Is bonanza a good choice for sellers

how often do you get a sale on Bonanza

asked about 1 month ago

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EmpressDepot June 14, 2024

It used to be more but now once a month. With the original site owner there were more sales, not sure if advertising is being ran different than before or not.

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I get a lot less than I used to but there are sales here. The key here is you have to do 99% of the the work meaning pretty much all your own advertising and getting eyes on your products. Bonanza is a selling platform, plain and simple and they will not go above or beyond that, meaning a place to put your items. If you simple list the item and expect it to sell on it’s own, Bonanza is not for you, at all. Been here for well over 10 years and even though we are in our slow season which happens to all sites every year thru the summer, Bonanza does keep getting slower and slower. However, with so many other platforms out there cross listing is your best friend as well as social media. Bonanza is however very simple to use and affordable so if used correctly it can work to your advantage. It does take time to get established as with any site though. Good Luck!

answered about 1 month ago

I sell maybe 2 items per year here.
But I don’t promote or advertise this site or my listings.
All of this is true with all other sale sites too. Except on the other sites, I make maybe 1 sale every couple months.

There really isn’t one particular site where you’ll get good sales. One is lucky if they sell 10% of their items before de-assessing them.

There’s way too much competition on the Net for any one sales site (except for Amazon, who uses immoral and illegal means to drive traffic and make sales and undercut their competitors) to get enough traffic to make it successful for the vendors using the platform.

answered about 1 month ago

as far as making sales not really. What ever advertising they are doing is not helping. This site even after all these years is still unknown. Which is a shame because with so many people pissed at eBay and Etsy now is the perfect time to really get this site more out there. I never ever see this site come up in any searches I do on google bing etc…

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