Patriziabonanza Cross Stich Pattern


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Great price

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Tangled chart

Good quality picture. Everything is clear. I wish I had known the chart is in several small pieces that need to be put together. The chart key is great.

Average review 5 stars
Great pattern

Easy to follow. Looking forward to stitching it.

Average review 5 stars
Fast and Easy!

Great timing! I received my pdf files in less than 24 hours and the seller replied to me very quickly when I had questions. Will definitely buy from here again!

Average review 5 stars
Great pattern!

The pattern is beautiful and complex just like the picture. Very happy, definitely will be buying more cross stitch pattern in the future!!

Average review 4 stars
Good product, not as expected

I haven't started this pattern yet and in general don't like to review patterns before they're completed. The pattern I purchased wasn't quite what I thought I would be getting, but that was in part my own fault. I didn't read the description properly so I was surprised when I received the pattern and it was four times larger than I expected. However, I was surprised to see that the pattern didn't include backstitching, which wasn't specified in the description.

All that being said, I'm still going to attempt this pattern and see how it works out. The seller was friendly, great to work with, and did provide a lot of detailed information in her product description and any confusion on what I thought the pattern would look like was my own misunderstanding.

Average review 4 stars

I liked the option of the color chart. The black and white symbol chart is easier to read. The only thing I wished that the pattern had was a page layout to help find the center of the piece.

Average review 5 stars
Very detailed pattern

Would have liked to know that I had to do the outline, but with computer generated patterns I really should have guessed. Perfect in every other way.

Average review 5 stars

Easy to follow.

Average review 5 stars
Easy to follow.

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