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I'm a Bonanzler and I'm excited to be here!

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Hope4Best February 26, 2018

I would like to thank Lady Raven (my internet mom) for offering real powerful items that do what they say. Thanks for answering all of my questions (and I had tons), for offering great advice and encouragement, for being kind and motherly (even if it’s just online- really helps), and for sharing your personal experiences with me. I’m so glad I met you for it has been such a joy. The spirit I got from you comforts me when I get anxious and worked up. She always has a way of calming me down and I love my lovely spirit. Lady Raven, or Momma Raven, as I call you, I am so glad to have met you on this journey called life. Wow what a trip! You are such a wonderful spiritual woman and I hope many other people get to experience the magick contained within your items. Thank you so much and know that you have made me one happy magickal keeper! There’s only 2 other sellers that have made me feel this way so know that you are in the top 3 who have helped changed my life for the better. We’re just getting started! Blessings and love always from your new online son. Ladyravensmagickals – Real Powerful Items!

Julietynan July 21, 2017

Lady raven is the most genuine person I have ever come across she has a heart as big as the world, I have bought 2 items, I will be back for more love you my dearest friend Julie.

CarolynP206 June 26, 2017

My first reading with Lady Raven and I can see why she has rave reviews.
She is awesome!!!! Picked up a lot about the person in question.
I am so grateful I came upon her shop.
Wonderful reading from a wonderful reader.
Will order again :)

Neeraa February 08, 2017

Lady Raven captured my heart. I had no idea she loved dragons and when I found out I immediately adopted one. I can feel his energy. He is happy and so am I.

Thomas_jM1 January 26, 2016

She goes above and beyond to make sure you get the item that is right for you!! She is honest, real! She cares about your satisfaction! You came to this site not by mistake but it was meant to be! Get ready to have the help you have been needing a long time!!Thanks so much!!

anthonyn63 January 16, 2016

hello friend ladyravenmagicals is great and she will spend time helping you to get you going in the right way about magick she is a great leader to have helping you to be happy I Anthony give her my endorsement

MaraN January 03, 2015

It’s been only over 2 months, since I’ve met this wonderful lady, lady Raven. My life was in ruins then and she coached me thru and supported me all the way thru. I look back now and can’t believe the improvement I’ve undergone thru.It felt like I had a family member helping me out. and when a couple of days ago a family member asked me for a good witch’s help, I just knew where to go to. Even though, I knew that lady Raven was under the weather, she still delivered on time and with the usual accuracy.
To say that she’s great at what she does, doesn’t even do her justice. She’ll encircle you with her omnipresent love and you’ll be treated like a VIP. I really don’t have enough great things to say about the power of this fantastic lady. I love her to pieces. If you’ve found her, then consider yourself lucky. Thanks dear lady Raven. You’re godsent.

MaraN November 15, 2014

I’ve only known lady Raven for a couple of weeks, but boy, she treats you like her dearest friend from the very beginning. When you come to her and start communicating, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s absolutely impossible not to fall in love with such a wonderful person. Now as far as her skills go, it’s also something surreal. I was heartbroken, depressed and in tears when I found her not too long ago. I’m completely transformed now that I can’t believe my own glow. She’s the real deal and she’s going to be within your arm’s reach when you need her. No matter how busy she gets, she always finds time to cheer you up and bless you. When I ask her something, she immediately starts honing in on the situation and then later I find she is right. Anyway, I feel like I’ve done something right to have found her. To say that I recommend her highly just won’t cut it. If you’re looking for someone on whom you can rely and have things changed for best, lady Raven is the one you want. She’s a person who will become your dear friend and will help your dreams come true.

Discountsalesinc August 20, 2013

I bid on an extreme luck pendant and i win it from her webstore august 18 2013 where i sell items too and i find out that she is on ebay where i sell before i sell on amazon too and off line store, i contacted her to give me her blessings and i got it i will receive my pendant soon and i already feel that is working without having it with me, i can’t wait to receive it, she is doing good and thats the people i want in my circle,thanks lady raven for your blessings, by the way dont forget to shop at my store here on bonanza at emarket.

Love_n_Peace May 12, 2013

Lovely Lady and extremely helpful and kind. Her magick is for real. I would recommend her to any one. Blessings.

missygypsyqueen January 23, 2013

I. Must. Agree. Say. Lady. Raven. Has. Me
Hooked ! She’s. The. REAL. Deal. & I’m. So glad2come
Across. Her. Webpage !!


Austin. Txs

missygypsyqueen January 23, 2013

I. Have. To. Agree. With. ALL. Of. Lady. Ravens. Reviews, she. Went. Above & beyond. To. Help. Me. Out. Paiently. Answered. ALL. Off. My. Questions. Even. The sill. Ones,, LoL,, I. Just. Got. My. “2” items. Yesterday. And. They. Pulsated. Energy!! She. Even. Lefted. A. Hand. Written. Note ! Not. Many. Online. Sellers. Do. That. Anymore,, lady. Raven. Should. You. Read. This,,!!!! THANK. YOU FROM MY. HEART !!! And. Wish. Me. Luck. With. My. New. Spirited. Items. I. Know. Ill. Have. GREAT. Follow. Up. Feedback

+ + you’re. VERY. VERY. Good. At. What. You. Do& cast++ never. Stop


Austin. Tx

bonzuser_ubbef January 20, 2013

graywolf says I have known Lady Raven for almost three years now, she has become a dear friend and a mentor. She has guided me. She is real, kind, caring and her magicals are powerful, You can buy from her and know that you are getting the real thing. It doesn’t stop with your purchase she will be there for you. She has changed my life and I can alway count on her when I need her. All my magicals from her are very special. She can be trusted and you will never be disappointed.Let her and her magicals guide you and you will not be sorry, graywolf

silvermoons December 23, 2012

Years ago I met the very beautiful and powerful soul who has a way with Spirits and can assist you with any spell or provide answers if you have questions to just about any Spritual item. I have become a collector over the years of the items that this most powerful one offers. I am here to tell you that all items are genuine and very powerful! Everything is what it seems and the item descriptions are ture and accurate. Very honest seller that will guide you and assist you. The readings that are offered and provided are right on target. The Spirits that come attached to these ones vessels are very kind and loving ones. They will help you through just about any situation. This is a very truthful and trusted seller and I can attest to this! You will not be dissapointed I can assure you for I experienced all of what I have said myself for many years now and do hope that you stop and pay a visit at this site and see what calls to you, for the correct item will. It is waiting just for you to claim it so you can make a positive change in your life!

many blessings,

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