I’ve known and come across. He’s many many blessings.

piryte January 23, 2014

I really want to say that he is an amazing , powerful, and caring man, his work is a pure magick and he is worth it each penny you can spend on his spells,I high recommend him and I am very greatful for all work he did for me.
Thousands of blessing for you my friend. THE BEST VOODOO CASTER ESTHERLIN THE MEDICINE MEN

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