Seller that i want to follow and observe

Hi! I have saved the seller that I want to follow and observe – to buy goods. How do I find a seller that I saved and track ? Couldn’t find it – where can I see it and where can I view the saved seller ? Help. Thanks

asked about 2 months ago


_marilyn May 25, 2020

I looked but there’s nothing there.

_marilyn May 25, 2020

I can take a screenshot but how do I send it so that you see the problem ? It’s complicated.. Thank you. Help please

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Account Dashboard

My Notifications

Scroll down


where you can choose who to get alerts from if they add something new..

Also add things you may be interested in to your Wish List

The list on the profile page was a list of the sellers you favored Favorite Seller

…but that option is no longer in the booths. It is now Follow this Seller which are not put on the profile page

answered about 2 months ago

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See ccmom's booth

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Hello _marilyn

Welcome to the Bonanza Community!

To locate the sellers you would like to follow, click on “Account” at the top of the page, then click on “Settings” then click on “My Notifications” and scroll to the bottom of the page to “Sellers you follow”

We hope the information we have provided helps. If you need additional support please email our support team and they will be glad to assist you further. Contact us at

Thank you and Happy Selling!
Kind Regards
Bonanza Support

answered about 2 months ago

Using my other booth…here are screenshots

Go to the booth you wish to follow and make sure you did check the
Follow this Seller located below the Avatar Picture

Go to Account Dashboard
My Notifications

You will see Settings/Notification Preferences and then
Bonanza Email Subscriptions
Continue to scroll through until you reach

Your Seller Alerts
Sellers You Follow

there will be a list of the sellers you are following and the option to receive alerts from the sellers

answered about 2 months ago

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On Your ‘Selling Dashboard’:

Selling → Selling Dashboard → Customers → Bonanza Customers → Saved Lists

answered about 2 months ago

Hello Marilyn, Look in your profile, You should have saved and following sellers there

answered about 2 months ago

Thanks everyone. But unfortunately this is a glitch in the system or I don’t know – I have everything empty and no sellers saved. Someone can show a screenshot please….

answered about 2 months ago

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