How tough has the internet gotten in exposure on items for sale?

In recent months I just started taking my items off reserve and back up for sale.

I was gone on and off since August 2019….most of the time that I was back on here was in 2021. Selling online again in 2022 seems to be a whole different animal.

My sales back then were about 10 sales per month (bare minimum). Granted, I only have half my items up for sale at this time but I still should be selling a few to 5 a month.

When I make searches across the internet using and google shopping it’s like my items are buried. I am not seeing hardly any of them. Almost every single one of my listings is approved by Google shopping.

I know Google shopping quit doing the pay-to-play clicks, which I did not like hearing truth be told, but still, something is wrong. Even eBay in my opinion is slower though their listings still generate decent exposure on the internet.

Your opinions on the exposure across the internet of items up for sale?

Thanks from Sharon!!

asked 3 months ago


VeronicaBooksAndArt November 19, 2022

Just as an aside, Grailed had 64 listings of hose but none have sold; however, if I can sell more beer caps than anyone else on this site, I’m convinced that you can sell more hose than anyone else on Grailed.

EmpressDepot November 21, 2022

lol. Thanks Veronica.

EmpressDepot November 21, 2022

Thanks for the vote of confidence that is.

EmpressDepot November 25, 2022

I just came across a listing that is showing up top in the ads section on Google shopping, so this is a good thing.

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ive noticed my items never show up in google search but they do show up in google shopping search. I dont even know if people even use Google shopping. I never do I always look in the regular google search bar when i want to find something. Its very rare that I see anything from Bonanza show up in google search. I wish there was more exposure for this site.

answered 3 months ago

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EmpressDepot November 21, 2022

I never knew Google existed until I came to Bonanza and that was originally about….hard to remember now….but about 14 years ago…been here for the most part of that time. Now I use Google shopping but not sure how many others do either. GS just looks so different now.

You might try Grailed for many of your items as they’ve moved into women’s wear. They’re several times the size of Bonz and just got bought. The model is different in that they require buyers to setup an account, which is probably smart for a vertical market that doesn’t want to rely on Google. Payment processing and fees seem identical to Bonz. I may give it a whirl with a few items.

You can set it up through Paypal – Google “Paypal Grailed”

answered 3 months ago

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EmpressDepot November 21, 2022

I will check it out. Times do change….I need to remember that. Thanks.

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