the mobile phone verification code

I can’t receive the mobile phone verification code. The mobile phone is a Chinese number.

asked 2 months ago

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zappys_closet August 15, 2021

Perhaps the China government is blocking it

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This is an official Bonanza response.

Hello wang_yan_dyx_163_com,

Welcome to the community Help page!

We are so sorry to hear that you have not been able to verify your phone #.

We recommend that you check with your phone carrier to receive the SMS. Or try a different phone number.

Bonanza’s Community Help page is a place you can get general questions answered from the community.

Since this is a support-related question, it is our pleasure to assist you, please direct your concern to [email protected] so we can assist you further.

Kind Regards
Wanda T.
Happiness Producer
Bonanza Support Team

answered 2 months ago

You should contact to the customer support. I hope your issue will be solved.

answered about 2 months ago

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Thank you for posting, I faced similar kind of issue last time but This works really well for me, thank you!

answered about 2 months ago

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Unfortunately that happens, I had the same trouble

answered about 1 month ago

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Verify your phone number
Confirming your phone number gives buyers confidence that you are a trustworthy store. For first-time buyers, it takes a leap of faith to send money across the internet in exchange for an item. We use this verification measure to offer buyers greater assurance that you are a reputable source that will deliver items purchased. Read more about Bonanza’s phone policy.
I didn’t received any code I am from China.

answered 29 days ago

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Tomhardes September 28, 2021

I was not able to receive verification code due to carrier restriction, I unlocked it at

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