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Greetings if you are here then you have come to inquire about my shop or where a previous client if you are new welcome allow me to introduce myself, My spirit name is Raszarith I have been training in sorcery since I was a child serving as Hounsi to my...

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C_j_ September 19, 2020

Raszarith, has helped relese me from a spiritual opression, the hope i received i enormously appriciate, i not only look forward to working with him more, but i also seek to bring my self to his level or higher, for there are many fakes and deliants out there. the power to heal is very under-appreciated and infinately valuable gift, i hope the world to see more of.

Non the less i highly reccomend him, if stumbled stuggling or lost, and you found his work, he can helpl…

keep strong carry on
Many blessings…

I end this message with a offering to raszarith and his spirits.

AngelL531 June 26, 2020

I had the Ancestral Disconnection ritual done and have felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. Highly recommended.

FaithB216 June 20, 2020

I’ve just recently started working with Raszarith and I’ll have to say that his work is incredibly potent. He had performed the Awakening Spiritual Potential and it had opened up a gateway for me to go forward. You will not be disappointed with his work as he takes it incredibly seriously. I will be looking forward to working with him again in the near future. Thank you, once again!

V_K_Jehannum March 02, 2020

As a friend of Raszarith, I have had the privilege of seeing him demonstrate his incredible power, deep wisdom, and psychic prowess on multiple occasions. In addition to this, I have hired him for his Shatter Etherian Shackles service. He rendered the service promptly and effectively, and my Craft has benefited significantly and permanently. I give Raszarith my highest recommendation.

NicholasC1170 February 14, 2020

So far I have been nothing but impressed with Raszarith’s work.

I have been around the Paranormal market for awhile now and have seen the same cliché pattern over and over again. Raszarith sets himself apart from the competition in several ways

1) Instead of being a bunch of cheap parlor tricks, over here are finalized solutions. In other paranormal stores, there are a bunch of vaguely worded descriptions for offered services when analyzed closely enough – they all start sounding the same. They trade quality for quantity. Over here, services are comparatively more expensive, but you are left feeling satisfied because you know that all of his efforts have been pooled to get you a final result. For example, you aren’t left wondering if you bought the wrong wealth spell and aren’t guessing just how effective the one you bought in comparison to the many others: you can instead just buy one service (A RESULT) and then get on with your life instead of having to keep coming back to buy yet another service for the same desired result because the one you had bought just doesn’t feel like enough.

2) I have bought from a couple of other casters for the same desired result already and each had done the same as the other. They sat down for only one night and then were done with it. Then they expect you to wait several months for it to kick in. You are left in the dark for whether your service has finally gone into effect or not. So it surprised me when I found out from Raszarith that what I want done must be obtained through a CONTINUOUS effort. He lets you know when it has finally begun so that you don’t have to risk the plunge especially in a dire circumstance where there may be only one chance to get it right.

3. Raszarith is the head of an organization. It isn’t just his good name that he has to uphold, but all of the names of the followers under his organization as well. With such a high responsibility, you can trust that he isn’t about to give you “second best” because he has a reputation to maintain.

4. He isn’t looking for getting a quick buck either. Because of his high responsibility, he screens everyone who wishes to do business with him to make sure that you are both a good fit for each other. This means that not everyone will be accepted. There are also a few services here that will not be able to work for everyone. For example, his Melenated Awakening will not affect me because I am of colonizer descent. I think that these actions in turning down potential profit is important to describing what kind of character Raszarith is: someone you can trust because they care more about results than profit. I cannot tell you how reassuring that is in this kind of market, where it would be way too easy to con people out of their hard-earned money.

5. Finally, when I speak with Raszarith about how his work is doing for me, I am also left feeling satisfied. Patience is definitely key in this market: you cannot rush results. But what I appreciate from him is that he lets me know that progress is being made. He could just as easily not respond back to me because he already got his money from me OR he could leave me with a wishy-washy generic message that he gives to everyone (something like “Just gotta have patience”). Instead he tells me what has happened and what he is doing now. They are never the same and he gives me hope that things really can change.

I am so lucky to have met Raszarith. If you are tired of dealing with the same kind of paranormal BS then he is well worth the “risk” in at least trying.

Yisrae December 12, 2019

Greeting I have received powerful relic from Imperator Raszarith highly skilled,and knowledgeable.
I’m empowered ,and connected to higher entities that menifest my being as I have received powerful essence of my patron/patroness.
I highly recommend his guidance, and knowledge he’s truly powerful in his craft,and being.
I’m honored by his work ,and his abilities very helpful ,informative truly real, true, honest brother who help those who are serious .
I thank you again brother Raszarith .
I highly recommend To work with Raszarith ,and give him support he put effort in his work I highly respect him.
I will b working with this great brother .

bonzbuyer_jdrct October 04, 2019

Excellent. Patient and knowledgeable.recommend 10/10

Star6611 September 24, 2019

This is a great luck to find Master Raszarith. I get two rituals done by him and completely satisfied with the results. I will surely return to him for other Rituals.Thank You Master Raszarith again.

bonzbuyer_jdrct September 09, 2019

I had a ritual done and I was not disappointed. Its becoming easier for me to meditate. I highly reccomend raszarith you wont be disappointed

Balfour September 03, 2019

I purchased a consultation for Raszarith and it was more than I could hope for. He helped me in many areas. He is very knowledgeable but also down to earth in his approach. I highly recommend his consulting.

ZackuriNova September 01, 2019

I have been an on going student of RaszarithTheWarden. He guided me to believe in my work and the spirits and he helped me grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. He is no joke or gimmick I respect him to the highest of power and his rituals make ground breaking success. I recommend ever ritual on this page and follow him and his wisdom to free your selfs from dogma and fear and especially the chains that bind you.

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