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I'm a Bonanzler and I'm excited to be here!

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My Endorsements (70)

SensualPleasures December 03, 2012

Great person to deal with! Great items anbd an asset top the Bonanza Community! Highly reccommended!

fangearnowcom November 28, 2011

An honest seller with great enthusiasm for her products. Loves to see all enjoy life. Feel free and comfortable with your transactions here.

snowbabies0002 November 26, 2011

love the name of your shoppe!

JazzyBeads April 21, 2011

Adding my name to this long list of other sellers who think Pink Frog is terrific. What a lovely lady, great buyer/seller and now one of my Bonanza pals.

CritterCreekRanch April 05, 2011

Wonderful person to do buisness with and a great friend! Awesome seller/buyer an asset to Bonanza!!!

SunshinesGallery March 15, 2011

An Asset to the bonanza community, Glad to call her a friend, an honest seller and buyer Highly Recommended to All

TRUBLU1977 February 16, 2011

Hey Mrs P thanks for being a mom to me and welcoming me hear as part of the Bonanza Family thanks Mrs P.

samnboop January 08, 2011

Love this lady! what a great asset to the bonanza community!

samiamsxa January 07, 2011

Happy 2011! Want great service and items?!?!? This seller has great products for great prices with a Bonus of Personality and Excellent Customer Service! Shop Pinky!

MelodyG December 23, 2010

Julie is super nice and will go out of her way to help in anyway she can

oldbaloo November 16, 2010

Pinky is great: kind, sweet, a wonderful sense of humor, helpful, AND an animal lover. Just the best!! Can’t beat Pinky as a buyer or a seller – or as a friend A great asset to the Bonanza community.

StringDolls November 06, 2010

Hi Frog, wonderful shop and lots of interesting stuff from String…

memorabilia_mugs November 01, 2010

Pinky is such a wonderful seller AND buyer and also my friend! Very helpful and nice with fantastic customer service. She has great items in her booth with excellent, fair pricing. Definitely a terrific asset to Bonanza!

VICKYSPLACE1 August 07, 2010

Super Seller. Pinky is so nice along with terrific prices and items in the booth makes a wonderful member of the community. Buy from Pinky and you will be satisfied!

Gypsie July 21, 2010

A wonderful Seller, Buyer and most of all my friend. She is always a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend her to everyone!

okietwo July 13, 2010

Bonanzle just wouldn’t be the same without Pinky. Fun and helpful. One of a kind.

CandlesAndTarts June 14, 2010

Well, I am usaully not at a lost for words! This awesome seller was the first to greet and help me! What a nice lady she is! I feel like I have known her for years! May she be blessed back for all she does going more than the extra mile for people she doesn’t even know! May Julie be blessed big time everyday and without measure!!! She is the BEST!!! I have a new sweet friend and I’m very thankful for her as my new blessing treasure in my life!
Smiles and Huge Hugs For Julie Everyday

NomasAttic June 09, 2010

So helpful!!! Thanks

carolsherrell May 27, 2010

Pinky is so, so, so sweet and follows through on everything she says she is going to do. She will get your fragile items to you safely and timely, leave you a nice message, and sometimes throw in an unexpected freebie. I would never hesitate to do business with her ever. But more than that….she helps people to have a good day with her words of encouragement and her awesome sense of hummor.

DonutzBazaar May 26, 2010

I had the fine pleasure of meeting Pinky when I first arrived on Bonanzle from the other place. She was incredibly helpful and “held my hand” through the process. Couldn’t have done it all without her!!!!! ((((PINKY))))!!!

bunnyseeu May 16, 2010


silver4u77 May 13, 2010

i love this website, got nice things and i love it. check out mine when you have a chance..-

kbarrd May 11, 2010

I am so proud to call Julie (Pinky) my friend. She is someone you can always count on to be there when you need her.
Julie gives so much of her time helping others, and asks nothing in return. She brightens up every booth she visits and is a real asset to Bonanzle. We are all much better people for knowing her. I now know why she “serves” Pinky Specials…because SHE is special.
Thank you Julie!

CookieGrandma60 May 06, 2010

Very nice and reliable seller. Great booth items at low prices. AAA+++.



mrsellen April 21, 2010

Always polite and friendly! I wish this seller all the success!!

barbosaart April 13, 2010

I received a wonderful welcome from the Pink frog Shoppe and love her Items ~TOP NOTCH!

LaVonne April 11, 2010

The-Pink-Frog is absolutely adorable. One of the first to say Hi and give me a helping hand when I first showed up here. She’s one of the BEST here in Bonanzle and I glad to have met her. Have a Great Day and a much better tomorrow Pinky Frog. Peace and Blessings to You and Yours ♥

cdvdmart April 03, 2010

Miss Pinky is one of the nicest people you’ll meet! So friendly and a great sense of humor too! I highly recommend her! …and her ‘coffee’ is out of this world!

samiamsxa March 19, 2010

What an absolute delight! I loved working with Pink Frog! Her booth is fun, her attitude and outlook is refreshing, a real doll and a great asset to Bonanzle! One of the best Bonanzlers I have seen yet!

Rogersstuff March 13, 2010

Trust Pinky, She will go outta her way to make your shopping experience an enjoyable one. Ask her to show you the Pinky NASCAR I made for her…LOL
She is highly recommended

bgray57 March 02, 2010

Just love this woman. Has a fabulous booth and very professional. With her since of humor she make all our auctions a blast. Excellent seller and buyer. Just a pleasure to know. So kind and generous with her time to help others. Bless you always my friend.

CitAAArus February 28, 2010

A thoughtful and caring person. She brightens the mood in everyone. Blessings be always.

stuffyouneed February 27, 2010

What a supportive, friendly, entheusiastic, energetic, cheerful person! Bonanzle is so blessed to have her as a member!

gabbie1947 February 24, 2010

Great to chat with & Helps i am new on this site… and i have been asking her some things very nice person….thanks so

granny123 February 23, 2010

Beautiful Items You have in your Store! This lady , is a Caring and Honest Seller, and a great Person, by all Her endorsements. I assure you she is one of a kind, and a bright star in this big universe. Do not hesitate to Buy or get to know her! May your 2010 Be Blessed With Love, Sunshine and Great Sales!

indianastan February 12, 2010

Pinky is a a true treasure to know, she brings fun and enertainment to Bonanzle. She is a very honset seller and items are well packed and shipped fast. I count it an honor to call her my friend.

stationerybyjudy February 12, 2010

You can’t go wrong buying from this awesome Bonanzler. Great Communication and wonderful items. Always takes time to help anyone. An asset to Bonanzle as a Seller or Buyer.

CharlesSagona February 08, 2010

Pink is a wonderfull asset to bonanzle, she’s very kind and easy going and has bought item’s off me a few times, check out her booth with many wonderfull item’s to choose from.

arailrider February 06, 2010

Pinky is a great asset to Bonanzle. She is extremely friendly and always willing to advise or help. Personality, hospitality and honesty all in one shoppe.

starshinin February 01, 2010

A wonderful person our dear pinky is! She brings some many smiles and happiness to others and what would we do without her ever famous pizza and pinky specials. Thank you sweet dear one. You have not only blessed my life but all those who’s path you cross!!! oh yeah, she’s also a fantastic seller and buyer!!

shoppersdreamsstores January 26, 2010

what a wonderful bonanzler allways there to help out. highly recommend this person for any of the items you are buying

FamilyFashion January 23, 2010

Thank you Pink Frog for giving me FREE advertisement on one of your booth panels. That is VERY kind of you. This is a very nice lady to deal with!!!

sabrinaxi January 23, 2010

hi~~good morninng ,have a nice day

kdianne56 January 19, 2010

One of my best friends on Bonanzle…Easy Spirit Gal…great to do business with.

MONTROSE January 14, 2010

It’s now 2010 and a new Personal eND0RSEMENT seems appropriate! After having the pleasure of viewing this active member perform, I am happy to say that I highly recommend this member to ANyoNE as bOth a Buyer &/or Seller because dedication & loyalty compliments this member…Best wishes, M0NTROSe

SunshinesGallery January 14, 2010

Very Nice person to do business with as a buyer or seller. Great communication and such a Perfessional yet Sweet & Honest Person. Do Business with her as you will not regret it!

ESSOVENDERESONS January 09, 2010

great unsual items great price!

juanitamart47 December 24, 2009

Super great person to talk to and just be around, check out her booth. She always has great items and loves to deal. Her deliveries are always sent out as fast as possible and you know you will receive every thing in excellent shape. And above all make sure you invite her to all of your auctions, she brings the Pizza and the drinks

musiccitysuperstore December 07, 2009
Great Seller quality products at a great price and very quick delivery. Shop here with confidence
melissak2u November 17, 2009

Great Lady! Welcomed me to The Big B!! Thanks!

snowbearsmom November 12, 2009

Pinky is awesome! Super quality items at great prices. Most of all, she is such a wonderful person! Giver her a try – you’ll be so happy you did!

OnTopOfJunkMountain November 12, 2009

Pinky is simply wonderful. The life of the party, a super reliable seller, a awesome buyer, and a cute bubbly wart covered little conspirator. Love my surprise! Can’t thank you enough…even though you shouldn’t have. Wishing you the best this coming holiday season. Hope you get lots of wart wax

MONTROSE November 08, 2009

Thanks for birthday wishes> Anyone dropping POSiTiVE energy my waY = definitely deserves my individual PERS0NAL eND0RSEMENT ~ Please take a moment to visit members’ (The-Pink-Frog-Shoppe) b00tH next…MONTR0Se approves this message!

charp77 November 05, 2009

Julie is a terrific buyer and seller.Ive had pleasure or selling to her she pays fast and is repeaat customer and I have had pleasure of buying from her ,she ships fast,packages well and is very honest.
DEF recommand her to all

Alilbirdy2 November 01, 2009

Pinky is a delighful person to visit with as well as a super buyer and seller. You will love doing business with her and love the communication you have.

noodles886 October 14, 2009

Pinky is a real asset to Bonanzle! A great seller and buyer — terrific communication, great items, fast payment….A+++ all the way!

joyce72747 October 03, 2009

I just sold Julie something from my booth.
(WOE Bonanzlers do stick together. )
She paid quickly and made the sale so simple.
Thanks, Julie, my friend. We’ll do business again.

samnboop October 02, 2009

Great Friend! and super seller/buyer with great prices! what an asset to bonanzle!

Slideshows September 25, 2009

What a delightful lady, very very nice and easy to work with. always full of compliments. Great Seller and Buyer.

CandlesLiteMyWay September 22, 2009

Pinky is a wonderful person. A great bonanzler. Honest and sweet! Pinky makes all feel welcome and is a joy to become friends with. Buy with confidence from this seller!

Traderick September 21, 2009

Traderickswholesale visited this site was verry impressed. the merchandise was well presented and the prices were fantastic, visit this booth for a treat

joyce72747 September 14, 2009

I found just what I was looking for with The Pink Frog Shoppe.
Item was packaged well and delivered quickly. I’ll be back.
Thanks, Julie.

Sudz-n-Stuff August 17, 2009

A wonderful Seller that I have had the pleasure of getting to know. Highly recommended!

samanthascloset August 07, 2009

Great seller and buyer! Always welcome! Pinky is a great person and honest!! Thanks so much!

MistyDeeDee August 04, 2009

I’ve dealt with this seller in the past and she’s always been kind and considerate, honest and fair. She does not cheat anyone. She’s a super lady! Quick shipping and great communication! “A KEEPER!”

stationerybyjudy July 19, 2009

Great Customer to work with.Always makes it easy for me to design something for her. Communication with my personalized designs is important, to ensure both customer and seller satisfaction.

samnboop July 13, 2009

super great items! check out this booth for great deals!

nurse71 July 04, 2009


theGran June 25, 2009

Pink Frog is terrific. She is honest as a seller and as a person. She will go out of her way for a friend and for a customer.

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