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Average review 5 stars
Works great for laptop battery charging failure

Battery charger on laptop failed and would have been expensive to repair. With this you can charge externally.

Average review 4 stars
It works as I expected it would
Average review 5 stars
Great way to charge battery

Easy to use, who doesn't need more battery life, especially when you don't have the capability to plug in.

Average review 5 stars
This was the product I needed to solve my problem

My HP laptop won't charge the laptop's battery. This was the only device I could think of that would solve my problem.

Average review 5 stars
A lot cheaper than having the power socket replaced

The power input on my HP laptop stopped working. I checked with several local repair shops for a repair estimate. The average was $290. While it may be an inconvenience to pull the battery and charge it, I don't have to make a major investment in repairs. So far the unit I purchased works well. It was a little tricky figuring out how to connect to the battery.

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